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Author Topic: Stories via Dudel  (Read 775 times)

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Stories via Dudel
« on: July 21, 2010, 02:53:43 AM »
First and foremost, my O/O thread. If you read said thread you can probably tell that while I may have a firm foot on the ground in many things, I still tend to joke about; this should be remembered when wanting to RP with me. I enjoy humor, cute, silly and fun for the most part BUT, if you read the maybe sections correctly, I can go the other way. Most of my story ideas fit into that “cute, silly and fun” category, however. Oh and, yes, there can be erotic situations for many of my RPs they wont be the focus or the goal. Some will naturally have more than others but, again, this is not the point of me RPing. If you "just want that", open an IRC client and poke me there to see if I'm in a mood. Also note that I get to things when I get to them, so if you are looking for snap-crackle-pop POST you'll be disappointed.

Okay then.... we go!

Green Fish out of Black Water
It didn't take long for Commander James Q. Waller to find the safety switch that would prevent the destruction of his ship. However, in a panic he smashed the thing into the dash and broke the thing; heat of the moment had him thinking it was a button. The commander cursed out his toothless mouth as his ship spun violently into Earths atmosphere, neon green body glowing in the now dark space cabin as hair burst about the low gravity chamber he was strapped in. The galaxy outside spun itself around the tiny capsule that held the odd looking captain but he was not phased, (Other than being irritated his ship might explode and the slight fear of possible death.) pressed for time as his pod leaked oxygen into empty space while having the ever present danger of bursting into a rupture of debris, the captain looked for the nearest planet to resemble his own.

Luck would have it that Earth was not far away.

Think Mork and Mindy meets Escape to Witch Mountain with an obviously different breed of humor. The general plot breaks down to the guy crashes, is saved in some fashion from getting captured or whatever, eventually gets and fixes his ship (or finds/builds a good replacement) then has the choice to go back home or stay with whoever it was.

I play as Commander James Q. Waller, the guy is a humanoid non-furry who just happens to glow in the dark and be from another planet.

Lil'est Pet Shop of Horrors.
“Evil” space dog/cat/thing falls from the sky and literally drops onto a pet shop owner who is struggling to keep his business afloat. The shop owner takes this newly discovered animal back to his shop and puts the thing in the window for all to see. Slowly, people see this unique creature and all want to see or buy. However the animal is clearly not for sale for one reason or another, but bringing customers inside the failing pet shop was the only point to the display so there is no harm.

Like The Little Shop of Horrors the dog/cat/thing from space will be an alien that does not exactly have the shop owner’s best interests in mind.

Suspension of disbelief, the government will not "catch wind of" or wish to capture/whatever/etc the animal that arrives. No scientists will "get their hands on" said creature (although they can try) and if people wish to involve something more "interesting" into the RP the space pet can slowly grow humanoid in nature as the RP pushes onward or shift to a human-like form as it pleases.

I would like to play the shop owner, who will be similar to Seymour from the film, but can play the other (I guess) if you don't mind a lizard-type.

Life's Little Problems
A guy (or girl), who's gone his whole life to be just an average size dude living an average life, doing average type things, hits a bench mark on his twenty second birthday. On that day, something odd happens, his body begins to shrink rather than grow. Doctors are seen, priests are visited and even a little bit of dark arts is practiced in order to try and stop this new problem from progressing worse or even to out right stop it.

It soon becomes a battle for his job, his school, his girl and his life as things become progressively worse.

Will the man’s girlfriend/fiancé/wife stay by him during this terrible time? Will the man be able to keep his job or find new work if he can not? Will the worlds new frightening size keep the man inside a shoebox out fear?

This one is rather cut and dry, I'd think. I'll play the shrinking guy to a loving wife/girlfriend/etc or the loving husband/boyfriend/whatever to a shrinking girl. Remember, this RP is about the one character adapting to his/her environment above all else.
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Re: Stories via Dudel
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2010, 06:46:01 AM »
Quote from: Eviscerating Needs a Friend
Eviscerating Disembowler, a cyborg of unknown creation and reason, is looking for an opponent and isn't picky about who wants to die! Come one, come all, step up one at a time to see how well or not well you fair against this brute of a half-man.


Name: Eviscerating Disemboweler
Age: 30 Earth Years
Type: Cyborg

Appearance: Eviscerating is a little over six feet tall and weighs something around four hundred and fifty pounds. Each bit of weight stands on two hydro powered mechanical legs which graft to his hips in a manner that make the skin around them seem to ooze off onto the ground. This oozing continues up the man's body all the way to his face; skin practically drips from his body, yet never falls off.

Torso of this man has had a slitted metal sheet pressed to the front, which protects a device that keeps what is left of his human parts pumping and allows him to breath. The metal sheet then leads wires to his left shoulder and arm which no longer, in any way, remain human. The claw appendage on this man is free moving from the joints that normally effect normal human range of movement but are limited by the length of the wires attached.

Upon looking at this monster's face you can see that half of his jawline is no longer his, instead the bottom half is replaced by a strong metal clamp with sharp matching teeth. There is a device crammed into Eviscerating's head which flashes alternating lights of green and red. The device inside his head is directly linked to his left eye which glows an ominous bright red. The other eye is a brownish green, almost dead looking. If one would to look to long at Eviscerating you would think he was an animated corpse with random tech crammed into it.

Attire for Eviscerating is a moot point as anything that once was worth covering is either no longer there or completely unrecognizable. He would wear pants if he had real legs and can not wear anything to cover up his chest as it would constrict his breathing abilities.


Projectile Stun Gun: A weapon that does what it says. This weapon isn't very large and holsters inside Eviscerating's left leg and recharges off his movements when holstered. Reach: 30ft

Giant Mallet: A large metal hammer of extreme weight and size which is holstered to his back with a special magnetic strip. There is a medium grip area but it is unadvised to use less then two hand due to extreme weight and size. The end of the handle is also sharp to a point which can be used accordingly. Reach: 3ft

Bio-Mech Acid Sprayer (BMAS): Fused into Eviscerating's left arm. This weapon allows him to spray an acid of his own design out of the palm of his left hand. The acid eats at everything except Bio-Metal which is what Eviscerating Disemboweler 'implants' are made of. However it can and will disintegrate any flesh it touches in seconds. Very dangerous but extremely profitable in rough situations. BMAS Clip Size: 3 liters/Reach: 10-20 ft

Human Pistol: Your average 9mm Glock. Eviscerating Disemboweler holds it in his right hand and keeps no ammo for it. Simply discards when empty. Specs: 15 bullet standard round clip with semi automatic fire.

Other Equipment

Bio-Battery: Holstered in his chest and if damaged may result in death.

Torso Shield: Protects Torso and Bio-Battery. Implemented to protect against weak human weapons and laser projectiles. Can be removed and only protects if not hit in the same spot twice. If hit in the same spot twice the Torso Shield will disengage itself from the body.

XXD9-Range Implant: Gives Eviscerating the Marksmanship ability.

Reload For BMAS x1: Kept inside right leg however it is slightly exposed.

Bio-Grenade x1: A grenade made of Bio-Metal. When the armed button is press there is a 3 second delay until it explodes releasing Bio-Metal scrap and a small amount of Eviscerating Disemboweler 'homemade' acid. Also kept inside right leg.


Hand to Hand: Eviscerating Disemboweler knows the basics on hand to hand combat and basic hand-held weapon combat.

Marksmanship: Due to the XXD9-Range Implant in his head Eviscerating Disemboweler is an expert marksmen. May go blind if implant is removed, will defiantly lose ability to aim properly.

Dodge: Because of Eviscerating Disemboweler legs and feet he can doge easily however if done to often the legs may fail and he will not be able to move or he may even fall over.

Hatred: Will not stop fighting until dead. Also may give Eviscerating sudden strength and speed if opponent irritates him.

~And a few hidden surprises for people who play "nice". ;)

Notes: A battle, for me, isn't about the win/lose it is about the battle itself. This fight is to be a fight to the death of either one or both characters, a tie is VERY possible as is a lose on my end. NPCs are free to kill, spawn and mutilate them at your leisure as I will do so as well. Intro post will have NPC killing and general feel of battle idea if you are confused. The arena is of your choice but must have something to it. A "field" isn't gonna cut it and isn't any fun. A field with a large stone maze, is a different story (if not irritating). You pick the battle field but make it interesting.

Do Not Meta-Game: Weaknesses are listed so you know I'm playing fair and want that in return. Granted they aren't listed in an itemized list, but they are there... well some of them.

Extra Side Note: I don't get sexually off on this but its cool if you do. I'm just hankering for a good smack down!
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Re: Stories via Dudel
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2010, 08:32:52 AM »
A young girl who's been a major headache for her parents has been shipped off to her older brother for awhile. She is in high school, between sixteen and eighteen, while the brother is about around 23-25 and working in the city doing random, but honest, construction work as a foreman.

Two Options

One: Brother is looking forward to seeing Sister, however he's not seen her since he left home at 18 so is unaware of how beautiful a young woman she's become. Once there, Sister thrills him and titillates him with how she acts (dressing half naked and being flirty etc). He fights this for the longest time, then one night Brother sneaks into Sister's room and rapes her while she sleeps. She wakes up in the middle, both in horror and pleasure. Her young mind unsure of how to handle things etc etc etc. From then on Sister slowly becomes Brother's toy, doing as he wants when he says. A relationship, of sorts, builds as Brother becomes master and Sister becomes slave.

Two: Sister is looking forward to seeing Brother, she's seen his photos many times and has had a not-so-nice crush on him for awhile. Sister gets there and the entire time she teases and torments Brother, walking around naked and a few other things. Eventually Sister gets her way and Brother gives into her seductions; leading to a very odd, but mutual, relationship no one can know about... especially their parents back home.

Not that clever and one of my few ideas to be more sexual in nature. Whoever picks this one up is a lucky'un, indeed. The idea is vague and requires work but this is the point to collaborative writing.

I play the brother in both options.