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May 27, 2018, 05:01:33 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for Male for specific further if interested ^^  (Read 511 times)

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Offline miekoTopic starter

Well here it is...this is my first post for a roleplay that died practically before it started. It was originally intended to be a vampire/human romance. And I put a lot of thought and effort into creating my character, and i grew quite fond of her right from the start. However it was not to be after two posts my partner decided he was no  longer interested. So I would love another opportunity to play her out. I'm open to discussing how the plot goes from here...and what type of character yuo'd like to play. I'm not dead set on it having to be a vampire by the way. The main goal is to find some way consensual or not for her to escape the arranged marriage. (P.S. I do like happy endings so if you don't please don't reply ^^ )

Pulling the door closed behing her, Sara is at last able to breath a little easy. Or nearly so. And resting on hand on the door she turns the key in the lock, and she gives it a little kick. It was beyond her why she should have to marry this man. 'Good business'...that's what her father had called it. It didn't matter to him that times had long since changed since he was a young man. It was fashionable now to marry for love, and she had no doubt that soon arranged marriages would be a thing of the past. "And well they should be..."She mumbles to herself as she turns toward her dresser and tosses the key onto it.

She should call for a maid she knew, and she silently curses herself as she rips a seem on the bodice of her gown as she rushes to get out of it. She was certain her mother would have a fit if she knew. Despite the having more money than she'd ever know what to do with, the woman would certainly make a fuss over one torn dress. And she makes a conscious thought to get up all the earlier the next day to have one of the maids mend it. Getting into the dress had be a most excruciating task, It was made of the purest pink silk. And the silk had not one ounce of give to it. And there was no doubt the way it fit she had certainly gained a pound or three since the last fitting for it. And after several more minutes, she's finally free of it, and she tosses it to the lounge chair beside her.

And now staring in the mirror, she's ready to be free of the last of her torment. And with both hand she reaches behind her back and unties the laces of the corset, pulling them loose as rapidly as she can. In order to fit into the dress, it had been laced more tightly than she'd been accustomed to and she'd barely been able to draw in a breath, let alone a deep one.

Now in nothing but her thin chemise and drawers, she takes a seat at her dresser and begins pulling out the pins and setting them neatly in the small tray before her. And with each pin gone a little more of hair falls down her back. It was long and smooth and very nearly the color of dark honey. Staring blankly into the mirror she takes up her brush and begins counting the strokes. Following the brush with her fingers she begins to sigh. It was a miserable state of affairs for her to be sure. If she did not marry soon she'd be considered an old maid. And she laughs softly at just the thought. "Imagine old maid at 19..." It seemed horribly unfair to her. A nineteen year old girl could be near an old maid and yet...a man could be in his forties and unmarried and no one seemed to find the fault in that. Though she could find plenty of fault in it...since this was what she had to marry. And with a great many thoughts racing through her mind, she could not wait for sleep to find her.

Offline urowen

This actually has caught my interest and I would like to know more about the intended plot line, and a little on the backstory. There are things about me, however, that I would prefer to discuss over PM if possible. This way I don't flood your forum and we can figure out if I am the man for you or not.