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Author Topic: One Wish (F/f)  (Read 683 times)

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Offline StephanieTopic starter

One Wish (F/f)
« on: July 18, 2010, 06:06:59 pm »
This role is purely f/f.  I would prefer my partner to be female as well as her character, but I may consider playing against a male.  As long as he is willing and able to play a female.

The basic outline would be that my character is a bit of a delinquent down on her luck and thus turns to a life of crime.  Theft, drugs etc.  Somewhere along the line she was taken away to jail.  Her sentence would be short, maybe a month or something. During that time she meets a very mysterious woman who takes an odd interest in her life. (It could be a random visitor, a cellmate or some kind of motivational speaker that talks to prisoners.) At some point after the two had talked for a while, near the end of my characters sentence, yours would offer a very intriguing deal. 

My character would be offered these two options: Either she character can spend the next few months or years, however long it takes, making up for the crimes she had committed and apologizing to each person she has wronged in the past.  However, in exchange, if she could manage to keep her side of the bargain she would be granted one wish, whatever she wanted in the world so long as it didn't bring harm to anyone else. If she decided she didn't want this, the woman would leave her alone to continue the life she was living before.  Of course my character would take the first option.

Your character would take mine into her home, to feed her, offer her a warm bed and a roof over her head.  But also to help keep her on track, to make sure she didn't stray back to a life of  crime before finishing her task.

There would be romance in the story, and element of light D/s with your character definitely the one with the authority.  Obviously your character is not entirely human, she can be a genie, some kind of mage or whatever else you might have in mind as long as it works with the story.

I need someone who can play a warm, affectionate woman.  Someone who loves romance, and someone who doesn't have a problem with taking charge.

Most of the details can be altered somewhat, I just want the basic plot line to remain intact. 

Anyone who is interested, post here, PM me or IM me on yahoo. (YIM should be in my profile.)
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Offline Chrystal

Re: One Wish (F/f)
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2010, 06:35:28 pm »
Very interested.

I would love to play your mysterious cell mate

Offline anne sophie

Re: One Wish (F/f)
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2010, 06:51:15 pm »
Interestin in deed, Id love to see or participate to this

Offline StephanieTopic starter

Re: One Wish (F/f)
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2010, 06:56:37 pm »
Okay great!

Do you mind if I PM you and we can work out the details from there?