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April 10, 2021, 09:39:40 am

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Author Topic: Solo or 3-4 people group, office setting, light dom, non-con scenario.  (Read 872 times)

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Offline anne sophieTopic starter

Hello,  this is my first post to actually find or start a game. so hope its good enough for people.

The setting:

I'm new in a  office, I just been hired in accounting and I'm pretty happy with it as work is hard to find and the pay is good. but at one point, I get black mailed for some reason, and I become the toy of some one or a small group (2-3 person max). and after it would evolved starting from there.

I know its pretty basic for a setting and i do apologize about it.

What I'm looking for:

my  On and off
detailed scene
can be either IRC or forum based
can be either m-f, f-f, m-m-f, m-f-f or f-f-f
as you have seen or took a peak at my O/O my limits are there.

If you have any questions, pm me
If you need more details: pm me.

have a nice day

Offline @nthony

Hi Anne,

As an accountant myself I'm very interested in your idea. Maybe someone hacks your work email account and finds some revealing photo's of you you've had sent to you by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, and I or the group starts to threaten and blackmail you with them to do what we want.

Have a look at some of my old posts. I love details! :)

Offline NinaN

Hi Anne, and welcome to Elliquiy!

Your idea sounds very interesting to me and I'b be interested in participating if you'd like.

I take it since your character is to be a victim of blackmail that she will be more submissive?

I like to play both domme and sub roles, light to heavy.  I'm curious, if @nthony might be sub at all, if he is, I could be like a ringleader, maybe I have told @nthony's character to find a new participant to make us a threesome.  If not, I'm also comfortable in a more equal role.

See my ons and offs, and look at a story or two of mine to see if you'd be interested.

Offline @nthony

Nina - I can certainly act like a switch, taking an equal role on some occasions and a sub on others. I normally play equal or dom, but very willing to try anything once. It can only make you a better writer after all, and I'm bound to enjoy it.

Offline NinaN

Well, I'm certainly willing to try it either way, since this is Anne's story, she she be the deciding vote, obviously.

Also, Anne, do you want to make this a threesome, or go for a 4th player?

(assuming you accept us, of course)

Offline anne sophieTopic starter

Wow im impressed on how were the reaction to my post.

NinaN and @anthony I could imagine something all of us three

either as one of you 2 being bosses or you two being superior over me and using me...

@anthony the idea is great, or it could be that ive made a major mistake and since work is hard to get...Id be willing to do anything to keep my job.

NinaN wow you O/O are really simimalr to mine.

Offline NinaN

Okay great!

I like the idea of your superior catching you in a serious error and using that as leverage to force your cooperation.

One possibility might be that @nthony is your boss and spots the error, and my character is unknown to you, at least as far as the sexual part is concerned.  Maybe your character is straight as well, and, at least initially, she is very much against involvement with another woman, forced or not.

Offline @nthony

Great stuff - would love to play this. Perhaps I can start sub, but as I prove myself to Nina's character get more of an equal footing. Of course - as Nina says - this is all yours Anne so willing to go with what you want.

Offline anne sophieTopic starter

well now i have a 3some...

the idea of NinaN is good, me not being straight...and @nthony could be my boss and he could blackmailed me into me becoming his toy and then get into NinaN who could be either a co-worker or a bos of @anthony.  and wanted either me or both of us...

Offline Kaiser Maverick

Oh if this is filled then nevermind.But if not I was wondering what type of role I could play in this.Maybe a comforting friend of some sorts.

Offline MagicalPen

I'm always up for a good Office Blackmail Story (have one going currently) so if you'd like another Male to participate in things let me know.

Offline NinaN

Hi Eyeore,

I think, though I cannot speak definitively on her behalf, that anne has decided that our story will involve a threesome, so it is unlikely she will seek more players.  As I say though, I could be wrong.

Offline MagicalPen

Ah, thats a shame if it is the case :( This is just similar to my blackmail-the-boss-and-her-secretary idea so certainly caught my attention.