Geneforge [Magical school setting]

Started by Sabby, July 17, 2010, 04:23:40 AM

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Based off of the Geneforge RPG series, altered slightly for ease of play.

The Shapers are the most powerful and secretive of the Magic Sect's. Using their powers, they can create life out of simple raw materials, from living tools and machinery, to sentient house keepers, to soldiers. Anything and everything is possible.

Many of the worlds greatest advancements were created by Shapers. Living Tools, small tentacled devices that allow the Shaper to feel out and change the inside of locks and machines, Servile's, intelligent bipedal creatures made for record keeping and light physical work, Servant Mind's, living records that manage large settlements and store knowledge.

And those are just the more quotable of their inventions. Weapons and tools and machines of every make have been devised, clever fusions of living and unliving materials. Even entire war ships and mobile fortresses have been created, but it has been a long time since such things were needed.

But Shapers are not infallible... There has been many an occasion of Creations going Rogue and killing their Master's. Ecosystems have been ruined by Shaper's attempts to adapt the landscape with new flora and fauna and species. Hostile creatures have spread and multiplied, like the Giant Rat. It is because of these many mistakes that The Shapers are so secretive and selective of their students. The best intentioned Shapers, under the wrong conditions can unleash great horrors.

There was even an entire island of Serviles that was abandoned, and when the Shaper's returned, they found that they had lived on, maintaining their towns, growing their crops, training themselves in music, literature, and the art of combat, and soon they began to segregate into their own cities, with their own unique philosophies, and began breeding. This settlement was one of the few accidents in Shaper history that was not a disaster.

You are at the end of your Apprenticeship. You have spent years working with the Servile's, watching your betters, learning from them, and finally, you have been deemed ready. You will travel to a remote island, with the other Apprentices, and finally begin to Shape your first Creations.

Perhaps you will come up with something as beneficial and ingenious as the Living Tool. Maybe you possess the skill to control dozens of Creations at once. Maybe you will be reprimanded for daring to Create a creature with the magical and mental capacity to dominant even human Mage's, and see your wondrous achievement destroyed. Maybe your first walking, living Creation will simply kill you. Or maybe you'll end up having the entire facility locked down and select sections killed off by living turrets. Who knows?

The path of a Shaper is a long, hard one... but you've come this far.


This is certainly interesting, but I've never really played Geneforge. I've only played the Shareware version of the first game only a little while (I really should get around to resume playing it).


Oh... My... God.... I didn't even remember Geneforge until I read this! I havn't played this game in years and years, but even then I didn't even get halfway through it. Still, now that I'm in retro mode these days, I'll probably give it a shot soon.

I'd definatly be interested in joining in on this. It sounds like it could offer a lot of fun RP and good adventures. Let me know if you need a male for this and I'll gladly take the post ;)