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Author Topic: Staerin's Story Ideas [M Seeking F]  (Read 1733 times)

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Staerin's Story Ideas [M Seeking F]
« on: July 16, 2010, 10:26:09 am »
Below are a list of the games that I'm rolling around in my head, looking for partners to run with.  They are listed in my order of greatest personal interest.

Please respond via PM - I cannot delete posts and I plan to use this top post as my current ideas/desires.

I prefer to RP with female players, but if you're a good enough writer that you can write a female as male, I'm cool with that.  Please take a look at my "About Me", as well - its in my signature.  All that being said, please let me know if you have any questions.  I'm always happy to answer any.

Story Ideas

Corruption of Champions - Major craving
RPG Meets Elliquiy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Last I remember, I was in Seattle, but its far too sunny to be there.  Something about a portal.  I see some mountains in the distances, a forest in front of them... but why are there goblins and imps and a very, very attractive succubus looking at me like I'm a meal?

Recently I discovered this text-based erotic RPG ( and, frankly, I love the idea of it.  And I think it is something that would be great for a place like here where we have great writers and extremely imaginative people.  I am really craving this.  Essentially the main character is dropped into this erotic world where everything basically is looking for sex.  Yes, I normally don't like smut games, but this would essentially be a funny-smut game, so I'm asking for it.  Every time you lose, you are the victim/sub in the sex scene and if you win, you are the dominant one (if you want).  But its not always fighting... it can be teasing, getting them so lustful that they can do nothing but relieve their needs.  But you also get items that change your body and slowly corrupt you.  In my mind, it would be best as an real-world man dropped into this universe and trying to survive.  And as he gets deeper, it moves on from just more normal things to furries, futa, etc.  I'd want to really discuss with with my partner, but I am really excited about this one.

His Devotion - Major craving
This is an idea I've been playing around with for a while.  I have a lot fleshed out, so if anyone is interested, I'd love to discuss it with you.  It is a romantic story at heart, so please keep that in mind.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jason and Kara had been high school sweethearts in a small town north of the big city, prom king and queen, the whole nine yards.  After graduation, everyone assumed that they'd make it, they were the perfect couple.  But they went in different directions.  Kara got a full ride to college and Jason had nowhere to go but the military, setting in the Marines.  She finished her law degree and he returned home after two tours of service.  She became an up-and-coming agent in that big city, he began a cop in their hometown.  But whenever she needed something, he was there to help.  She did come home, quite often, to show the newest guy she was dating, or before a big drip to LA or New York to spend time with her family, but Jason was Jason, that steady, good guy.  Little did she know he was entirely, heart-breakingly in love with her.

Usually most of the romance stories that I see have the male in the role be the powerful one, the one who can fix everything and I thought it would be fun if it were the opposite.  She's the one with the wealth and power, the jet setter and the one who everyone from their town looks at and thinks "She made it."  Not that he hasn't done good with his life, but the general idea of him is "He's a great guy, but he couldn't get out of orbit."

Its a very basic outline and I would love to find someone to flesh this out with me.

Pulled through the Curtain
Making emotions reality...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Newly on her own, she was enjoying the new house, gotten it for cheap even.  While her parents didn't like the idea of a young, beautiful woman living alone, it was a good neighborhood and the elderly couple next door seemed nice enough.  But a few nights in, she could have sworn that she saw a shadow where it shouldn't have been.  That next morning, the steam seemed to swirl around something that wasn't there.  Even worse, when she dressed, she could swear something was watching... but while she was scared... was a bit turned on too...

Full disclosure - this is a concept that I saw originally from another her on Elliquiy and worked up, but she decided not to go with it.  I love the idea of a horror-esk story and I think this would be a neat twist with usual scenes/events to roleplay.  Essentially, she is special in the paranormal world; as she feels more strongly about something, whether it is fear, love, longing, etc, it becomes more real.  And, in this case, the ghost wants to become physical/alive again...

I know its a strange topic, but its intriguing to me.  I hope someone has some interest in it.

Lost and Found
A romantic, although forbidden, story
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Matthew met Heather just out of college, his first job trying to make use of his accounting degree.  Heather was beautiful - especially to him - and he was smitten the first time they met.  They worked closely, but it was very clear that work romances were strictly forbidden.  Neither could jeopardize their jobs, so while they knew that the other wanted them, they kept their distance.

But life carries on the way it normally does and promotions and new jobs took them apart.  They tried to make a go of it, but work demands and living on different parts of a large metropolitan area pretty much made it impossible.  Life carried them in different directions.  But Matthew never forgot her, even as his own life went on.  He got married and found out through the grapevine that she had as well.  They communicated via email every once in a while, tapping each other when their respective companies began looking for other people - "Do you know anyone who would be good for this?"  But that was most of their communication.

But when Matthew stepped onto the plane to head to a CPE conference*, he was amazed when he saw Heather sitting in the seat next to his.  It was like they hadn't missed a beat, both with their friendship, but also with something more.  But they both had a week at the conference together... just the two of them.
*CPE= Continuing Professional Education.  CPA's have to take them to keep their license current.

I'm happy to shift the setting, but I see this as more of a one-shot story... the ending is that they both go back to their lives.  I could be convinced to make it longer - but this romantic, forbidden part is what attracts me.  Granted, looking at my others I like the taboo subject of cheating... its up to my partner.

Stubs to Expand
These are situations/prototypes that I would like to explore but haven't figured it out exact.  I'd love to work these out.

Male NC (whether it is a boss exploiting her employee all the way to an older sister forcing herself on her younger brother.  Would be willing to try some Dom stuff too)
Older brother/widowed SIL (former wife of deceased younger brother)
Nanny/Single-Father (I'd obviously be the father)
Celebrity/Personal Cook (or some other like an accountant, but not manager/agent)
Personal Trainer/Trainee (I could be either)
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Re: Staerin's Story Ideas and Cravings [M Seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2013, 11:42:55 am »
Added Corruption of Champions, a huge major overwhelming craving.  And yes, we'll come up with a better name...

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Okay, I think I've got all my thoughts down... added "His Devotion"  Who would think I'd have two such extremes as major cravings...