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Author Topic: Mother/Daughter Incest (Seeking Females)  (Read 1596 times)

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Mother/Daughter Incest (Seeking Females)
« on: July 15, 2010, 03:41:54 pm »
A common theme in this one, with a few variations. I am open to all of these ideas.
I am looking to fill both Mother and Daughter roles (I will play the male roles).
Names are just filler and can be changed.


Open pairings:
Mother + Daughter + Son
Mother + Daughter + Father
Mother + Daughter + Uncle/Cousins
Mother + Daughter + Outsider


An Unusual Trio

Variation 1: Mary and Sarah were mother and daughter. At the age of 16, Sarah had lost her virginity to her father. A month later, she had her first threesome - with her mother and father - and the rest they say is history. She had never done anything with a girl outside of a threesome but her father had died in a crash within the year. She had sought comfort in her mother and the two had quickly delved into a relationship, filling their needs with each other. Now, nearly a year later, both were looking for a new man in their life, some one to become both lover, husband and father. How would some one react to their requirements - "Whomever I am with is shared with my Mother/Daughter - or their incestuous relationship? How are they supposed to put the proposal forth? Do they try and seduce the man separately? So many questions in such a new relationship.

Variation 2: Mike was dancing at the club, watching two hot girls dancing with each other. They even kissed. The younger noticed him watching and soon pulls him over to dance with them. Both women bump and grind against him, both start to kiss him. They hightail it out of there quickly, aroused and horny, and stumble back to one of the girls places. A night of fun ensues and Mike thinks he is living the dream, a wonderful threesome. In the morning, he leaves them his number - the older one was certainly a good fuck despite the age difference - and soon finds himself going out on separate dates with the women. More often then not, it leads to more then just a date and he finds himself falling for both women. It comes as a shock then, one day, as his banging the older chick when the other turns up, yelling "Mother, I'm home!"

Variation 3: Mary had a new boy-toy, who was closer in age to her daughter then to herself. The sex was amazing and they had been dating for a few months now. He had yet to meet Sarah, but that was about to change. Mary had decided things had the potential to get a little more serious with her new boy toy so invited him over for dinner so he could meet her daughter. While Mary cooked, Sarah and the boy toy got to talking on the couch. Sarah, however, was a bit of a slut and had soon talked her way into the boy-toys pants, getting a good taste of his meat while her unsuspecting mother was next door. Little did he know that it was all part of a plan, only finding out when two pairs of hands found their way down his pants at the same time in the middle of the movie they were watching after dinner.

Variation 4: Drew knew his wife, Mary, was screwing some one. He could smell the sex in the air. But who was it? His best friend? The neighbor? Her libido had been off the charts recently - she still screwed him a lot, but he knew, just knew, that there was some one else. It was starting to make him paranoid. So he set a trap. He pretended he was going out with some buddies. Instead, he doubled back, parked outside on the street, and waited to see if some one pulled up. No one did for an hour. Nothing. Maybe they had snuck in around the back? Cursing, he sneaked back inside his house, being quiet. Sure enough he could hear the sounds of passion coming from his bedroom. The little whore! He stormed into his own room, ready to beat the snot out of some one, but froze in his place as he saw his beautiful wife, naked, laying in bed with his equally naked daughter, Sarah. What...the...fuck?

-More to come-
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Re: Mother/Daughter Incest (Seeking Females)
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2010, 09:19:25 am »
Ok, have a Daughter interested in Variations #2 and #3. So, if some one is interested in the Mother role for either of those Variations, let me know.