Daybreakers : A Difficult Choice (F/M)

Started by PureImagination, July 12, 2010, 05:53:25 PM

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Edward Dalton is a cured vampire. Being human again has brought a lot of joy to his life, but its brought a lot of pain as well. Elvis and Lisa have parted was with Ed and he finds himself in the deep South. He is still trying to offer vampires a cure in order to help the human population grow once more but few are taking him up on his offer. A young Southern vampire female named Katherine has decided to join Edward, but she is afraid to give up her vampire immortality. She tells him she will help him find others to cure but he can't force her to give up being what she is. He agrees and as they travel, they find themselves falling for one another. Question is, will Katherine give up her immortality to have a life with Edward?

Looking for someone to play Edward Dalton. Just PM me.