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June 25, 2018, 03:29:30 AM

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Author Topic: Reckless [Longterm Roleplay, F Needed]  (Read 529 times)

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Reckless [Longterm Roleplay, F Needed]
« on: July 10, 2010, 10:58:01 PM »
I am looking for someone, to do a long-term and nearly sexless roleplay.  I need someone who is literate, who knows what commas are, and who isn't too rigid about post length.  The plot is an adaptation of a story I'm working on.  It has relatively defined characters and a specific overarching plot, but because I haven't even started writing it yet, there is a lot of room to create a freeform roleplay.  It's really only the character's personalities, the beginning, the end, and a few specific scenarios in-between that I specifically have in mind.  I will only describe a part of it in the thread - I'll send you the rest if you PM me.

The story is essentially a teen coming-of-age kind of story.  It is about a delinquent teenage girl, and her introverted Internet friend.  They meet and fall in love, and she changes for the better.  It's much more complex and interesting than that, though.


Anna is a delinquent teenage girl, who lives in the city with her aunt.  She drinks and smokes, and occasionally does other drugs.  Having no money of her own, she steals or uses sex in order to get the drugs she wants.  She goes to raves and other sorts of parties, stays up late into the night, and does poorly in school.  She wasn't always like this, though - she was once a happy, normal girl, but events in her life turned her in this direction.

One night, she gets arrested - for what, I'm not quite sure.  In order to avoid jail time, she rats out her drug dealer ex-boyfriend, Khalid.  She gets a year of probation, while he gets a few months in prison.  When she goes back to school, her friends shun her, and nasty rumors about her are spread.  With all of her friends gone, she turns to the one and only friend she has left - a guy who lives in another state, named Kalvin.

They had met close to three years ago, on the Internet.  Kalvin had a fan page on Facebook, where he published his music.  She liked his music, but also found him intriguing - he used a pseudonym, and all of his photographs were either high-contrast, or had his face covered somehow.  She messaged him, and they started talking.  Even though they became friends, Kalvin put a lot more energy into the relationship, than Anna.

Kalvin had no friends when he met Anna, who had many friends.  He would later become fully introverted, not really needing anybody, but at the time he became very attached to Anna.  His feelings about her remained as he shut himself off from everyone - he has no idea why she is the only person he really cares about.

The two of them become much better friends, over the next month.  Anna's actions are restricted by her probation, so she doesn't really have much to do except talk to Kalvin and go to school.  For reasons I have yet to figure out, she gets frustrated with probation, cuts off her ankle-bracelet, and runs off.  She ends up spending what little money she has on alcohol, and she gets lost.  Afraid and desperate, she calls Kalvin, begging him to come pick her up.  He drives for hours to come get her, and they go back to his home, where his parents let her stay for a while.  The rest of the story goes on from there.

I'm not sure what exactly happens after they get back to his place, among other things.  So there is a lot of room for collaboration.  If you're interested, please send me a PM.  The two characters are about a month apart, in age - whether they are sixteen or eighteen depends on your preference.