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Author Topic: Three Plot Ideas (Light, D/s and NC)  (Read 552 times)

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Three Plot Ideas (Light, D/s and NC)
« on: July 08, 2010, 04:42:44 PM »
Okay, so I'm kinda new here, but I'm a natural born creator of stories, and I got a few bouncing around in my head and I'm curious to see if there's any takers. If I'm performing any kind of faux pas here, let me know, but I lurked a little bit to get an idea of the dos and donts, so I think I'm good.

1 ) Us Against the Dead (Zombie Apocalypse, Sibling Incest, Light)
Characters: Brother (me), Sister (partner)- The details, including who's older, their relationship prior to the outbreak, etc. can all be worked out between us.
We always joked about this day coming, but none of us were prepared when it did. No one knows what caused it, of course it was probably some government experiment gone wrong, or a deadly mutant virus, just like the movies. All we know is people started getting sick. At first we thought it was the flu. Then they started dying. In the thousands, people died of what was at first just thought of as a bad seasonal flu outbreak... then they started coming back. Cities began to fall, and we tried to evacuate... but communications went down fast. The undead were everywhere, and soon, the world was lost. We're still alive, though. Me and my sister. We'll survive this, somehow...
The basic idea, as you can probably guess, is that the story revolves around two siblings trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, relying on each other. As the two journey on, they begin to become something other than just siblings. It may or may not start off as just sex between them, but at it's core this idea is more about an off-beat romance than just having sex for sex's sake... though I do most certainly intend for there to be sex.

2 ) Sanguine Thrall (Modern Earth, Vampire, biting/blood, D/s)
Characters: A Powerful Male Vampire (me), their human servant (partner)- The servant can be male or female, but if male, I would prefer a younger (16-19), androgynous male character, and he may be made to crossdress by his master.
Come. Follow me and I shall grant you a world of bliss. Give me your unyielding loyalty, and you shall know true happiness. Submit yourself to my every whim, follow my every command, for it is your purpose in life. Feed me, pleasure me, worship me, accept me as your god, and I will gift you with a sense of purpose. A reason to be. I will fill that emptiness that pains you.
The human character in this rp would start off unaware of the supernatural, just trying live their life. But they feel something missing, they lack a purpose, a reason. They soon meet a mysterious man with a rather overwhelming presence who offers them a purpose, and manages to seduce them into becoming his thrall. This more or less involves becoming the vampire's servant, willing food source, sex toy and general companion. In exchange, they are given a place in life, protected, and occasionally rewarded with a taste of vampire blood, which has a rather intoxicating effect.
Aside from the obvious blood/biting and d/s aspects, I am open to discussion as to exactly what kinds and such would be involved in this.

3 ) The Defilement of Grace (Dark Fantasy, NC)
Characters: Demon of Pride (Me), Various Cult Members (Me), Holy Knight (Partner)- I'm looking for either a female holy knight, or a younger, inexperienced male holy knight. Regardless of gender, the holy knight is likely a virgin due to a vow of chastity, though this is up to you. The demon has the ability of changing forms and is usually in the form of a human male.
How easily you wander into my web, little fly. Come to slay the big bad dragon only to find yourself devoured by him. You mortals are such predictable little things. Oh, but so much fun to play with...
The idea for this one is that you play a holy knight who was sent to investigate a cult that has appeared in a remote village, deep in a forest. When they arrive, they discover that the village has been taken completely over by the cult, who worships an ancient demon of pride. Your character then has to try and survive. To put it simply, think Resident Evil 4, throw it into a dark medieval fantasy setting, add more rape, and you've got the basic idea.

Well, that's what I got. If you're interested or have questions either reply here or pm me, and if you have any other rp suggestions feel free to send me a pm about them! :O
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