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Author Topic: Findarato's Search (M for F)  (Read 561 times)

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Offline FindaratoTopic starter

Findarato's Search (M for F)
« on: July 08, 2010, 01:54:46 am »
Because of Findarato's lack of role plays he is making this thread in attempt to get more of them.

These are Findarato's expections:
-Literacy. Findarato thought this was a given when he joined the site, however, it has not been the case. If you can't spell properly and use grammar, don't bother.
-The ability to add to the plot. While it's easy for Findarato to think of these to keep the story going, sometimes and in certain genres he can sometimes have problems with this and he expects his partner to assist.
-Third person. Findarato in certain circumstances is willing to do first person narration if there's multiple characters involved and one of them is a narrator who is witnessing the events.
-If, at whatever point in the role play you suddenly become disinterested, please tell Findarato that you are no longer interested. Findarato will do the same.
Modes of role playing:
-Findarato prefers PMs but is willing to do threads. The choice is yours. Findarato will do IM if you send him nudes (Kidding, please don't send me any.) He will do IM occasionally if: you've already role played with Findarato for quite some time, he's in the mood for it, and if he likes you.

-Findarato only does M/F if it contains sexual elements. Findarato has no problem playing a female if there is no sex involved. Findarato could also play as a dog. Or a piece of furniture. Preferably a footstool.

Post Length:
-Findarato doesn't really feel like writing a novel on here. Sometimes his posts can be fairly long to get the story moving but generally he keeps it between 1-4. If the role play calls for it, he can easily do more.

-Findarato doesn't have many kinks and he is fairly open to most things with the exception of things overly weird, such as scat, vore and toiletplay. Findarato isn't the biggest fan of pregnancy but will allow it if it progresses the story, though he prefer to skip it. Findarato's favorites that come to mind are as follows.
-Rough sex
-Dirty talking
-Oral sex

-In the past Findarato has mainly done modern, however he has become bored of it. However if you have a modern plot that seems interesting, Findarato will do it. If any genre that comes to mind and it's not in the 'won't do' list and not listed in Findarato's cravings, suggest it to Findarato and he will tell you if he will do it or not. Findarato's willingness to do certain things derives from whether or not the idea you have has a plot. Findarato craves any of the following genres.
-Lord of the Rings
-Star Wars
-World cup (This is the one modern setting Findarato wants)

Genres Findarato won't do:
-School settings
-Victorian Age
-Anime (Possibly with the exception of Naruto)

-Findarato's characters generally fall into three catergories. Manipluative characters who act only nice to get things they want. Stoic, quiet characters who are hard to get close to, but when they open up they end up being sensitive. And last, and most boring (in Findarato's opinion) funny, cheerful guys who are optimistic about life. Findarato is always willing to play a certain type of character as his usually end up being the same, so if you have a desire for a certain kind of male, Findarato is willing to take a suggestion.

These are all very broad and can be done in various settings, at the end of them it will be listed what genre first came to mind when thinking of the idea. Just please note they can be done in different settings/genres. Findarato doesn't like to limit things.

Plot 1. Arranged Marriage.
Two factions have been warring with each other for x amount of years until they finally decide to call a truce and cease fighting. The first step to stabilize the relationship between the two different nations is to force their heirs to marry. Findarato would prefer the two characters to be different races to add more elements into this. (Medieval/fantasy)

Plot 2. Bounty hunter and outlaw.
This one is simple. Findarato can play as either and through bribery/manipluation/love the bounty hunter will release the outlaw after catching him/her. (Western.)

Plot 3. Corrupt royal family.
This is very vague. It involves Findarato and yourself playing multiple characters. The head of the family is dying (king,emperor) and he hasn't named an heir yet. His sons/daughters/nephews will do whatever it takes to get closer to obtaining more power. (Greece)

Plot 4. World cup.
Findarato doesn't have a specific plot for this, but some ideas include simple pairings like fan/player or fan/fan. Something that could be developed further is a player trying to convince a FIFA official to implement video replay and/or ban vuvuezelas.

Findarato thinks that's about it. Please PM with interest and what you'd generally like to do. The worst that will happen is rejection, and Findarato will be as polite as possible about it.
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