Potential Plot Starters (Male seeking Female)

Started by mongoose, July 07, 2010, 03:50:00 PM

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Hi there!   I'm Mongoose and I am relatively new to Elliquiy, but not new to RPing.  I consider myself a "literate" writer and am looking for female RP partners who might want to craft a story together.  Though these plots could all be made into pure smut plots, I'm really more interested in using these ideas to build a longer term RP with twists and turns.  Below are some potential pairings and starter plots (some stronger than others) that I've come up with.  NONE of them are set in stone; they are simply thoughts I jotted down to get us started but I'm completely open to changing these ideas or looking at something totally different.  I love to brainstorm about ideas with partners so don't be shy about suggesting something.  I'll RP by forum only and would like MxF pairings for all of them.  I'm also interested in paranormal pairings also - such as witch/wizard, werewolf/vampire, etc.  Feel free to PM me with any ideas or pairings you might have or PM me if something interests you.  Thanks!

-   Possible plot:  The police have received a tip that a psychiatric doctor in a mental hospital is raping patients.  A female detective goes undercover as a self-committed patient with the intent of investigating but either a) is discovered by the doctor and is raped, bound, etc before escaping and arresting him, etc, b) falls for the doctor and dominates him or submits to him or c) gets raped but finds she becomes attracted to him anyway and stays committed to participate in his crimes.  Or some other combination/idea.   *In discussions*

-   Possible plot:  a) Burglar breaks in, expecting the house to be empty, and finds a woman instead.  Decides to stay and play with her.  b)  Burglar breaks in but falls during the break in, knocking himself out.  Wakes up to find himself restrained and a woman who wants to make him pay for trying to break into her place (she could be domme, etc)  *Plot A taken but will consider similar plots and Plot B still available*

Librarian scenario
-    Possible plot:  a)  noisy, rowdy student is punished by librarian in a creative way; b) student has a crush on a librarian, maybe a quiet one who wears glasses, and decides to seduce her; c) something happens late at night that strands a librarian and student in the library, d) some sort of cat and mouse game where librarian, or student, leaves hints for the other that ends in a sexual escapade.  Librarian could be older or it could be a student librarian.  *Taken (w/ combination of ideas) but will consider similar plots*

Research partners - perhaps in an isolated lab, for some experiment reason
-   Possible plot:  Research partners, working closely together, experimenting on creating magical powers like telekinesis or something.  Maybe one of them succeeds but doesn’t tell the partner, instead using the power to seduce them or overpower them or something.  *Still available*

-   Possible plots:  a) Guard is transporting female prisoner to jail but decides to have a little fun with her instead, kidnapping her to some remote cabin somewhere; b) guard is transporting female prisoner to jail when they wreck.  She escapes, he has to track her, finds her, and either a) falls for her and they have hot passionate sex before running off together or b) takes her by force as payment for the hell her escape put him through   *Plot A taken but will consider similar plots.  Plot B still available*

-   Possible plot:  a)  Student is failing class and finds evidence of professor’s cheating/infidelity, etc and uses it to blackmail him to improve his/her grade but then decides to take it a step further and ask for sexual gratification also or b)  student gets tutoring from a professor and gradually, over time, they grow close and it becomes more   *In discussions but will consider similar plots*

Lost hiker/park ranger
-   Possible plot:  Female/male hiker gets lost in the deep wilderness and a lone male/female ranger is assigned to find them (maybe the area is so remote, only one ranger is assigned to that region or maybe a fire on a mountain in the region has taken all the other rangers away).  Finds them and either a) lusts after them once they meet them and instead of bringing them back, takes them to a remote cabin and has their way with them.  The hiker tries to escape, etc or b) they work together to get back and fall for each other during those efforts.  There could be plots twists due to natural issues like floods, fire, snow, animals, whatever.  Maybe the hiker is kidnapped away from the Ranger by a hunter and he has to give chase, etc.  *Plot A taken but will consider similar plots.  Plot B still available*

Subway passenger/predator
-   Possible plot:  passenger is being stalked, knows it but can’t really do anything about it.  Gets abducted on the subway and taking to a remote underground terminal that’s been long forgotten.  Predator sexually assaults her, etc.  or maybe she breaks free and decides to turn the tables on him.  Or more than one man is involved.  *Taken but will consider similar plots*

Stranded motorist/rescuer
-   Possible plot:  Motorist gets stranded in a remote place in a bad storm – hurricane, snowstorm, etc.  Motorist rescues her and they seek refuge somewhere – mountain cabin, remote house, etc.  Something mutual develops between them or perhaps it is taken by one or the other, etc.  *Taken but will consider similar plots*

Maid/Boss or Boss's son/daughter
-   Possible plot:  A) Maid discovers some incriminating information that would send her boss to jail and uses it to blackmail him into a sexual relationship with her (or blackmails his son – e.g. tells son what she’ll do unless he sleeps with her, etc.).  Maid could be a domme who controls their sexual interactions, locations, methods used, etc.  So that it didn’t become a purely sexual RP, we could have situations where the Boss worked to destroy the evidence or something.  Maybe he has the maid kidnapped at some point and turns the tables on her.  B)  Boss discovers infidelity on maid’s part and blackmails her into a sexual relationship, him being the dom (or sub – you could play it both ways).  Tension could be added by the maid’s partner finding out and wanting to kill the boss or the maid or both.  *Plot B taken but will consider similar plots.  Plot A still available*

-  Possible plot:   Hitchhiker is picked up on the side of the road and a) they strike a bargain that he/she take them where they need to go in exchange for sexual favors, b) the hitchhiker is kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery (or just raped), c) they travel together and fall for each other, having adventures along the way, etc.  Lots of room for potential with this one.  *In discussion but will consider similar plots*

-  Possible plots:  a) Photographer likes to take on new projects and finds a young woman somewhere.  After convincing her to give modeling a try, they begin to fall for each during the shoots, eventually moving into nude photography, etc...b)  Photographer turns an innocent photo shoot into a forced sexual slavery gig of some sort, etc.  Open to all kinds of ideas with this pairing.  These two just popped into my head instantly.  *Plot B in discussions but will consider similar plots.  Plot A still available*

Gang member/runaway
-  Possible plots:  a)  Runaway stumbles into a gang war and is initiated into a gang through sex and violence; b) Runaway is befriended by a gang member and a relationship slowly grows, maybe with the runaway becoming part of the gang or staying on the outskirts of it and becoming a business person, c)  A runaway is kidnapped by a rival gang and a friend of hers in another one tries to rescue her, etc.    *NEW*


Hey, I like the criminal/guard scene where she escapes and he has to find her before putting her through a punishment.
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Original plots updated AND new plots added.  I'm also interested in paranormal pairings such as witch/wizard, werewolf/vampire, etc.  Feel free to PM me with any ideas or pairings you might have.   I have a few RPs going on the various forums so just search on my user name if you want a writing sample.  PM me if anything interests you.  Thanks!!


The last one, Gang member/runaway, caught my eye and reminded me of the movie Havoc with Anne Hathaway, I'd be interested in being the female, but I think it would be good if it matched the movie a little bit. I wouldn't say the female would be a runaway literally, but more like the bored college-aged girl. She's been into all kinds of vices, like alcohol, casual sex, and partying, but is looking for a thrill and goes to the more risky side of town.



*Shivers* Driverx Hitchhiker sounds wonderful. Sold into slavery and raped for days/weeks/years on end? yes please.



Oooh.  The photographer/model B plot sounds intriguing.


PM sent, Uberniftacular

All others - I'm still looking for RP partners for some of these and will also consider using similar themes/pairings.  Please PM me if anything interests you or you'd like to talk about a possible RP.


Professor/Student would be undeniably fun! Haha! :D


Quote from: Aisling87 on July 26, 2010, 11:26:04 PM
Professor/Student would be undeniably fun! Haha! :D

Pm sent, Aisling!

Plots updated also.