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Started by Calypso, July 04, 2010, 05:09:15 AM

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Update, 07/18/10

I am no better.  However, test results have come back, and it seems that this can be fixed with a simple prescription.  I'll be getting it on Monday, and should start to feel improvement by Thursday.  However, I am exhausted from 9 days straight of coughing fits, so I thank you for your continued patience as I gradually ease back into normal activities.


I am currently ill and will be retreating from the internet to nurse up.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me because my lungs are not very happy.

Secondly, due to some PMs I've been receiving, I wanted to make the following comments/corrections:

1) The "gentlewoman" described under "Liege status" is not a character.  That is my attempt at describing myself.  While I'm flattered to have received a few requests for "her", I was just trying to explain why I chose the "liege" and not the "lady" title.

2) I am sorry, I simply cannot do DF/sM--not right now, and possibly not ever.  The only male/female pairing I am willing to do is one in which I write for the male.  While I am open to having my mind 'expanded' on almost any topic, this is not one of them.  Thank you for your understanding.


Hello, beautifuls.

I was recently approved, and am beyond humbled by everything I have read so far.  I have never seen such an impressive collection of talented, passionate writers/roleplayers.  You have also impressed me with your openness, your honesty, and your self-possession: everyone here seems to know what they are about, and wear their desires proudly.

That said, I am here for the same reason as you, so...

I. About Me.
   i. General.
   ii. Liege Status.
   iii. I will play...
II. Fandoms and Settings.
III. Scenarios.
IV. Ons & Offs.
V. Misc.


I. About Me

i. General

I am a dominant, genderqueer, pansexual woman.  I am an aspiring writer, polyglot, and artist--key word, aspiring.  I've been roleplaying for 10+ years, though nearly all of it has been with two people in particular.  I'm madly excited to branch out.

My favorite recreation, next to reading and writing, is gaming.  I love what little anime I've watched, though it's nearly all from the 90ies.  (Does anyone else remember the days when googling 1x2 only brought up one kind of website...?)  I am your stereotypical, old-school goth, complete with picnics in the graveyard.

Other than that, I am a fairly private sort of person, and prefer to keep OOC to play-related things.

ii. Liege staus

The sex of the player absolutely matters, just as much as the sex of the characters they play.  More to some people, less to others, but at the end of the day, roleplaying is a contract between two people, so it matters who those people are, and that they are honest.  It's easy to make certain immediate assumptions when we see "Lord" or "Lady", but may I just say, there exist so many expressions of masculinity and femininity that those titles, in the end, leave as much to the imagination as "Liege".  In any case...

This is why I requested the Liege title: I am a woman, but my gender is one that is, typically, only available to men.  Take the word "gentleman".  It implies an entire set of behaviors, auras, and appearances.  The word "gentlewoman" does not mean nor evoke the same thing.  Yet if a woman tries to call herself a "gentleman", society is quick to call it trans, bent, homo, etc.  The woman might call herself "butch", "dyke", "transgendered", and so on.  (I tip my hat to my half-sisters, by the by.)  But there seems to exist no category for someone who is, simply, a woman and a gentleman.

This is obviously a much longer, convoluted topic: I merely endeavored to create a snapshot, here.

iii. I will play...

I am on the left of the slash.  I will play:


[D - Dominant
F - Female
S - Submissive
M - Male]

I'm sorry, at this time I will not play DF/sM, nor do I currently play intersexed/neutered/etc.

If you are male--especially a heterosexual, cisgendered man--please know that there may be some extra chatting/negotiating before we play.

As far as original characters versus established characters... When playing within a generic setting, like "contemporary Earth" or "medieval fantasy", I prefer originals.  When playing within a very specific universe, such as Buffyverse or Potterverse, I prefer to play an established character (though I don't mind if you go original).  However, this is a loose preference and I'm happy to swing both here and there.  I should also add that I am willing to play "real" people (eg. Vlad Tepes, Queen Elizabeth I, Oscar Wilde), as long as they've been dead for at least a lifetime.

I do have a few original characters/archetypes that I sometimes cycle through, but I would prefer to simply let you meet them rather than advertise them.


II. Fandoms and Settings

In no particular order...

The Kushiel Legacy
The Vampire Chronicles
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40k)
Star Trek: TNG
Gundam Wing
American Gods
H.P. Lovecraft
Phantom of the Opera (BOOK!)
Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula
His Dark Materials
Catholic Mythology
Silence of the Lambs
Princess Maker 2*

Alternate History
Low Fantasy
Tolkein-style Fantasy

These are my favorites, but not my end-all.  If you're interested in other fandoms or settings, PM me and ask (provided you glance at my OFF list first).

*If you know what I'm talking about: FREE CAKE FOREVER.


III. Scenarios and Pairings

Although some of the scenarios are written in second person, I RP in third person only.  As someone else here said, there is no "I", no "you", and no "we"--only "him"/"her" and "them".

These are here only to fuel the fires of imagination.  We do not have to play from a stocked scenario, and if we do, all details are up for negotiation.  Sometimes it's just fun to have a pre-packaged game.

I play the left side of the slash.

Vanilla Rating
* Dark overtones.
** "Vanilla" that unknowingly edges into SM, D/s, etc.
*** Fully conscious, outright and intended SM, D/s, etc.
**** Extremity of SM, D/s, etc., that can and should only exist in fantasy.


Setting: Earth: Low Fantasy, Alt. History
Pairing: Sorcorer/Serf
V-rating: *** or ****

You live in the feudal times of the Middle Ages, in a nation much like France.  Of nationhood, however, you know very little: you are a humble peasant, tilling the land to pay the debt of your birth.  If you are very lucky, the nearest provincial church may have a binding of parchments known as a "book", but otherwise, you know nothing of higher culture.  You know the daily repetitions of work, gossip, and subsistence.

However, there /is/ something rather... unusual... about you.  Perhaps you are uncommonly beautiful; perhaps you are secretly very clever, and long after rumours of monestaries filled with books; or perhaps you have a bit of magic in you, hidden or untapped.

One night, the clock strikes midnight: armoured horsemen descend upon your fields, lighting them on fire, and skewering your cattle.  Your stores are raided, your mothers humiliated, and your fathers branded.  Some, by random, are showered with golden coin.

This is a victory tour.  Your King returns from war, and he has shown again that God favors him.  "Look upon your sovereign's face," shouts his envoys, "and tell it to the land!"

Perhaps you hide, or perhaps you run to the aid of others.  Perhaps you fill pail after pail with water and try in futility to slake the fires that burn your crops.  Perhaps you simply stare.  Either way, amid the chaos, you draw the eye of one particular horseman.

He rides a black horse directly to the King's right.  He does not appear to be participating in these "revelries", but rather watches it all with an unfeeling gaze that seems to denote a deep and dangerous intelligence.  Whatever this unusual thing about you, it inspires him to claim you as his prize.  Your burning home fades into the distance; your life, and your fate, are now in the hands of the Court Sorcorer.


Setting: Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40k)
Pairing: Inquisitor/Citizen
V-rating: *** or ****

Even Inquisitors need recreation.  However, not all are drawn to the pedestrian luxuries of pleasure-planets.  Deep in the anonymous hive worlds of the Imperium, lords and serfs alike can hunt their proverbjnhuial poisons.  For one of the Emperor's servants, this means an under-the-radar trip to the rugged Middle Hive of one Sebellus, Scintilla.  Here, the working class toils in the ruins of a city-that-was, billions in number and largely unaware of the world beyond.  Sunlight is only a legend here, but of the majestic horrors of the Inquisition, everyone has heard a whisper.  Most will go their entire lives, however, without ever seeing evidence of such powers, and rot with the waste that trickles down from the houses of nobles in the mysterious Upper Hive.

As a citizen of this troubled world, how would you react if you found yourself /selected/ for a "higher purpose"... the higher purpose that exists only in providing transient pleasure for a servant of the Emperor? Would you dare refuse an Inquisitor?


Setting: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Pairing: Voldemort/?
V-rating: any

The Dark Lord is a mysterious man--or, at least, he /was/ a man.  To his followers, he is an icon of fearsomeness and glory; to the world, a sickness.  What does a man who is more archetype than person see when he looks in the mirror?  J.K. would have us believe that all he saw was the vision of his own glory: the infantile, masturbatory fantasy of the Voldemort persona.  Can a(n un)lucky someone glimpse a little more, if they catch him in the right (or wrong?) mood?

Bonus: If someone can roleplay a realistic, intelligent, interesting Voldemort x Dumbledore, I would mail them a cake.  A CAKE.  Talk about ultimate dom/dom.  Each so different, each so distinct.  Each both a poison and an antidote to the other.  Oof, shudder.


Pairing: Tom Riddle's diary/Ginny
V-rating: any

Anyone else think her obsession with the journal seemed a little... questionable?  (Can be RPed as "questionable", psychologically explorative PG-13, or a revisionist NC-17 with an older Ginny.)  This relationship has always been the perfect parable for the eerie thrill of, well, /this/.  You pour your heart and soul into a screen, and responses appear like magic from some mysterious and unseen metaspace.

I would really do Rom Riddle's diary/Anyone--but, sorry, no original characters for this scenario.


Pairing: Severus/Hermione
V-rating: * or **

This is one of my favorite pairings; it can be done in an almost infinite number of new and interesting ways.  However, for me personally, this is a story about the inherent attraction that exists in finding one's true equal in temper.  Therefore, this is the one pairing/scenario that I will never play D/s.  If I had to stamp kink on it, I would call it a dom/dom, though I'm willing to play this one completely vanilla.  I like this pairing in almost any of its many potential scenarios: teacher/student during school years, peer to peer after Hermione is of age, canon-true, AU... The only two I will not do are ones where the characters are NOT in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (eg., they're muggles, or elves), or where Hermione is a P.O.W.  All that said, here's a scenario I'm itching to try--and yes, if you recognize this from a certain famous fan-fic, you're absolutely right:

Hermione does not think much better of the vindictive old potions master than her friends do.  She may not share Harry's irrational prejudice, but Professor Snape has done more than enough to earn her censure on his own: he constantly insults her appearance, assigns unnecessary detentions, and grades her work so far off the curve that she has no hope of earning a perfect transcript so long as Potions is on her classlist.  As someone who constantly, irrationally craves the approval of her teachers, Hermione has always been particularly vulnerable to Professor Snape's brand of evil.  No matter how many times she is overlooked, she continues to raise her hand in class; no matter how many times she is unfairly graded, she continues to pour her sweat into her potions (if the recipe calls for it, that is).

One day, there is a Magical Mishap.  Whether it's a classic run-in with a faulty polyjuice potion, a backfiring charm, or some other disaster... Hermione Granger ends up in the body of one Severus Snape, and Snape, of course, in the body of Granger.  Unable to immediately reverse the swap, the two are suddenly forced to put their heads together, and with some alacrity: The Dark Lord is loose on the world, and could, at any instant, summon "Snape" by the tattoo on his arm.  Death or worse awaits Hermione if Voldemort learns about this switch.  It is therefore necessary for the two to learn and live each others lives while they work to find a solution.  (It will, ahem, take a while.)  Of course, living in another person's body is a very intimate thing...


Setting: Contemporary
Pairing: Master/slave
V-rating: ****

Modern suburban America.  The last place you would expect to find anything interesting--especially not anything that would entertain a (16/17-year-old) teenager.  [----] and her family have just moved into a new neighborhood.  White picket fences, front lawn BBQs, automatic sprinklers... Oh, the works.  It's about as stimulating as broccoli.

A few houses down, a middle-aged gentleman lives alone.  He is quiet, he keeps to himself... He shops for groceries after it gets dark, if you receive my meaning.  He watches the new family move in through a slit in the curtains, and never thinks to speak two words to them.  The matter is decided for him, however, as some sort of circumstance brings him into contact with [----].  An attraction or connection forms.  Always threatened by the dangers of convention, the characters try to carve what time they can.  There is a powerful, dangerous M/s energy that charges their interaction, but one or both of them struggles against it.  The gentleman struggles against the temptation of exerting his control over one so young; [----] struggles with this dark, forbidden secret, which is both burdensome and beautiful agains the bleak suburban backdrop of her life.

This is a scenario of hold-out-for-as-long-as-possible; a scenario of tension, and eventual, blissful, release.


IV. ONs and OFFs

Post can be found here:


Number ONE in each category for me:

ON: Tension.
OFF: Non-consensual.

I also encourage you to look at my ONs/OFFs profile:



V. Misc.

Format: I roleplay freeform only.

Medium: Forums, emails, and IMs.  I will not RP over PMs.  Use PMs for OOC only.

Quality over quantity: I will play almost any post length, from one sentence to one page.  In general, I think it's a little silly to demand that a post "must" be a certain length: a scene transition may require a full-page of description and set-up, whereas a dialogue might call for a one-lining quip.  As long as we are both advancing the story and maintaining tension /as a team/, it's good.

Nothing is more draining and insulting than feeling as though you are just catering to someone else's fantasy, and getting nothing in return.  As a dom, I know I fell for this a great deal when I was just coming out in BDSM: there is never a shortage of people who want to be dominated, but the vast majority of them simply want to use you, in much the same graceless way that a dog wants to rub its genitals against someone's pantleg.  It takes a rare person to genuinely share and keep a balance in erotic interplay.

Language: My golden rule is, "Know the rules before you break them."  I sometimes bend the English language over and fuck it backwards, but I always do so with artistic intention.  I am excessively picky about groundrule mistakes, like mixing up one's "their"/"there"/"they're"s, or neglecting the shift key.  This pickiness extends to my own writing: I appreciate a partner who can correct me, nicely.  I will do the same for you, and we will both grow from it.

As far as writing talent... I prize creativity more than technical elegance.  Of course, as with conversation, it is always exceptionally satisfying to play with one's own equal: high enough to stay engaged, low enough to feel valued.  But such things are very rare.  I am not a remarkable writer, and we are all at different stages of our journey.  Some of us are aspiring professionals (hello), while some write only for the pleasure of roleplaying.  I will always choose imagination over wordcraft, if it comes down to it.

OOC: As it relates to our game.  Open, honest OOC communication is key to play.  However, I'd prefer not to stray too far from game-related conversation.  Know that you can raise any topic with me without fear of judgement, abuse, or embarrassment.  I think that is true for most of the people here, but it warrants saying.  If I accidentally offend you or make you uncomfortable, you should know that you can speak up.  If you want to explore a fantasy, you can relate it without censorship.  If you just downright need to call me out on something, do it, but do it nicely, and I'll hear you with open ears.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Liege Calypso
~Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup.



I'm not sure that you and I could ever organize a game together, but I was intrigued by your profile and thought I would welcome you to E! Good luck finding just the right roles for you!

Winds Of Lust

Salutations, It is a pleasure to make meet you my Liege.

I must say I enjoy your view on things and how honest you are. Infact, you have given me good reason to look back what I have reduced many of my ideas of erotic role-playing to, as I feel I have devolved into the type of player that is like the dog on the pants leg.

I would rather enjoy being playing the s to your D, if you would have me that is. I am always flexible when it comes to setting plot and level of intensity. If you are interested, feel free to PM me.