Show Me Your Teeth : F Seeking M/F & F/F Vampire or Werewolf RP

Started by Princess, July 03, 2010, 09:39:49 PM

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At the moment, I'm finding myself on a huge vampire and werewolf kick, and would be very open to hearing any ideas and plots you can come up with. I'm particularly interested in historical settings, dub-con, and sexual tension. I'd prefer to sub and could play either a vampire, werewolf, or human woman, while I'd like my partner (male or female) to play a vampire or werewolf. Please see my O&Os for more information about my likes and dislikes!


The Blood Tithe
(looking for male vampire)
A powerful and ancient vampire takes an interest in a university student with a fascination of the occult, and decides he'll fulfill her dream by sharing his ancient knowledge of the supernatural with her. However, there is a catch - if she wants to be a part of his world, he expects payment. She must allow him to feed off of her whenever he likes, an experience that arouses pleasure in both of them. Entangled in a new world of passion and suspense, she's torn between her desire to take their arrangement further and her fear of becoming his plaything.

The Girl in the Red Hood
(looking for male werewolf)
Red hunts werewolves. It isn't really by choice - it's a path that sort of got thrust upon her that fateful night when she discovered one eating her grandmother. It's messy work, but she's willing to sacrifice having a normal life to prevent others from having to go through what she did. Needless to say, she has a poor relationship with the creatures, but what happens when a werewolf decides he wants her as a mate? Will she be forced to confront that not all weres are necessarily evil, or will he be just another monster for her to fight?

(looking for female vampire)
A high school student living in a sleepy town befriends an unusual girl who recently moved into her neighborhood. She likes that she's different, and wise beyond her years, but she begins to wonder if her new friend is seeking more in their relationship. The idea both excites her and bewilders her, but little does she know that the strange, beautiful young woman is actually a vampire, and that the two of them are unwittingly reenacting a modern day Carmilla.

Sinful Pleasures
(looking for male vampire)
Sinful Pleasures isn't a normal strip club. For one thing, its main patronage consists of vampires. The girls serve the double function as a feeding source, and any vampire can take a bite for the right prize. It's messy, dangerous work, but someone's gotta do it, right? She'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the thrill of being bitten, and the uncertainty of being alone with a powerful creature of the undead....

Will update with other ideas. ♥


Update: Decided to make this a werewolf plot post as well!



The idea of your werewolf plot is rather intriguing.  I would be most interested to hear some more about it, I think I would be very excited to partake in the role of the male lycanthrope if you would be willing to write with me. Writing technique would need to be discussed though, because I can be very long winded and I can also shorten it if my writing partner is not up to or used to such writing styles. Please send me a PM about this, I will also notify the post just in case.

Thank you,


I'm sorry, Kai! I was on vacation and never saw your response! If you're still interested, I'd be more than happy to write with you.

I've also updated this post with a new idea, "Fangs".