a Twilight themed roleplay (un)

Started by playfullchick76, July 03, 2010, 08:45:18 AM

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I would like to rp something from one of the books, possibly Eclipse, or something on its own, separate from the events in the books.

In this one, I would be playing as a 250yo vampire called Catherine. I would have been attacked in my cabin on the Santee river in about 1760, spent the next 5 years attacking and killing until others of my kind found me, taught me some control, then got me to the Volturi for further training.

I would have known Carlisle when he was with them, and left the Volturi about 1820 to make my own fortune.

If anyone sees the potential to play this out with me, where theyre a newborn that I coax away from Victorias coven, or one on their own, or something else, tell me. I am very much into the Twilight verse and want to play something from the verse in here.



I have been away from the site for a while for personal reasons but I am trying to ease my way back into it and get a few role-plays going. I too enjoy the Twilight universe and think that this role as a lot of potential to be filled with fun! I have read all of the books including the 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' so have seen how those newborns act and what they were told to believe etc so I'm really interested in the idea you have of her taking one of those newborns under her wing so to speak.

If you are interested in doing this with me or have any questions please feel free to let me know either way.


I bought the short second life of Bree tanner as well. Its very good reading, I hope she writes more short novellas.

The newborns are sent out on their own, or in pairs to hunt in Seattle, so I was thinking that I would be wandering the most dangerous streets at about 2am. Although I do kill, i prefer to kill those who deserve it, like sex offenders, muggers and rapists, so by being out at that time, they find me and I can feed on them without any regrets.

In the book, several of them dont come back, so you could play one of them that goes out hunting and doesnt come back. You would be unaware that other older vampires exist, see me being accosted by two muggers, see me take them down and feed on one. I of course know that you're watching from above, then offer you the second one, and ask you to come with me, to be trained by me instead of Riley and Victoria.

Is that what you were imagining.


That is almost exactly the type of thing I was thinking and would flow well with the universe of Twilight, since as you stated, sometimes some just didn't come back. I'd be interesting to have Riley and you interaction at some point where he goes out looking for the lost vampire to kill him because he knows the truth, but of course not mandatory at all just an idea.

Would you be able to start it? If not let me know and I will :)


I would be happy to start it up. I'll put it in the light solo thread, and call it Twilight in Seattle.

Riley would look for you of course. The book didnt have him looking for those that didnt come back, but we could say that he did for you, and I confront him, preventing him from going after you to kill you.