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Author Topic: Several different ideas (F looking for M)  (Read 648 times)

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Several different ideas (F looking for M)
« on: July 02, 2010, 03:43:12 pm »
First off, from all of these ideas, I'm expecting a male partner that can communicate, IC and OOC. I like planning things out mutually, so the said story won't become a dud. But all-in-all, surprise me. =) Also, I am a little picky about my partners, so just because you're interested doesn't automatically make you my partner.  Just look to my Ons/Offs to see what's fair game. These are just introductions and backgrounds with undecided characters. I make up my characters as I go.

Long Term Ideas
Nothing You Can Do About it. It's a whole different world for assassins. He's the heir to the Black Dragon Syndicate. She's not far behind him. Their father was the founder, but died leaving them with his passions and ambitions. During the day, they're just high school and college students just trying to live a semi-normal life. In the night, they have a business to run along with thousands of lives controlled by their hands. However, when business hiccups during the day, it seems a normal life is hopeless.
     Possible themes: bondage, consensual, nonconsensual, brother/sister complex, incest, dom/sub, violence, magic, superpowers
(It's brother/sister incest. It could be blood-related or just step siblings. I wanted it to be somewhat fantasy with the art of magic, but it's not necessary if you didn't want to go down the fantasy route. It's a mafia-esque type of roleplay, so think "Mob.")

Seeing is Believing. Ever since the beginning high school, she could have anyone she wanted. No matter what, eventually the man she wanted would fall for her. The options these men gave her made her laugh. They were all the same and all fell for her all the same. It just became a game until she met him. She had him in her sights until he was "playing hard to get." No, she had met someone that knew the game as much as she did. Who would out wit the other? Who would outlast the other?
     Possible themes: consensual, smut, power control, teasing, casual sex encounters, infidelity, bondage, play fighting, seduction
(A power struggle type of roleplay. My character would be a switch and yours would be dom.)

Sibling Rivalry. These siblings are quite infamous. He's better known for his seductive charm and womanizing skills. She's also the talk of the school as the number one girl most guys would love to date or even fuck. Even his college friends know about his sister. On one hand, being the younger one, she can't deny she hasn't learned a few tricks from her older brother. On the other hand, he's watched the downfall of the boys that fell to his little sister's spell and learned from it. One day they both begin to casually talk about their stories and experiences. She jokes about it, but he turns it into a competition.
     Possible themes: consensual, smut, power control, teasing, casual sex encounters, infidelity, bondage, play fighting, seduction
(It's quite similar to my story above, but just added the flavor of incest. This can go several different ways. Or you can suggest some tweaks to the story.)

Dearly Beloved. He's inherited a multi-million real estate firm from his diseased parents, but participates in the Black Market and even hosts modern-day fight clubs. She's an FBI agent that's recently been assigned to the case which has just reached it's third painstaking year. She and her partner, and current boyfriend, for the case have finally got a lead, but it requires her to go undercover. She's to enter one of his street fight circuits at one of his personal penthouses. She ultimately wins the fight, however things don't go according to plan.
     possible themes: consensual, nonconsensual, infidelity, exhibitionism/voyeurism, violence, power control, bondage, manipulation, romance, lust, obsession
(In this story, I'm exploring the Stockholm Syndrome with my character. I wanted her and the targeted criminal to end up falling in love in the darker sense. Other from that, I'll leave it open for anything to happen before and afterwards.)

Might Come Back By the Road Not Taken. War between angels and demons. The Ruler of demons and the Guardian of angels clash. The Guardian of heaven comes down to the underworld to make a treaty with the Ruler of hell. However, her words fall on deaf ears and the demons won't let her leave.
     Possible themes: nonconsensual, romance, supernatural, violence, gore, power control, sadism, manipulation, bondage
(I'm still articulating the plot. I'm open to discussion as the amount of depth taken into the engagement of the conflict. I'm willing to do multiple interpretations, multiple one-on-one games.)

Against All Odds. They've been classmates since high school and somehow, she knew the fact they ended up in the same undergraduate study together wasn't some coincidence. She was a big believer in fate and was sometimes ashamed of it so she rarely had the courage to muster up to have the conversation with him. Still, she felt an undeniable connection and attraction towards him, almost like magnets. One day out of pure curiosity, she goes to the library to research the actual possibility of fated lovers. Then, she stumbles onto a story, more like a folk story of two lovers that date backs to the 15th century. They were inseparable and even had an entire city built after them after settling a feud between two separate civilizations. But the story continues on as far as to say that their love for each other was so strong that their spirits have been reincarnated several life times just to be together. She believed in fate, but could she go far enough to say she had been reincarnated and it was meant to be?
     Possible themes: consensual, romance, supernatural
(This can go several ways and I have a few possible ideas already. They end up going out, but he's far from her type as in polar opposites. Another idea is that he already is taken or has someone else in mind, but she goes as far as to stop his relationship. Another scenario is he already knew this story and was purposely ignoring/avoiding her but somehow couldn't. In the end, I want them to serve a greater purpose.)

Respect Your Superiors. She's the one of the top field agent in the Sterling Corporation. Actually, the 2nd best. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend is the best of the best. The two have already messed around and even dated for a while, but it was too good to be true. It wasn't work, but rather his ego. Typical enough. He fully exploits the Corporation's funds and most of the time he gets away with it because they can't afford to lose him to their competitors. He has everything a man can dream of: women, cars, and a kickass job. Now, she's dating one of the temp workers who's obviously not as adventurous or not exactly sexy. Of course, her ex takes note of it and can only laugh, but also feel bad; not feel bad they broke up of course, but feel bad she couldn't top him. She's relatively happy, but her and the ex are assigned as partners for missions quite often. These are the times that she remembered how she fell for him in the first place.
     Possible themes: consensual, romance, humor, bondage, violence, sex in public places

Short Term/One-Shot
Hello Nurse. Fresh out of college, working as a high school nurse, she has a tiny secret. She's actually a hardcore gamer and even gambles with some of the students! Not everyone knows, but the few select fanboys come to her office all the time to challenge her, to no avail. Some come just to get in their flirtatious gestures for the day. Even some of the high school girls get jealous of her for attracting too much attention. However, still living with her mother, she can't afford to lose her job. If her boss, the principal finds out about her gambling side-job, there would be no doubt she'd be fired.
     Possible genres: blackmail, gambling, gaming, older woman, romance
(In this case, you'd play a high school boy. We can discuss his role, too. This one is supposed to be comedic, so it's short-term. I need someone with a sense of humor.)

One Better Day. She's a social butterfly in high school, but lately, her relationships have been coming and going. Her boyfriends don't last a month before they end up leaving her because many label her as frigid. Every time she has sex, it's either too painful or she just doesn't like it. Now, she just makes constant excuses not to be intimate at all. No matter how much she or someone else touches her, her body just doesn't react. After a few doctor visits, they've told her she had no visible problems but rather psychological problems. It's not like she's not trying on her part, however even her friends are trying to help her through the problem. Is it psychological or on purpose? She's starting to think there's really something wrong with her until one man she least expected came into her life.
     possible themes: consensual, romance, dom/sub, bondage, public locations, teasing, orgasm control
(This is on the humorous side, so it's under short-term.)

Who's in Control? They were childhood friends, but weren't exactly on good terms. Eventually, they moved away from each other. But now in college, the find themselves in the same class and even the same project group for their class final. They reconnected but they found out things about each other they would have never would of guessed. He was surprised she wasn't even a virgin anymore, but she never guessed that he had a darker side to him. She had found out he had dual-personalities that he couldn't control after coming home with him for dinner.
     possible themes: consensual, nonconsensual, master/slave, bondage, worship, romance
(I almost never play submissive roles, but this is definitely up for discussion.)

If you have your own ideas that you'd like to share with me, I'm always up for a new game.
Always more ideas to come. I answer faster to PMs. But feel free to reply or PM me.
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Re: Several different ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2010, 06:44:58 pm »
I love your Ideas!  Especially your sibling rivalry one.  Id like to RP that one for you.  Let me know if your interested.