The Porn Star neighbour

Started by blueeyedangel57, July 01, 2010, 06:58:45 AM

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Chad Lawson was moving into his nice quiet white fenced home. In the peace town of Jacksonville. Almost every house looked the same and all the cars on the driveways where BMW and Mercs. Every husband who lived in this neighbourhood was a business man that worked alot and nearly all the women where stay at home wives or mothers. Few were business women. The kids in the neighbourhood were so polite and nice.

The perfect family heaven.

Chad Lason was different. He was young a only 25 single and quiet looking. He wore light blue jeans that were ripped at the knees and also over one ass cheek that showed he wasen't wearing underwear. A tight fitting black t shirt that showed off his strong board shoulders that gave him a swimmer's build. he wore black boots to finish the look off.

Chad ran his hand through his short brown spikey hair as he lifted a chair out of the moving van he had rented. He turned as he heard a bunch of doors open and he watched about six men leave all wearing business suits. They kissed their wife or girlfriend at the doorway and got into their cars and drove off to work.

All the cars in the street were silver. His car was a deep blue dodge viper. The deep blue matched his eyes. He turned back to move the chair towards his front door as he saw a couple of women looking him over.

He thought they must be wondering how I could of brought this house.

(Looking for female wives, neighbours, girlfriends, or daugthers to welcome him to the neighbourhood. Please add a character bio.)

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