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Started by Lirliel, June 29, 2010, 11:41:16 AM

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A young Princess loses everything she holds dear and has to do some bad things to get her life back.

Inspired by the NWN Mod, A Dance with Rogues.

I am looking to play this out with someone, but instead of the kingdom being invaded by another human kingdom I was thinking that the Princess's father and mother would both betray the kingdom. Leaving the people alone as they retreat to a local island, content on living in decadence as the country gets raped, literally and figuratively, but something goes wrong and the Princess is left alone within the confines of the castle. With the army of beasts, Orcs/Minotaurs/Trolls etc. outside the city she escapes capture and is thrown into a world filled with the men and women who's mantra is just this. "The fit stay alive, the others fall behind and die", forced into a band of rogues she learns to see the world in a very different way.

I was thinking that she would more then often be used for bait, sometimes with some of the rogues going far enough to see her get screwed by the monsters, or very nearly before rescuing her. Then again, the ambushes might not go completely according to plan.. so there is definitely room for Non-Con there too.
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I actually really like this idea, but I am not a big fan of the NC side that seems to be in it. Would there be a chance that me and you could discuss a few tweeks, taking out some of the NC and/or extreme side to it. I will understand if you would prefer to keep it as is, just  thought i'd ask. Message me if you are still interested and I will get back to you.