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December 08, 2022, 01:01:47 am

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Author Topic: Seeking F for medieval/fantasy RP  (Read 954 times)

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Seeking F for medieval/fantasy RP
« on: June 27, 2010, 10:39:41 pm »
Hello, I'm looking for a specific RP.  It's kind of a work in progress for the setting, so I'm not completely set in my ways for my character to be or the background of the setting itself.  One thing that will likely happen is that I'm interested in a medieval fantasy setting that I'd like to use, rather than the modern-fantasy that I usually utilize.

As I'm a huge fan of video games and anime, I'll warn you now that it's quite likely that I got ideas for various parts of this RP request from different pre-existing sources.  So if you are looking for something that's a lot like Lord of the Rings-esque or some-such, I'd be thinking Record of Lodoss War instead.  I do prefer to use an 'anime-base' rather than a 'realistic-base', however.  You have been duly warned.


The kingdom of Terasten, known for being a realm of relative tolerance.  Within the borders of the kingdom are a quartet of villages, each one next the very edges of the land claimed as the kingdom's in each direction.  The capital of this land, conveniently called Terasten, lies upon the foothill of the Durendan Mountains.  The castle/capital, and the northern village of Lacal, are mining communities, built upon the blood and sweat of miners and magic, which is used to seek out the precious metals and gems that give the kingdom its wealth.  To the east and the south are the villages of Relan and Prate respectively, with both being fishing communities upon the great Bay of Terast, which opens to the east and provides much of the nourishment required by the other villages.  Farms dot the land, though much on the east side of the mountains are infertile, for reasons lost to time.  To the west, and over the mountains, is the village of Menat (Meh-nat).  Here, the land is more fertile and the great forests grow quickly, spread wide, and are populated by more than humans.

The kingdom itself is safe from would be invaders, thanks mostly to the fact that it is situated upon a large island, and to the fact that the other kingdom upon the island is governed by elves, who have for thousands of years managed to reconcile their hold upon their land, and have rebuffed Terasten for the last several hundred.  In their lands, many wonders of the world could be found.  It is thanks to the elves that the entire island is kept safe, undiscovered by those from beyond the sea by some unknown means.  What is known that those who wish to venture far from shore, to where one can no longer see it, are  lost to the outside world.  Those who leave these shores are castaways and in some cases banished from the island.  However, none have ever returned, or been found again, after they passed the threshold.

In this land, peaceful deities long forgotten and not so easy to forget live with their mortal neighbors.  Some choose to confide in mortals of their choosing as to what they are, while others prefer to hide their non-mortal existence as best they can.  Most are deities of the sky, the ocean, or the land- few are warriors, and fewer still are the leaders of the ancient pantheons.  Instead, most of these Panthea (the plural term I'm using to describe the deities that live on the Isle of Tera) are lesser deities of the circles that they were once worshipped in.  Though they no longer have their full powers from when they were worshipped greatly throughout the world, their powers have been consolidated, and remain great within the bounds of the island itself.  It was through the great work of the elves, several other ancient races, and the Panthea that made the Isle of Tera seem to 'disappear' from the rest of the world.  How humans came to the island hundreds of years ago is as yet unknown, though a shipwreck seems to be the likely culprit from before the 'Shroud' was set into place.  Some also believe that several of the deities wished to bring humans to this place, along with other races, and chose those that would be allowed into this island to populate it.

What I'm looking for

Not a whole lot, honestly.  As you may have been able to guess from the background info, I'm not looking for anything particularly dark or nasty.  With that said, if that's what you are looking for, you'll have to do some convincing.

However, I am planning to play as a Half-Panthea and would like to find someone who would like to play as a full Panthea character.  That will give you all sorts of potential choices to choose from.  If I were to suggest anything to base a character off of, perhaps Freya from norse mythology.  As for appearance, I'd rather not go with a full-anthro styled character, but humanoid with non-human features (ears, tail, scales, etc are fine).  She could be a shapeshifter as well, so that'd be good.  One thing that I'm not interested in, however, is -any- sort of vampire character.

Other than that, if it sounds interesting, please PM me and we can set up additional details.

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Re: Seeking F for medieval/fantasy RP
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2010, 10:11:01 am »
This sparks my interest :)