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Author Topic: The Coming World  (Read 612 times)

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Offline DaleenTopic starter

The Coming World
« on: June 25, 2010, 11:32:54 AM »
The world is our own. Neko's, Vampires, Demons, they dont exist, the worlds biggest issue is its economy, the childresn biggest concern is how much longer is school, a tail is not normal, nobody is special, the world is mundane. On the outside at least. For hundreds of years, there is a group of people, Purifiers, that hunt down and kill 'Taints'. The purifiers are people who once followed the way of God, and worked in his ways, but over time, they grew corrupt.

A Purifier is a person who hunts the Taints. They seek to purify the world of the taints, to cleanse the world of these impurities and make all right. At least, thats how they started. However, as with all other groups, none are free from temptation, and none are free from their desires. Eventually the work of God became the work of money. Or pure sport. The Purfiers are now a simple bunch fo afreanline addicts, peopel who enjoy the rush of hunting another human being, except this taints, are no normal human beings, and thus, the thrill.

A taint, is a indivudal with abhuman appearence of ability. The neko's,. the natural born vampires, the pyrokentitcs, the nymphs and demons and angels. Those who do not fit, and thus disrutp the flow. In the times of God and the orignial purifiers, the taints knew full and well they were being hunted. The kings gave the purifiers freedom from punishment. They are not murderers for killing taints, they are purifiers, cleanisng the realms. As time went on, the taints grew more and more public, unaware of the fact they were being hunted. Few survive meeting a purifier, and the fights always only have one winner. Weather the purifiers lsoes a life, or the tains fall, death is always the end. However, a purifier cannot simply walk around, shoointg whom they wish, they must be stealthy, leave no trail, for today, it is murder.

It is 2019, the world of the future. No flying cars everywhere, but they are there. What was predicted as household is there, but far from cheap. More and more taints are showing and appearing, and mroe and mroe are disappearing from the public mysteriusly. IT is seen as a disease, but to some, a pleasure. They go for high price on the market of slavery, they are used as spoekpeopel and models for their abilities, they are harvested by the government, to try and create super soldiers. And still, the purified are there, hunting, trying to cleanse the world, or gain some fun, regrardless they hunt the taints, but they are mroe dangerous know. They have disappeared, the taints do no know they are beign hunted, they only know they are different, but are uabnware of the dangers they poise for themselves by revealing.

Name: Patient 849
Race: Taint
Age: 14
Abilites: Pyrokensis
Personlity: Soft spoken, timid, easily frigthened, pure, untrusting
Biography: Her parents died years ago, by her hand. As an infant, she was born, and her body watsed no time learnign self defense. With the sharp sting of the doctos hand, her body was immidately coated in flames. She was the only urvivor from the assumed explosion. However, after four homes in only her first year, she was quickly recognized as a freak. Her abilities were discovered, but she was diferent. Pryo kenetics are nothing new, they are rare but they are handled appropriately. She was different. She matured early, and she had strength and pwoer beyond any adbhuman, pyrokentic or not, her body and literal genetic straint disappear, she becomes a simple body of flames, nto coating, but true, down to her genetic structure flames. After her strength and pwoers were discovered to teir fullest potential, near H-bomb destructive capabilities, the government claimed her before the purifiers could. She has been tested on her entire life, stres tested, tortured to try and activate, and thsu study, her abilitiels, her life has been one of pain. Whipped, to0rtured, she was driven to the point, and finally over. The smallest sounds terrifies her, she trusts nobody, and many lifes have fallen to her fear. She is kept in a padded room, having had no human itneraction since she was 12, she sits in her dark fire padded room, eats three meals a day, sleeps, and nothign else. She si to dangerous to go in public, but, the law rpevents them from claimign her life, and unofficaly, it ahs been tried, but it cannot be done. Her body destroys any poisons she inhales or takes into ehr body, an internal purification system, anyone with a gun doesnt lvie long enough to pull the trigger. They even went to try drowning, fillign ehr room. It turned to steam, she cannot kill, nor can she be killed. She is unaware though, of the group coming for her. Who shall reach ehr first? A fellow taint, or the purifiers?


Taint1: Blood-Red Rose AKA Daleen, Role=Sub


Purifier1: Alehmen AKA The Axe

Name: Greg AKA Blood-Red Rose
Race: Taint
Abilites: Plant control on massive scales
Level of wanted: Highest Class Taint, wanted by all, number 2 in Top 10 on the purifier list
Country of residence: Ireland
Age: 14
Personlity: Cold, rebelious, likes things his way
Role: Submissive, eventually
Biography: His abilities came out to the world and himself when he was in elemntry school. The class had to grow a plant from a bean. He had a tree by the end of the week. Over time, he learned to contorl his aility. Over time, he learned to use it. When the purifiers discovered his power combined with youth, they thought him an easy target. Yes his abilities were mind boggling, but, hsi youth and naivity would allow a quick kill. When they murdered his parents instead though, he learned there was mroe to his pwoer then making things grow. Hre learned to harness it as a wepon, weather stranglation by vines, razor petals, or simply a controlled tree acting as a coffin, openeing up and sucking the target in to die slowly, he has used his ability to avenge his aprents. With his strength, he has become a facw and name known by all purifiers, and even humans. He has been [palce don the most wanted list for the purifeirs, a substanscial reward for his capture, alive, or dead. In his attempt to flee, he fled to Ireland to escape. Word has reachedf him of a new girl, a fire type, with strength and power beyond all comprehension. She is said to be able to rid the world of all purifiers, and let the flow of Taints take contorl, as they will, one way or another. He heard she was in a special asylum in Ireland, and so, he seaches for her.

Name: Alehmen AKA The Axe
Race: Genetically altered Human, Purifier
Duty: Hunter, stun and capture
Location: African jungles
Age: 31
Personlity: Careless, cold, impassive, job comes first
Weapon of choice: Electro Ax
Abilites: Increased speed, strength and relfex boost
Bio: The strongest man in his tribe from the jungles of africa, he was the head of the entire village. A untamed taint passed through, and 16 years of ruling his small kingdom, it was gone, destroyed in less then an hour. The sole survivor of the assault, the purifiers that were tackgint he man sent him back to their main base. Undergoing surgeries and oeprations with extsensive training, he is armed with a Electro ax, he is a solo hunter. His weapon is used for stun and capture isntead of kill, sendnign a massive jolt through special desginated barbs in the axre, they detach when they sense a taints blood, the taints holdign a differetn genetic structure, this weapon if within an inch of their flesh and blood, shoots the barbs out, and shoots powerful elctric curents, haltign their abilties and movements, a stun weapon that works for taints purely. He has recentyl caught word of a tain in the jungles of africa, maybey the same that destroyed his village. Goign there on his own, he has vengence in mind.


For the taints, it does not have to be a team, it can be just on their own, finds a purifier, and create your own side story, butprifiers have to be a team, if not side by side, in contact, such as phone, or computers. The purifiers can be in different coutntries, huntign different taints, that sort of thing, but have to actually stay in contact with the teammates.