Roleplays Wanted!! Vampires, Cthulhu, Elves, (and more) oh my.. MxM

Started by chaospandemoniium, June 23, 2010, 12:19:33 AM

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Well, I am utterly, completely new here, so, I thought I would start do one of these threads to see if there is anyone interested in what I want to play...

I only play mxm as far as sex and romance, but I only care that the character is male, the player can be whatever as long as they play the character well.

I play either sub or switch characters, or neither/not as far as the dom/sub spectrum goes. My characters are almost always intelligent, spirited, and outspoken: I can play SLIGHTLY femme if desired by my partner, but I can't manage a wimpy character to save my life.

I can do NC, and incest (brothers only, though).

NO scat, vore, bestiality, mxf sex.

My favorite characters are VAMPIRES!

Interests at the moment are:

  • vampire x vampire (Old World of Darkness, Anne Ricean, or freeform/original)
    vampire x mortal
    Lovecraftian Universe/Cthulhu Mythos (probably scholar/seeker x half-human/half Elder God or Ancient One)
    Elf/Drow x Orc or Human or Drow
    pretty much anything World of Darkness..
    Roman Empire - I like playing a maniacal young (20's) Emperor with a thing for a gladiator
    Other historical eras: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Victorian, 1920s, 1977 punk scene..
    prisoner x prisoner or prisoner x guard
    And one that I venture to say would not be sexual or romantic (though never say never, who knows..) I'll play Joker vs. anything you want..
    OR for that matter - just hit me up with any idea, I'm probably willing if it doesn't violate the 'absolutes'.

I can play via chat OR play-by-post on the forum; if playing via forum, I am good about posting at least once a day, more if my partner does. I am not nitpicky on the fine points of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but do want a somewhat literate partner - no need to stress over it, though.

So, anyone interested, message me and let's get playing!

All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars...


To add to the other ideas, I have a couple more:

  • # 1. This one is a little more fleshed out. I want to play Lucifer versus the Archangel Michael during the events leading up to and during the Fall. My take on the myth is that God created humans and paid more attention to them than to his angels, which pissed off some of them, Lucifer first among them, and, so, he became determined to exterminate the threat to angelic pre-eminence. Now, in my version, Michael and Lucifer have been lovers, or become lovers as a response to being increasingly ignored by God - for "something to do" that turns into more: love and a relationship. The problem is Lucifer is growing increasingly more pissed off by the divine "insult" while Michael remains loyal and trusting... Anyhow, I think something along these lines would be fun...

  • # 2. I saw someone do this a while ago in another game, and it looked immensely interesting: Serial killer x serial killer. I am thinking either one discovers what the other is doing through the forensic evidence left behind (maybe, say, one of them actually is also an FBI agent or similar - yes, I know I am borrowing a bit here, but so what..) or they pick out the same target and meet by accident... The whole ... do I want to befriend/fuck you or.. do I want to cut off your head for a plaything scenario.

  • # 3. And, with the Cthulhu mythos, I could play either the mortal or the "monster", but thinking it over, I decided it would be neat to appropriate from 'The Dunwich Horror' in so much as during one of his trips to Arkham, Wilbur Whately ALSO decided to experiment with having a woman, (naturally, one who happened to be a black-magician herself, thus making her willing to do the deed and more importantly, carry the offspring), and did, and she got pregnant.. So the character would be the grandson of a Great Old One (Yog Sothoth).. 3/4 human with strong paranormal talents and 1/4 OTHER. Interesting duality - does he want the cute guy he meets, or does he want to drive him screaming mad and devour his soul? Does he want to protect humanity... or open that darn Gate..

So, anyhow, that's what I have, if any interest, let me know. :)

All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars...


Hi, I thought I would put in something here. I could play out a vampire one with you, either in the Kindred the embraced verse, if you're famliar with that, or the Twilight Verse. I have my own character that I made up, a 250yo vampire called Catherine.

If they interest you, do let me know.