Anthro anybody? (Male preferred)

Started by LunaTalula, June 21, 2010, 09:12:31 PM

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I have an anthropomorphic character that I would like to use. She requires a warrior type character who is capable of building and commanding an army. There will be violence, action, romance, adventure/fantasy involved. If interested, PM me. But, first... check out my O/O's in both sections I've made... =]


I guess I should elaborate a little bit on this request... Heh.

First of all, I will be playing an anthro, a tigress to be exact. For those of you who do NOT know what an anthro is, I will include a picture at the bottom.


My tigress is named Leoma and her kingdom has just been destroyed by humans who traveled from another Planet. There is more to that story, but I'm just doing the basics right now. With her kingdom destroyed, entire family dead, and most of her people slain, with the rest taken as slaves, Leoma vows vengeance for her people. She seeks to find an army and perhaps, someone who will aid her.

The idea I have in mind for a RP partner is:

A male human either with or without a special ability.... who has been used, against his will, as an experiment. By injecting the blood of anthro into the male, the humans hope to make him into a weapon to be used against the anthros. There are more civilizations out there consisting of anthros... also, there are elves, dwarves, and a clan of Gryphons somewhere on Leoma's planet, Vuala.

I've been told by a few people this sounds close to Avatar... but with what I have in mind, it has nothing to do with that movie (good movie, though!). I've had this character around for years!

Anyway... if interested, let me know.

Make sure you look at my O/O's before responding... I don't want people thinking my anthro is used only for sexual purposes as some are wont to believe...

PM me if interested!

Thanks.  ;D

This is as close to Leoma's appearance as I could get to.... She's supposed to have wings... so, imagine big, white feathery wings on her back. Lol.