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April 24, 2018, 06:08:38 PM

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Author Topic: Story Based Medieval Fantasy anyone? (GM with freeform style)  (Read 327 times)

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Offline PantheanTopic starter

~150 years ago

The courtyard was a busy place this time a day. Human, elves, gnomes, and all kinds of species had gathered here for a 10 day event in which magic users from all around the known world came together to share their findings and demonstrate new spells and ideas to be put in to practice. There were several small events within the city, but the main event was the tryouts to become admitted into the most famous society of wizardry known.

Out in the hills, a young human wizard known as Saurauct was practicing some of his learnings. There was a wild card spell that many wizards learned between 5 to 10 years into their training; a simple casting that allowed the caster to see and communicate with beings from worlds beyond. The purpose of it was often simply to learn more, and expand one's own knowledge of the greater universe. The only down side was that if you happened to tap into a magic channel with a demon or another evil force, then they could use magic, over unknown distances of infinite greatness to open magical gateways or cast other spells at your location.

Saurauct's eyes suddenly glowed red. The channeling circle that he had drawn around himself was shifting and reforming dramatically. He heard whispers in his head and with his own mind attempted to cast defensive spells, in vein. Whatever dark being from beyond had tapped into his power had taken control, poisoning his mind and now had a clear and definite access to this world.

In the chamber of the grand council, where a committee of society elders would decide the fate of newly arising magicians, and whether or not they gain entrance to their exclusive group, Saurauct's name was called out by a figurehead. The doors flew opened and Saurauct stood at the center of the room. "So, young wizard," the elder spoke, "what spell have you demonstrate for us today, to prove that you are worthy to gain entrance into our organization?"

The whispers of the mysterious dark being echoed in his head, and began whispering spells of darkness to he entire room. Saurauct looked at the man in the head of the council with a stare of intimidation, he no longer appeared human. his pupils were as red as blood, and his hair had turned white with streaks of bright orange. He began to speak, and uttered a spell from his lips. Immediately, light burst from the ground, fire spewed from his feet, and cracks of molten iron snaked across the floor. he stood there, laughing a voice that echoed in a deep ominous tone throughout the halls.

Outside, the whole of the city was being cast asunder, the ground become molten rock and the buildings burned and sank into it. Saurauct walked up to the elder, and he spoke, "My master would like to see this world taken for his own, he is a devourer of worlds, and I have been chosen to allow him this one, in return for great power. HE takes great pleasure in the cries of and begs of mercy from those weaker beings like yourself. Cry... beg for your life, beg him not to take this world, and you may be spared for your insignificant cowardice."

Quickly, the wizard before Saurauct began whispering under his breath a spell. Saurauct laughed at him, he used his own magics to hold the elder by his throat in the air and spoke again, "come now... speak up! I want to hear your last pathetic attempt to defeat me..." The wizard complied, and revealed his spell of choice, spoken in an unknown language he attempted to begin a summoning spell. It was a brand often used to summon various warriors, horses, or other trivial and insignificant things like animals that would likely have not held a candle to the chaotic evil being within Saurauct's mind.

Saurauct laughed again and louder at the spell, wondering what the wizard was planning on summoning to save himself, since he felt himself a god and unable to be defeated by anything that could be drawn. He leaned in close as the wizard was beginning to utter the words of his summon, and identify his plan when he spoke the words, "Saurauct's bane." He became furious and incinerated the wizard by tossing him into the fiery depths. Saurauct screamed and his darkened voice trembled, echoing across the world.

Saurauct searched the world relentlessly, making sure that any warrior that could ever stand to challenge him would parish. He used magics to look into the future, and see where this one worthy opponent might be born, and killing their present parents to keep them from even being born. In the mean time he moved to prepare the world for his dark master's arrival. He opened dimensional portals to other worlds, unleashing a whole fury of beasts and armies the likes of which this world had never seen before. He had to be careful in doing so, wiping out any enemy that could become his arch rival, allowing only mindless and savage monsters to pass through his many gateways.

For 150 years he waged wars, and watched and waited for his enemy to step forward. In that time, three whole nations were claimed, and his empire was becoming more threatening every day.

Halfway across the world, however, lied countries and empires that had yet to even hear of his terrifying wrath. Any stories that could come through would have been considered rumors, and travelers from that part of the world never spoke of the horrors, hiding away hoping not to be called for war again. In this part of the world, the many races lived in mutual peace, agreeing not to fight for trivial purposes, and keeping their territories set. More and more tales of barbaric forces being driven from their lands, forced to attempt to take over others' began to echo through the world. When they came closer, and the rumors more active, a group of kings, queens, emperors, and other leaders gathered to discuss the issues at hand. They chose a few select people from each of their kingdoms to travel north-east, and make certain that the rumors were just rumors.


okay, there's how the story begins, any takers?

Specific characters I'm looking for:
Races: Humans, Drow, Elves, Faeries, Yuan Ti (snake people), (Any anthropomorphic races you can think of)
Types: Warriors, Rangers, Magic Users, anything really

Romance and sex scenes are encouraged, however this is more storyline driven than sex driven, so please also keep in mind that there is more to it than that