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Author Topic: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]  (Read 3226 times)

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Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« on: June 20, 2010, 12:00:15 AM »
Leon's body shifted, turning down the narrow alley, he noticed a small group of men at the edge of the street. Not really in any hurry, he just mellowly walked toward them. He had no idea who they were, and quite frankly he didn't have any business with them at all, just happened to notice them conversing amongst each other was all he'd done.

As he'd finished his training with Lady only three months ago, it had felt like three years had passed since he'd spoken to her. Her odd disappearance had thrown Leon off guard, but he had to do something for money these days, and since the training, he'd become a mercenary for hire. The lifestyle having begun to take its toll on his feelings, but his kind-hearted intentions were still there, just slightly dimmed by the life he'd chosen.

Leon wasn't likely to forget his roots though, his heart was too pure to become consumed by darkness. His soul as white as the sheath that held his equally blinding sword.

Anyways, back to the walking. He breached the end of the alley now, and had bumped into one of the men, his thoughts having distracted him yet again. He looked to them, apologizing, but they didn't seem the type to care, they were too serious to reassure him that they didn't mind him bumping into them.

His thoughts got the better of him again, as he quickly shrugged off the men, and began heading toward an inn that had caught his eye. His stomach grumbled, and he knew it had been two days since his last meal, and not only that, he had a fat wallet he planned on thinning.

Then, something seemed out of place, he paused and heard it. Spinning, he cut down his assailant, one of the men from before having tried to catch him off guard, but he'd heard their advance. Catching the male before he fell, Leon wiped the blood onto the clothing of his victim, being sure to rid the gleaming white blade of any crimson stains.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2010, 12:10:03 AM »
Iso Hisoka sighed. Finally, her classes were over for the day. She still had much practicing to do for the grand dance competition that was coming this next festival. The festival was in 3 days and she and her classmates had been preparing for this and practicing all year. This would be their chance to show the world how beautiful and graceful they were. She was both excited for the competition, and worried about winning it. She didn't think she was that attractive, however if she by some miracle ended up winning the competition, the other girls would surely kill her. It terrified her, but she didn't let it show as she took to the street with the her young escort.

It was required that a high geisha be accompanies by an escort wherever they went so that nobody would try to take them or to hurt them. Though she knew how important the escorts were, she didn't like to have to be followed by a guy. She knew enough martial arts to hold her own in a situation, but that was frowned upon in the geisha community. Geisha, especially high geisha, were feminine, beautiful, graceful, quiet and delicate. That was what would be judged at the festival. The judges would be retired sempai, previous high geisha, as well as buyers. The girl who had the best review and the highest bid by the end of the festival night, would be declared the winner and the next to be trained by the one who had been most wanted, and still was, in all Japan.

Such an honor was a once in a thousand lifetimes opportunity and none of the girls could afford to pass it up. A certain number of geisha students became high geisha, and becoming a high geisha would mean more honor for your bloodline and a better lifestyle.

Suddenly, Iso Hisoka was jolted out of her thoughts by the sound of men talking. She looked up and watched as a young man, appearing to be no older than her, walked past a small group of older men. She and her escort continued walking in the same direction and were going to pass right by the group when one of the men stepped out in front of them, his sword drawn. Iso Hisoka watched in horror as the man was going to attack the young man her age. She froze, unable to move and watched with relief and disbelief as the man her age, killed the man who was planning to attack him. She stood there and stared as the young man wiped his very shiny blade on the dead man's clothes.

Her escort tried to get her to move but her feet were planted firmly in place. Her eyes were wide as she stared, afraid of and strangely attracted to this young man. She shook without realizing it, her light blue kimono's gold bow beginning to untie.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2010, 06:10:44 AM »
Leon blinked, looking at the woman and her male escort. He was shocked to see a high geisha standing in the dark alleys in the midst of night, let alone with only one escort. He saw another attack coming his way, Leon making due with leaning into the man, ramming him with a shoulder, only to slice him down in the next instant.

Resetting his gaze, he kept to the task at hand. He bobbed to the right, then to the left, then right again as the next would-be assailant attempted to stab him. He had to finish this before the idiots realized that a high geisha was among them. Leon spun, his leg sweeping low to kick the ankle of the attacker, his head being lopped off within a blink of the eye.

Leon noticed that, despite her escort's urgings, she would not move and only gazed upon him. He assumed it was horror that had stricken her, fear that she would be next. His eye only averted to set her into his view, then hovered over to place the final male into his sights. He grinned as he stopped suppressing the strange pressure his body exuded, and allowed it to take effect upon those around him.

As if he was a bolt of lightning, Leon 'walked' passed the final warrior, killing him and sheathing before he even knew that Leon had unsheathed his blade. The blade was wiped clean as well, as Leon disliked blood staining his blade, as well as his clothing. When the blade slid into place, Leon turned back to the female, his eye measuring her up, awaiting her to make a move, or say something.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2010, 01:04:35 PM »
Iso Hisoka felt as if a lead set of armor had been suddenly set upon her shoulders and tied too tightly. It became harder for her to breath. She watched the young man continue to cut down the older men. The blood was everywhere and somehow the young man was able to keep his own clothes from getting a single drop of the blood on his own clothes. She marveled at this. He cut down the last older man and looked at her.

She stepped heavily forward a few slow steps towards him, her eyes wide and one of her hands outstretched. She came to the body of one of the men and stopped, looking down at it. It's eyes were still open and she stared down at it for a few moments. Somehow her eyes grew wider as she recognized the man as one of the ones she had been warned about. She looked up at the young man, she opened her mouth to speak.

"He--You saved me." She stammered. She went to step around the dead man and was stopped by her escort.

"Miss Hisoka! Don't get any closer!" He yelled. Clearly he was afraid of this young man hurting her. He stood in front of her, his own sword at the ready.

"No." She said quietly to her escort, seeming to float around him and towards the young man again. She turned to her escort.

"Miss Hisoka..." He said worriedly.

"I'll be alright." She reassured him. "He saved me." She said looking down at the dead man on the ground with as smile.

Her escort followed her gaze."HOLY CRAP!" He said, jumping back. Iso Hisoka smiled up at him and then turned and floated around the dead man and over to the young man.

She looked straight ahead, not quite meeting his eyes. She bowed to him saying "Thank you." rather softly.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2010, 03:36:42 AM »
A light wind began to pick up, carrying the staining scent of blood under his nose. He'd allowed himself to settle down the radiating pressure, subsiding it into hiding once more.

She seemed intimidated, yet grateful toward me, at the same time. Wait, maybe she thinks that I am another assassin. Maybe she's thinking that I was hired on the same job that they were, Leon thought, but then he shook his head, he wouldn't jump straight to conclusions. He hadn't even really started to show his skills yet, so surely she didn't think him to be supremely skilled in any way.

Leon smiled, suprised by the sudden thanks that she had given him. He eyed her, she didn't really seem to be hostile, but her escort was a bit on edge. Despite the easy targets she left, there was an air of trust around her, he saw three different outcomes, but decided that there was really no reason to attack her, she'd done nothing to provoke him.

He kept his blade sheathed and allowed his demeanor to change slightly, shifting his body to a more relaxing form. "Well, I don't really know why you're thanking me, but you are most welcome," he offered. He gazed into her eyes, awestruck by her beauty. The fact that she'd daringly walked up to someone who had just cut down multiple men was suprising enough, let alone show such kindness and gratitude toward a lowly mercenary.

He broke his thought process, knowing that there was no way he could have a chance with someone like her. Besides, everything almost seemed to perfect, it was a little unsettling. He had to act casual and get out of there before her guard got too good of a look at him and reported him. "Hey, do you happen to know anything about that Inn over there?" he asked, hoping that she wasn't as suspicious as she was increasingly seeming.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2010, 01:39:55 PM »
She smiled up at him. The young man didn't have any idea what great deed he had done. "You saved me. Probably unknowingly, but you did." She glanced back at the man she had stepped around. "We were warned about him. He was taking young high geisha and....deflowering them.........." She said sadly. Indeed, her only friend in her high geisha classes had been deflowered by this man. She had then been sent to be with the street geisha. She shuddered to think of such a horror.

He asked her about the nearby inn. Looking at it, she wanted to frown, but knew she couldn't. A man like him, who killed someone with such a high bounty on his head, deserved to sleep in better quarters. "That inn is alright for people passing through for a night. Merchants mostly." She said, gazing at it. She looked back at him smiling. "You deserve better. The bounty on that man was high. My mistress would be very pleased to know he would no longer bother her students."

She turned and walked over to the body. She remembered that one of the things to identify the man was his sword. She picked the sword off the ground and walked over to him with it laid out in her hands.

"Come. Bring this to my Mistress. I am sure she will let you stay the night in the manor." She held the sword out to him to take from her hands.

"Ah! Miss Hisoka!" Her escort said, still seeming worried. She looked over her shoulder at him and smile.

"It is alright. He is an honorable man. And anyway, I have you don't I?" She said.

Her escort blushed bright red. "Y--yes. You do have me. A--alright. I--I'll keep a good eye on him for you." He stammered. He put his sword in his scabbard but not all the way in. Just in case.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2010, 05:56:12 AM »
His eye widen in surprise at her story, feeling rather disgusted that a man would do such a thing. He kicked the dead man's carcass in disgust, but smiled to the geisha before him. "I'm so sorry to hear that. I guess it is a good thing I bumped into them tonight, huh?" he said, kind of hurriedly, as if he didn't want to stick around. She was kind, but he didn't feel right being in her presence so casually. Not to mention, her escort was quite fidgety.

She had to keep reassuring him that everything was ok, but still he was vigilant. If Leon truly wanted these folks dead, they would be in this pile of bodies already. He looked at her, then back to the guard. Was he really fit to protect someone of such high honor, when there are dangerous men like the ones he'd just cut down within the city? Leon questioned that himself, but decided to ignore it and move along.

He nodded and bowed. Taking the sword, he almost felt like he didn't deserve it, but she reassured him of otherwise. "Thank you, Miss Hisoka. I am," he paused, hesitating for a moment before giving her his name, "Just call me Leon, please," he offered, bowing again. Despite her.. Distaste, of the inn, it didn't sound so bad. It also sounded like an honest place, so he would pay his dues anyway. Leon, searched a few of the bodies and found a few fat coin purses. Hefting them carefully, he nodded respectfully.

"I am sorry, Miss Hisoka. I don't mean to be rude, but I feel it is best if I still paid the inn for their honest work. But, I will honor your wishes and sleep in your manor tonight," he told her, giving a smile and turning to continue on toward the inn.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2010, 10:27:22 AM »
She smiled. He was an honest and good man. He took the sword and she could tell he wasn't quite confident in receiving it. She looked up at him smiling as he repeated her name which he must have heard from her escort and blushed furiously at him giving her his first name to call him by. He walked towards the inn to pay them and she watched him. He walked with confidence and poise.

"We will wait for you here Leon-san." She said. She turned and walked back over to her escort.

"Miss Hisoka..." He half whispered.

"Thank you. You take care of me well." She smiled up at him.

" you Miss Hisoka." He half bowed to her but she stopped him.

"Remember? You don't have to do that when there's no one else around." She giggled causing the escort to blush.

"Yes Miss Hisoka." He said and had to try and keep himself from bowing to her again. For the first time since they took to the streets, he smiled.

She turned back towards the inn and waited for Leon-san to return.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #8 on: June 23, 2010, 06:07:20 PM »
He cursed himself, annoyed that he was not in a more formal attire to greet the High Geisha. Let alone, she was going to wait for him. That was something that would never happen twice, of that much he was sure. Damn it, how am I supposed to come back to her like this? Just go home! he thought, but would never think of saying it to her face. He sighing and trudged into the inn. Looking over to the innskeeper, he smiled. "Hey bud, catch." With that, he tossed the coin purse to him. "I planned on staying here tonight, but it appears as though I have other plans. Just remember me, alright? In case I ever need to come back," he told the man who was dumbfounded, mouth agape.

Leon, having left the inn and was now heading back to Miss Hisoka, tucked the other coin purses snugly into his waistband. As he approached the High Geisha, bowing down, dropping to a knee. "My lady, you should not have had to wait on someone so petty as me, I apologize," he told her. Though bowing on a knee was something most prominent in Europe with their knights, Leon had never gotten the chance to live in his home countries own culture. This left him unfamiliar with the mass majority of its customs, but he made due.

"Please, forgive me," he asked, looking up into her eyes, capturing her beauty in full now. It was impolite to stare in Japan, but he knew not of this and found himself incapable of averting his gaze upon her. Despite his eyepatch, he could see all of her beauty, as if clearly radiated from her. Just as she was able to see through his killing spree and see the kind and gentle man he was.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #9 on: June 23, 2010, 06:22:04 PM »
She smiled as he returned from the inn. As he fell to one knee, she was shocked. This was only done to show respect to shogun. He looked up at her apologizing for something. She stared back into his eyes and her brow furrowed slightly for a brief second. She couldn't help but think that perhaps this young man was a samurai.

"You have done no wrong. You need not apologize." She said, putting a hand gently on the man's arm. "Come. I will introduce you to my mistress. Um...well, Haru-kun will. Won't you Haru-kun?" She said, turning to her escort.

Haru blushed furiously at this and nodded. "I--I will introduce him. B--but only for you Miss Hisoka."

Iso Hisoka giggled. She liked making him blush. She knew he blushed because it made him feel special. "Let us go now." She said, turning towards the direction they had been heading in. She put her arms inside her sleeves and began floating forward. It was hard to walk too quickly in the wooden shoes she was required to wear, but she wouldn't dare take them off.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #10 on: June 23, 2010, 06:32:08 PM »
She seemed surprised, but she didn't mention anything out of the ordinary. When she mentioned moving on, Leon broke his gaze and pondered his next move. Well, not much left to do now. I can continue my search on the morrow, just as I had planned when I was looking for the inn, he thought. Nodding, Leon rose to his feet and walked with her, keeping in step and staying to her left. He looked back quizically at the escort.

"Uhm, ma'am.. Shouldn't an escort walk in front of you?" he asked, not bothering to mention the fact that her escort didn't show any signs of actual skill. Nor the fact that a one-man escort was never wise, no matter how skilled a swordsman may be. If a silent assassin as to come from behind, he could kill the woman before the swordsman would have time to notice, let alone save her life. This Japan is very odd with its customs... And to think I was born here.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #11 on: June 23, 2010, 07:09:52 PM »
Haru followed closely behind them, his eyes shifting in many different directions. She heard the doubt in her escort's ability to protect her in Leon-san's voice. She continued walking, though slowly, and glanced up at him.

"Haru-san is a good man. He has saved my life and other high geisha's lives on many occasions." She giggled. "He may not look it but he is good with a sword, and very attentive to his surroundings. I think the only downfall to his, childish exterior is that there seem to be more attacks on who he escorts than most. It is because they believe he is too easy to um....'do away with' when the fact is he is not."

She looked to the right as a few children ran past, yelling happily with sticks in their hands. She smiled, remembering her younger brother she had left behind on the farm. She was the oldest child in her family, but they were unable to take care of both her and her little brother any longer and so they sent her here, to become a geisha. They would be proud to see her now.

A rock came flying out of one of the childrens' hands, and having missed it's intended target, went straight for Iso Hisoka's back.

A quick sound of metal and a clang, and the thrown stone was deflected. Haru returned his sword to it's scabbard and smiled at the children. "Next time you should be a little more careful hm?" He turned back around and continued walking with Iso Hisoka and Leon.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #12 on: June 23, 2010, 07:49:40 PM »
Leon took not of her words, seeing that she wsa honest and confident in them. He wondered how the young male would fare against himself, but it was not likely that they would ever get a chance to find out such things. Sighing lightly, Leon looked on to see a couple of kids playing in the street. They seemed to be having fun, despite being in the street. In Europe, most of the kids that were seen playing in the street lived there, or were poor in some way. Maybe the custom was different here as well.

As Leon noticed that Miss Hisoka was seemingly lost in thought at the sight of these children, he wondered what it was that concerned her about them. However, Leon's attention was grabbed when Haru had deflected a rock "assassin" that had been apparently aimed for Miss Hisoka. Leon humored the young man with a grin, Hm, maybe he isn't as useless as he seems, Leon pondered, continuing to walk through the streets of Kyoto City.

Several minutes pass, and Leon was beginning to wonder where in the hell they were, or where they might even be headed. "So, Miss Hisoka, where is it that you're taking us?" he asked quizzically, wondering if maybe he hadn't stumbled upon them on their way back home, but rather on their way to the store or something.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #13 on: June 23, 2010, 10:54:00 PM »
Iso Hisoka slowed and then stopped, turning to her left and looked up.

"We are here." She said quietly. She looked over at Haru and smiled. Knowing what she meant, he ran over and opened the door for them.

"Miss Hisoka has returned." He yelled into the building. Iso Hisoka stepped lightly up the stairs and into the building, stepping to the side for Leon-san to enter.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #14 on: June 23, 2010, 11:48:01 PM »
Leon stopped, turning to gaze upon the grand building complex. He felt unworthy to be even looking upon such a grand structure, let alone sleep in it. He turned back to Lady Hisoka, "Please.. Madame, I really shouldn't be here," he told her, not wanting to stain the grand stature of such an estate. Besides, he knew one thing about his heritage, and that was that his grandfather was still a wanted mad man and renowned assassin. He was one of the most feared and hated in all of Japan, scarring the Dageki and Gurande name alike. His own name truly being Shinguru Shikyo Dageki.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2010, 11:55:55 AM »
Haru was beginning to sweat and looked at the man. "Speak to me here. I am supposed to be her voice around other people. Especially men. And come in quick. You'll insult our hospitality." From the way this man had been acting, Haru guessed he wasn't from around here or at least not accustomed to the manners and customs. He would try to be patient with him, but it might be difficult.

Iso Hisoka stood like a statue, waiting for the man to enter. A few of the other geisha who lived here began crowding the entrance, though not in a way that would impede the man's entry. A few of them were staring at the young man, and a few in the backs who had seen him were twittering and giggling. Iso Hisoka smiled inwardly as she silently waited for him to enter.

"Iso-chan. Who is that?" One of the girls behind her whispered to her. So as not to break the tradition and geisha code, Haru spoke for her.

"She will tell you later. For now, we must bring him to see the Mistress." He said rather importantly. He himself hadn't seen the Mistress in a long time and was looking forward to being in her presence once again. The last time he had seen her was when he was brought here to be a new escort for the high geisha.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #16 on: June 29, 2010, 11:08:17 PM »
Leon just stood there, awkwardly blinking and wondering what he should do. It wasn't usual that a guest would be the first to enter someone else's estate, but then again everything seemed odd about this place. Sighing, he did as the young guardian instructed and walked between the new rows of women aligning to either side of him. That alone was enough to make him uneasy, but he kept his cool and was vigilant in his entrance as he continued on.

He assumed that the pair would be soon following him, Leon spoke to who he figured was Haru. Not bothering to look back, as it seemed apparently rude to them when he looked at them directly when spoken to. Damn, these customs are so messed up. "So, what exactly is going on around here... Everything is so confusing here."

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #17 on: June 30, 2010, 01:12:50 PM »
Haru let go of the door and ran in front of Leon. "You are being taken to see the High Mistress at the request of Miss Hisoka. Once there, I will introduce you for Miss Hisoka and explain what had happened. From there, the High Mistress will decide what your reward shall be. Whatever she offers you, take it gratefully."

Iso Hisoka walked gracefully behind them as they made their way to the High Mistress's room. The other geisha crowded behind them and many followed. Iso Hisoka could hear some of their conversations about the new man.

"He is soooo handsome!"
"Why do you think Iso brought him here?"
"I'll bet he made a big purse and he saw her and wants to buy her."
"Well I think it's going to be like Haru-kun where he'll be appointed another escort."

The last suggestion brought on a whole new stir among the other geisha, excited for such a handsome man to be their new escort. Iso Hisoka smiled to herself at this. She would love for him to be an escort as well. He was more than qualified to be, and he seemed to have the right attitude and presence needed.

"Wait you guys." One of the youngest said. "What if he was sent here by that Shogun who's looking for the most beautiful geisha?!"

A whole new murmur spread throughout the geisha in pursuit of the threesome. If he had been sent here by that Shogun, he would be taking one of them from this place and they could surely gain a place of high stature. Higher even than the High Mistress. This caused the excited energies of all the geisha to rise, becoming almost tangible.

They walked through the doors and into the beginning of the gardens that spanned behind the main house. The small room stood upon a single, large, stone pillar in the center of the koi pond. Sturdy bamboo stairs led up to the room where the High Mistress spent much of her time. Haru lead the way up the stairs towards the small suspended building.

Fondly, Iso Hisoka looked into the pond at the large koi that swam lazily through the clear water. She had find memories of petting them for the first time when she had come here to meed the High Mistress her first time. She smiled and followed Haru up the stairs.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #18 on: July 08, 2010, 02:29:51 AM »
[OOC || I am so sorry for the wait... ='[ Please still lubb me..]

Leon just nodded and listened to more of the banter between the girls. He just smiled and shook his head at their flattery and kind comments, but he would be lucky if any of their thoughts were true. He felt so bad for leading them astray, however. But, alas, he kept to himself and walked along until they approached a red building, withing the complex. It was more like an attachment than anything, but yet it wasn't attached to anything. It just hovered atop four sturdy, red pillars and was suspended above a beautiful pond, glistening with sparkling water. He approached with caution, knowing that within was someone of great honor and respect.

Leon couldn't help but wonder what was in store for an outsider, such as himself, and what they would do for his apparent acts of heroism. As they entered, Leon watched the customs of Haru and Miss Hisoka before following suit and keeping a low profile. He just kept his cool and went with the ebb and flow of things.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #19 on: July 08, 2010, 11:32:43 AM »
((Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you haven't forgotten. ^=^))

Once at the top, Haru stepped off to the side and slipped his shoes off, leaving them on a small straw mat. Bowing to the door, he opened it and allowed Iso Hisoka to enter. Iso stepped lightly into the room, bowing as she reached the center. Without a word, she then went over and sat beside the lavishly dressed woman whom she had bowed to.

Haru, Leon following suit, then entered. Haru shut the door again and guided Leon to where he should sit, directly in front of the woman who appeared to be sitting on a large, soft pillow.

With a critical eye, the woman looked the new man up and down and seemingly satisfied, looked to Haru for his explanation.

"High Mistress." He began, bowing low to the woman. "I present a hero before you. He has killed the man upon whose head was a great bounty due to his crimes like such against you and other High Mistresses. He has brought the man's sword as a gift, and proof of his victory."

Haru motioned for Leon to stand and hand the sword to the woman sitting before him.
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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #20 on: February 07, 2011, 12:05:38 PM »
As Leon tentatively walked into the room, the young samurai warrior patiently waited to be directed and did as such. Leon was just glad he had Haru and Lady Hisoka there to support him, since he'd not known a damn thing about the customs, despite his heritage. Leon looked up at the woman, matching eyes with her as if staring her down, even if that wasn't the case. As she finished her assessment of him, she seemed dismissive and turned to Haru as if to glare the explanations out of his body.

Leon flinched when the word 'hero' was mentioned, but kept his vigil and tried not to make Haru look foolish and looked more heroic.. If that were possible. Once the explanation was concluded, Leon stood and pulled from his robes the Wakizashi of the man he'd killed just before meeting Lady Hisoka. Bowing to the woman before him, he raised the sheathed weapon over his head to offer it to her.

I really hope I am doing this right, Leon thought as he gulped, but couldn't help but wonder how a man with such a great bounty on his head, one enough to classify Leon as a hero, could be defeated so easily. Either something sinister was afoot, or Leon really was as good as they made him out to be, which he highly doubted. Waiting for his offering to be taken, the young warrior waited patiently. His heart was still racing as he hoped he wasn't disrespecting them in any way.

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Re: Tale of a Geisha. [Leon & SxyCowgirl]
« Reply #21 on: February 07, 2011, 12:18:13 PM »
The woman looked over at Lady Hisoka who stood and gently took the weapon from his hands before sitting back next to the woman.

Then, after a few moments of looking at the sword, the lady smiled and spoke. "Thank you. For saving my most prized student. Tell me hero. What is your name?"

Lady Hisoka was relieved and a bit surprised. She tried her best not to show it, but she had a feeling that her attempt wasn't terribly successful. It wasn't very often that the High Mistress spoke to any woman outside of the school, let alone any man. Even when Haru had started here, she had had one of her students speak for her. A smile crossed her face at the fortune of having been witness to such a momentous occasion.

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After the weapon was accepted, Leon sighed with relief and looked up to the one they called 'High Mistress' with his lone eye. He studied her as if this was his first time seeing her, which it was in a sense. The young man winced a little again when she called him a hero, feeling that he wasn't really deserving of such a title. When she spoke again, Leon listened and obediently responded, as if not responding would result in something terrible.

"I am known as Leon, the White Emperor. I assure you, however, I do not hail from royalty. Though, I feel I should also give you my birth name.. Despite my cautions. I was born Shinguru Shikyo Dageki, son of Futrudo Dageki and Kanro Dageki," he told the older woman with a reluctant breath. He'd hoped to keep his identity secret, but it would seem he wasn't going to be so lucky. His only wish now, was that no one in the room would recognize the name, for all their sakes.

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The High Mistress nodded. "It is wise to give a future employer such information. Especially so readily. It shows great respect and trust." She said, completely satisfied with the answer. From what I have heard, White Emperor seems a fitting name. All others shall call you by that. Here we will call you Leon if it pleases you. Now as for your employment, I will provide you with comfortable quarters which you will share with Haru, good food, shelter, a good salary, and pleasurable company if you so choose. What I will expect in return is simply the protection of my students. Does that sound agreeable?"

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Leon sat there like an idiot for the better of that minute, but quickly corrected himself and nodded. Bowing down, he spoke his thanks to the High Mistress. "Yes, ma'am, I am so very grateful. Oh yes, Leon does suit me best.. Thank you," finished the young male, bringing his head back up to gaze graciously into her eyes, a wide, gratuitous smile pulling at his mouth. "You will not be disappointed, I promise you that High Mistress.

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