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Started by Chaos, June 19, 2010, 02:40:41 PM

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Here is my revamped ideas thread. I'm posting my ideas in groups by theme, so if something appeals you can jump to it via this menu:

1: Giving In - games where my character surrenders herself to an 'enemy.'
2: Helplessness - games where my character has no free will.
3: Transformation - games where my character is changed usually against his or her will.
4: Rough ideas - games that I've only got a quick idea for, but would like to flesh out with someone.

Beyond that, some general stuff. I usually enjoy playing submissive characters - female mostly so far, but I am interested in trying a male role. I would give Dom characters a go if someone has a good idea, but I find writing Dom difficult. I'm game for anything that fits the ideas here at all, so let me know if you have any related ideas!

Games I'm craving are noted in the description.

If you would like to play any of these games, or talk about anything else, please let me know in PMs! :)


Giving in:

These are a related couple of ideas that involve my character giving herself up to their enemies to be used, and abused. Allare Extreme. And I might well be interested in playing other variants on the same theme, so feel free to suggest any ideas. I'm playing a couple of these ideas out at the moment, but I wouldn't mind having another version of either on the go at the same time.

1) Angelic Disgrace: She was a warrior angel in God's host, fighting demons and serving proudly. Until, one day, she nearly fell in battle. She was this close to being captured, dragged away for unspeakable torments at the hands of the Enemy, before her sisters rescued her. But now, she can't stop thinking about it, about what might have happened to her if she'd been a little less lucky. It's been on her mind while she recovered from her wounds – at first she thought it was nightmares, but now she'd finding herself excited, curious, even lustful... So she has made up her mind to find out what she missed, and is walking down the dark stairs to hell, to surrender herself to the dark creatures there.

This one is extreme, and could be anything else depending on what manner of demons she encounters on her journey and what they want to do with and to her. I am looking for her to be abused, and treated very roughly indeed - after all, an angel will be able to take a lot more than a human can...

Some inspirational pics to enjoy (NSFW!)!

2) Cop in Trouble: She was a young but skilled police officer, well thought of by her peers. When the bust went wrong, no one blamed her - they were all just glad they got her out before the gang could do worse to her! She recovered, but now wonders what would have happened if her partner had been slower... it's eating at her, the feeling of lust and need, and so she's gone back to the gang that nearly killed her before, on her own this time with no backup to get in the way. Tonight, she'll find out what the gang will do to her. And tomorrow, maybe she'll still be alive to see if they'll let her go, or keep her. Maybe they'll make her work for them now.

This is a little less extreme, as she doesn't have any supernatural powers. But I'd still like it rough and, well, horrible to her.
And alas, I have no appropriate pics. If someone does, let me know and I'll add them here.

3) A Sister's Sin: (WH40K setting) A Sister of Battle stands against heresy and the wiles of Chaos. But, for one young Sister, newly pledged to the Militant branch of her order, it's not easy. The first few missions she went on were fine - killing heretics for the Emperor is devotional work, after all, and she was very pious. But when she and her sisters faced a Slaaneshi chaos cult in the underhive, things were different. The heretics were defeated, scattered, and their leader brought in alive for the Inquisition to question. But for Sister Camilla, it's not over. All she can think about at night is how it could have gone differently. What would it have been like, to be defeated by these vile cultists? To be their prisoner, their plaything? She can't escape these thoughts, or the thoughts of the monstrous leader of the cult locked in the cells awaiting an Inquisition ship's arrival in  the system.

Prayer doesn't help. Scourging doesn't keep away the sinful thoughts. And eventually, there's only one thing that will help - she has to know. And the only way to do find out, to know what fate would have awaited her, is to rescue the leader from her own sisters, and escape into the darkness of the hive, where he (she? it?) will rejoin the scattered remnants of the cult. She will be helpless in his hands there, she knows, and any gratitude he feels will likely be expressed in ways too horrible for her to imagine.

She can't wait experience them!

(Extreme, and open to all kinds of monstrous stuff form the cultist leader and minions. A pic for inspiration! (NSFW!))


Helplessness: the above stories are about characters who make a choice to be used. These are about characters who can't choose.

1) Can't say no: (NC-human or Extreme) – pretty simple, really, more a concept than an idea. My character is altered so that I can no longer refuse a command. No matter what they are ordered to do, they will obey, even if they hate every second of it.
If ordered to, they'll even claim they want it. So anyone could do anything to them.
I could play anyone for this, as long as you were wanting to take advantage of the situation :) Boy next door who volunteered for a science experiment gone wrong? Or beautiful scientist who gets herself messed up by her own experiment? Let me know. What matters to me, in this scenario, is that it gets abused.

One example scenario – Dr Sheila Armstrong is working on a treatment for mental trauma, and has made some remarkable progress in only a few years. Her neural deprogrammer is an unfinished, but wonderful, development for the mental health world. It's non-invasive, working through a hypnotic pattern of lights that should unwind traumas and heal.
Of course, she shouldn't have cut corners on safety, and should perhaps have taken more care in the lab. She doesn't exactly know what's happened, or why, but one night working late she's going to find that she has accidentally edited out her own ability to say no to anything. Her mind is now malleable, pliable, and open to abuse... and the grad student whose crush she cruelly rejected is the first person to come into her lab and find her in this state.

If someone wants there to be more transformation than the merely mental, let me know – as the next section shows, I'm open to the idea! :)

2) Summoned and Bound?: My character, a self-taught and overconfident magician, summons the demon. That much goes as planned. But the spell that should put (him/her/it? as you prefer) under my control fails spectacularly! Usually, this would mean a messy end for my character, but in this case, I get it so wrong that I end up bound to obey the demon - who has more fun things in mind with a willing-ish slave and a corporeal body to play with.

This could be set in a fantasy world or the present day. And aside from my character there are family and friends she (or he, this role works either way) could be made to bring in for the demon's monstrous pleasure. This is, I would expect, and extreme game - and the demon's pleasures could be anything you like.


Transformation: I have come to like the idea of being transformed, and being remade to order. Especially gender-swapping stories; I'm open to other ideas, but here are a few of mine. Half the fun is in being transformed to someone else's ideal, so all of these are very flexible.

1) My Dream Girl: It seemed like a fun little online test - answering questions about my ideal girl. Fill it in, have a laugh at the graphic of the girl generated, and go to bed. But in the morning, I wake up in the body of the woman I designed! Calling my best friend for help seemed the only thing to do, but it seems I'm pretty close to his (or her) ideal too... and I did specify that she should be horny and submissive. If my friend pushes, I won't be able to say no for long...

2) Her Perfect Lover: I've always crushed on her, and though she's single, she's never been interested in me. So, when I find myself with a magic wishing stone, I make the wish that I be her perfect lover. Turns out, her perfect guy is a girl... and that the stone is only good for one wish. At least I get to be with the woman I love... though it turns out there's some more to her than I thought.

(For this one, I would prefer that the woman in question be at least somewhat kinky... a woman whose ideal lover is a slavegirl for example.)


Rough Ideas: Just thoughts that pop into my head, and might be fun to play. I'll add more on occasion, and maybe as they get fleshed out I'll move them up.

1) School Days: A new school is bad enough, but when a guy is sent to a strict (and kinky) girl's school to learn to behave, it's even worse. How much abuse will there be? I'd play the guy, you - the teacher, classmates, whatever took your fancy, as I'm trained...

2) New Stepdad: Mother's remarried. That wouldn't be such a big deal, except that her new hubby is a cruel Dom - and she doesn't want to play his kinky games. Fortunately for her, she can let him play those games with me instead... it'll be a bonding experience :) This works for me with my character being male or female, whichever you'd prefer.


Added Rough ideas section and ideas.

Chocolate Sin

I find A Sister's Sin and Angelic Disgrace very interesting. There's some fascinating elements in them, submission, overcoming taboo, corruption...We could definitely do something with those.


I'm back and looking for more games again. Please message if any of these appeal!