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Started by MissMeep, June 17, 2010, 03:01:06 PM

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*Firstly I should mention I have also posted this in the IM section as I am happy to rp over IM as well.  So hopefully I won't get into trouble for double post :(

Hmm, my ideas are a bit on the basic side when compared to some of the amazing scenario's I have read on the boards. My ideas range from possible real life scenario's to pretty far out and totally fictional. With that said, hopefully they will get me someone fun!

1. Does she even notice me?

Two friends.  The age is unimportant.  Could be anything from teens to middle age  Any of that would work for me.  The basic setup is that one woman has had a crush on the other for quite sometime but no matter how hard she tries, she can never quite bring herself to tell her friend.  Instead, she makes her into one of her hottest fantasies.  Touching herself whenever the thought of the pair of them together enters her head.

2.  Deep Space.

Sat aboard a small space station orbiting a planet that is in the early stages of terraforming, the scientist sat at her console.  Just like she did yesterday and the day before that!  The job was well played, it had all the perks anyone could want.  Once you got back home.  Still, being sat out here in the arse end of space on a small station for months on end was hardly living the high life.  The only traffic this far out was the occasional bulk freighter, making a delivery.  Sadly that excitement had only just passed a month ago and would not be due for another two.    It was all to easy for the mind to conjure up any manor of thoughts when it had nothing else to occupy it.

... there was a signal, a ship was approaching.

3. The New girl.  (Very basic and well used idea)

Amy was new in town.  Her family had just relocated due to some work thing, she didn't really know the details nor did she care.  Her entire attention was given over to the fact that she was about to confronted with a lot of new people.  Standing in front of her mirror, she could barely keep her nerves and check and it was still over twelve hours until her first day!

.. I'm leaving this idea as it is.  The first day could be a new school, uni, work or anything similar :)

4. For the Emperor!

This idea is very vague.  I really liked the idea of roleplay in the Warhammer 40k universe.  Something I would be keen to do with someone else.  The roles I am willing to play are varied.  So perhaps this one best left for discussion.

That's it so far.  I should point out, I don't mind being either dominant or submissive.   So long as the roleplay is detailed, varied and fun.  That's all I ask.

To any females reading this, I'm also willing to try them as a post by post idea.


If you don't mind a male playing a female character I would like a crack at The new girl on the forums. I was thinking maybe it could be a new job for Amy, and the girls (Or aleast mine) is somewhere in their twenties, not sure what kind of job though.


I saw your thread and I was interested in two of the plots you suggested. But before I get into that, I just wanted to say that I am a literate typist and I can give out multiple paragraphs or one. I also tend to match the post length of my partner. I will give you lots of detail with my posts as well.

I really liked your "Does she even notice me?" and the "Deep Space" plot ideas. I was wondering which roles you would like to play for each.

For Does she even notice me? I was thinking that I could play either role, as the crushing friend or the one that's oblivious. I would like to do older women, say mid twenties, because it allows for more options with the story progression.

For the Deep Space, if you are wanting to do the scientist role, I would probably do a spaceship captain or a soldier, so a more 'rough around the edges' type of gal. Or if you want me to be the scientist then that's fine as well.

If anything I have said interests you, just shoot me a private message!

~ Miyr
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I would love to play your scenario "Does she even notice me?" with you!! It sounds like a lot of fun. Check out my O&O's, and PM me if you like!
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After some thought about it, I am quite interested in the Deep Space plot. I was interested in how this would develop. An escaped convict? Pirate lifeboat? Normal lifeboat? I have a lot of other ideas that could also work, if you are interested?