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Author Topic: JustOneChance,JustOneBreath,JustIncaseThere'sJustOneLeft. ((NitroTink && BK))  (Read 1362 times)

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Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

Name: Lacey Jones.
Age: 19.
Appearance: Dyed bright cherry red hair that falls halfway down her back, big chocolate brown eyes, a cute button nose, a gleaming smile, pale skin, 5'6", long legs, an hourglass figure with a large bust and curvaceous hips.
Wearing: A black Metallica cami and tight skinny fit black jeans.
Tattoos: A pixie on her shoulder, a green leopard print star on top of her left breast, butterflies on her right foot and multiple stars on the left side of her neck.


Three months ago, my heart was broken by you, my first and only love. Our relationship started a little over three years ago when I exchanged over from England. Love blossomed from there.

The first two years of our relationship was perfect, we were inseparable and never quarreled. Then I began to become paranoid and wouldn't listen to your words of reassurement. Coming into the third year of our relationship, you broke up with me.

We're still close, both knowing that the breakup was for the best and that we can still be best friends without the actual relationship side of things. I'm always giving you cuddles or sitting on your lap, but we both know there's lines that we cannot cross anymore.

For the last month, I've been seeing a guy named Adam. I haven't told you about him yet (even though I'm with you almost every day), afraid of what you'll think. You've found out by seeing me set to "In a relationship with Adam Richardson" on Facebook. I have no idea that you've seen it though.


Laying flat on my stomach across my bed, I swing my feet and nod my head along to beat of the music playing from my iPod dock, Guns n Roses- Sweet Child O' Mine. I sigh softly as I flick through the pages of the Metal Hammer magazine in front of me. After three months of heartache, I'm finally beginning to feel content once more.

I glance over to my open window, sighing lightly. You would regularly turn up unexpectedly, climb through my window and make me jump by attacking me with cuddles. I shake my head, knowing I need to stop thinking about you.

I pick up my LG Cookie, pulling out the stylus to use on the touchscreen and texting Adam, telling him that I miss him.

After sending the text, I place the phone back down next to me, flicking my hair over my shoulder and getting back to my magazine, beginning to sing along to the music.

Offline blackknight1239

Name: Jacob Ebelher
Age: 23
Appearance: Tall, dark, handsome. Maybe a little chubby from the time off between tours, but that'll get fixed.
Wearing: Right now? Skivvies. 

“Alcohol is man's greatest friend. I can't turn my back on a friend, now can I?” That was, at least, how the night began. Binge drinking? Yeah, it's an alright pass time. I should know, it was about 10pm when I last checked; the sun is sky high now. Well, isn't that the best way to start the day? Dazed, confused, half-drunk, and laying under some girl you don't know?

...No? Just checking. 

So, I roll out from under my newest conquest. The rather large blonde is still asleep. She's big, soft, and round. Something new this time, you know? I consider calling down for room service, getting some breakfast, but I figure I'll let her order. The hotel had a rather large menu, and I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Why not have bacon and eggs on there? People eat other things for breakfast?

Rolling out of bed, I don't even feel like throw anything on yet. Boxers will have to do. I flip on the ever convient laptop before I get read to bolt. Still confused why I'm here, but I figure by this point it's trashed pretty solid. Figured I should go clean it up before...practice?

That's today. Shit.

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

After quickly becoming bored with my magazine, I throw it halfway across the room, sighing loudly. My phone begins playing a song from my ex's band, signalling that I'm receiving a call. I glance over at the screen of my pink LG Cookie 'Adam <3' flashes up. I quickly grab it, a smile spread across my lips.

"Hey baby... what's up? No, I'm good, you? What do you mean? Oh... I guess that's okay, sure, mhm. Bye..." My smile soon turns into an empty frown once the call is over. That's the third time this week he's let me down without a real explanation other than 'it's personal babe'.

I run a slender hand through my ocean of cherry red curls, letting out a prolonged breath.

I switch my laptop on, signing in to Facebook. Well I had nothing better to do now that Adam let me down, right?

After signing in, I check my inbox messages and notifications. There was nothing special, just a couple of mates asking about going on a shopping trip next week.

As I click the chat box, I notice that you're online, which is rather rare these days. I shrug and decide to click your name. Clicking in the text box I type;
"Hey, hows it going? Haven't heard from you in a while. :)"

I hit enter, wondering if I should really of spoken to you or not. I know Adam will be furious if he finds out. He's never met you but he's aware of our long-term relationship and how much of an impact you made on my life.

Offline blackknight1239

I surf through my regular haunts on the internet. Music forums, video games, eBay, you know how it is. I throw on facebook really quick. I hate how terrible it's gotten lately. 12, 356 friends? Goddamn, that's ridiculous. I wouldn't even care to know have these people, yet they insist on trying to friend me. So boring. Anyway, I flip through my e-mail. Nothing important. Win anything on eBay? Nope, that collection of roleplaying games will have to wait before being expanded once more. Forums are mostly dead in the middle of the day. Not too much to do but shower I gue-


Facebook chat? Eh, some weird fan, I bet. These are always fun, let's see here. Wait...Lacey? When...Huh. Wonder why the message? I sit back to consider my next move. The bed creaks loudly as my companion for the night rolls over. All I gotta do is play it cool, right? Well, I'll just put on my coolface, and play it smooooth.

Lacey, babe, what's happenin'? Jeez, long time, eh?

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

I light up a cigarette as I wait for your reply. I place it in my mouth, sparking it with my lighter, taking long and smooth drags on it. Just as I blow out my third drag of the cigarette, the chat screen makes a small noise, signifying that somebody is talking to me. I click back on over to your chat box and I roll my eyes at your reply. You always have to act 'cool' with me. I decide not to argue with you, considering we've both had enough of that to last us a lifetime.

Not a lot, you know, the usual. How have you been? Is the rest of the band missing me? I'd love to come and watch you guys practice sometime, like I used to? When can I come along?

I hit enter, knowing that I shouldn't be talking to you. Half of me is wanting to piss Adam off, but the other half truly misses you and all the time we spent together. The spontaneous trips, the gigs, even just curling up at home with a DVD and a take-away. I loved every minute I spent with you, we completed each other.

Offline blackknight1239

I flip through a few more pages before you reply. Oh boy, now do I ever miss you. Late night gigs, you where there. Practices, you where there. When we needed to finish that whole cake in 15min? You were there, until you passed out, cute as a button, from a full tummy. Many good times...I think about it for a second. I mean, why not? It wasn't too messy of a break up...Right? I mean, we're still talking...sometimes. Well, we better clear the air before hand. It'll be awkward if we don't...Bad mojo while playing.

Oh, alright, pretty good. And sure, we always got room on the couch for ya. But, how 'bout you meet me for lunch first? My treat, of course.

Not gonna lie, almost consider staring the old flame up right there...

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

I finish my cigarette whilst I wait for your reply. Just as I stub it out in the ashtray, your reply pops up. A smile creeps across my face as you ask me out to lunch. I run my palms over my face, not knowing what I should do. I figure that lunch isn't hurting anybody. It's not as if you'd be attracted to me anymore anyway, not with all the groupies you're most likely taking back to hotel rooms every night.

Thinking about you with groupies begins to torture my mind once more, just like it used to. I'm still convinced that you cheated on me whilst we were together, though many of your friends and family have tried telling me otherwise. Seeing the girls that turn up at your gigs always made me feel pretty self-concious, they were perfect.

Of course. Pick me up at noon today? Can't wait to catch up with you! :)

Questions start playing on me now. Am I still in love with you? Did I ever really fall out of love with you? Am I in denial that I ever stopped loving you?

Offline blackknight1239

I toss on a loose shirt while I wait. Still rather confuse about what's happening, but I figure I'll roll with it. You were always a little twitch after I was around groupies. Not that I would cheat on you...well, once, but that can hard be my fault. I woke up to the blow job! Jeez, some women...I plop back down to your message. Noon, huh? Better leave, can't be late with you!

Sure, you'll be seeing me in a bit. Bring an appetite!

Off I go...! ...Oh, right. Pants.

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

Can't wait! Xx.

I bite my lip as I sign out of Facebook, shutting up laptop down and putting my face in my hands.

"What the fuck am I doing?" I whisper out loud. "He treated me like shit, he most likely cheated on me, he was selfish... but he loved me more than anything... argh!" I argue with myself. "But did he love me! All those times he said it... what if he was lying? What if he never wanted me in the first place? Was if it was all a joke or a publicity stunt?"

I shake it off, going into the bathroom to jump into the warm shower. I wash my hair and my body, singing a song that you wrote for me at the top of my voice.

After drying myself off, I straighten my hair to perfection. I put smoky black eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner and lashings of mascara on my eyes as well as clear lip gloss on my lips.

I dress into a tiny grey mini-skirt showing off my thighs and legs, a black cami top with your band logo on that shows off my cleavage beautifully, a pair of ripped fishnet stockings and a pair of 4-inch high silver heels. A bit over the top for lunch, but it's me, I'm eccentric, it's expected.

At noon, I'm waiting outside of my apartment block for you, checking the time on my phone, wondering if you'll be late.

Offline blackknight1239

I toss on my favourite jeans. Figure she won't mind, Lacey won't over do it. Black shirt and jeans? Who can say no to that? Really, I'm more than a little nervous. I can't remember the last time I saw her. She's a beautiful woman, sure, but it's a one of a kind beauty. It doesn't come often. Afraid I'll try to bed her right there and then once I see her. Wonder if she'd mind?

I'm imagining how bad this could go on the car ride over. Left last nights fun in bed. She was still asleep. Musta worn her out, poor gal. But, that Lacey. Expecting a trap. Secret boyfriend kicking my ass? Being beat with a chair leg? Maybe she went old school and bought a sword? Nah, she's not THAT crazy...At least, she wasn't. Traffic is terrible, though. I get stuck behind an old dawdling couple most of the way. I could wonder if that'll be me and someone else someday, but Lacey will tear me a new one if I'm late. And I was, by five minutes when I pull up to the apartment. Then I saw her.

I'm still surprised I managed not to get her into bed right then. Wonder if she would have minded?

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

It hits 12:05 when you finally pull up in front of me in your car. I walk over to the passenger side, my arms folded and a scowl on my face. I open the car door, climbing inside and fastening my seatbelt.

"How many times have I told you not to be fucking late? You didn't even open the car door for me, nothings changed!" I yell.

I then look up into your eyes, finally. Your gaze making me melt, turning me to jelly, butterflies flapping in my stomach, knees buckling. I soften up instantly.

"It's SO good to see you." I whisper, leaning over to kiss you on the cheek, wrapping my arms around your neck to hug you close. A tear almost escapes my eyes, but I fight it back. The last time I saw you was when you packed your bags and walked out the door on me because of my paranoia.

I wonder if you still think about me often.

Offline blackknight1239

I bit my bottom lip when I saw her. Everything from that skirt, to those thighs of hers, even her hair looked amazing. It helped she was always cuter when she was mad. Her folded arms pushed up her cleavage in the hottest way ever, and that scowl? Thaaaat close to her sex face, I swear. My heart almost stops as she walks over. I'm lost in a daze when she yells something. Didn't help, though. Can't hear her over her beauty.

She reaches over to hug me, and I hug back. "You're a sight for sore eyes, Lace." I run my hand up and down her side. It's soft, and warm. Something I've been missing from most of these groupies recently. They're all angles and no curves. Not built like this goddess. I don't want to let go, but I somehow manage to tear myself away for a few moments.

"...So, any preference for lunch?" I mention cautiously. I'm honestly too nervous to say much else, this is way too close to some dreams I've been having lately...

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

"Mmm, I've missed you." I smile, stroking your cheek softly with the back of my hand, just gazing at you, wondering if you're real. Everything about you is still perfect. Your long, luscious dark hair that I used to run my fingertips through, your gorgeous face, your perfect body. Well, apart from the little pudge that's formed, but that's kinda cute.

After you've pulled away from our embrace and asked me about lunch, I playfully poke you in the stomach with my index finger.
"And what's is this, Mr. Ebelher?" I grin. "Getting a bit podgy are we? I'd suggest that we go somewhere that specialises in salad." I poke my tongue out. "Honestly, I don't mind where we go, surprise me!"

'Adam <3' flashes up on my phone once again in my hand. I look over at you, pressing my finger to my lips, signalling you to be quiet. "Just drive." I smile before answering my phone...

"Hey baby! I'm good, just going out for some lunch. No, on my own. I'm in a taxi. Yes, I remember what we did in the back of the taxi considering it was only a few weeks ago..." I giggle. "Oh really? You dirty git! Yeah, well you can do that to me as soon as you get home can't you?! Okay... I love you too... bye babe." I hang up with a small grin on my face.

"Sorry about that." I suddenly feel a little awkward, not knowing if you'd be bothered about what I was saying to him.

"Surely not... he doesn't love you anymore."

Offline blackknight1239

Missed? Really? Huh...wouldn't have guessed..."Likewise. It's good to hang out again, we should do it more often." I say that casually as possible. Don't want her too think I'm desperate or anything. Well, maybe am I a little. I'm wonder why I ever let her go in the first place...? I feel the sharpness of her nail poke into the belly that's popped up over the last couple of weeks. I grin. "That's just a sign of a life well lived, Ms. Jones!" Playfully, I grab the roll and jiggle it for her. "And I suggest something fattening, as I see you're skinny as ever." I give her another poke back in her tummy, before pulling out.

Just as I'm about to make conversation when your phone goes off. You always bring that thing everywhere. I causally listen to your side of the conversation, and my heart sinks a little. Looks like you got yourself a new man. Should have known, girls like that don't stay single for long. It was silly of me to consider even getting back together with her...consider? I'm starting to question if I was really over Lacey at all with this. I think I still love her, deep down.

She apologizes. I pull out my best fake laugh. "Hahaha, got a new squeeze, huh?" I try not to let the pain of THAT show on my face...

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

As you laugh, I instantly know it's fake. Being with you for three years taught every single one of your poker-faces. I can tell that you're jealous but I put that down to the fact that you don't want me, yet you don't want anybody else to have me. I just smile gently over at you when you ask me the question.

"Yeah... been together for around a month or so now, I thought you would've seen on Facebook?" I shrug. "Anyway... from what I've been reading in the papers it seems that you're not short of lovers. Not that you ever were." I cock an eyebrow at you, a hint of sadness washing over me.

I've been reading all about you waking up with a different girl every day and every headline I read made me feel sick. The thought of you touching another woman makes my stomach churn. It exacerbates the fact that I was pretty sure you were sleeping around when we were together.

"So how is single life treating you?" I ask casually, trying to keep a smile on my face but find it difficult not to just burst into tears right then and there.

Offline blackknight1239

"Facebook? What is this facebook?" I kid around a little before hitting the tough one. "I suppose you could say that...but the papers exaggerate. Honestly I haven't been out nearly as much as I use to. Getting to...boring, I suppose the word would be." I shrug. I feel a twang of guilt, but Lacey was always the jealous type. Not that I can blame her. Groupies are total whores.

She's sad, I can tell. Not that I know why. Should she be more concerned about her relationship than what I do? "Single life? Well, aside from the few one night stands that the papers love to blow up, it's been pretty low key. I...don't know if I'm read for another relationship yet." Damn it. I shouldn't have said that.

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

I resist the urge to place my hand on your knee whilst you're driving, out of instinct and routine, of course.

"One night stands? Well I'm sure you weren't short of those during the three years that we were together. Cut the crap, we're over now, so it doesn't matter. I know you cheated on me." I blurt out. This sounding like the same conversation that we had almost every night for the last 12 months that we were in a relationship.

After my unexpected blow-up it then clicks in my head what you said at the end of your last sentence.
"I...don't know if I'm read for another relationship yet."
I begin to wonder if that's because you're broken from me or whether you're just having fun with the groupies.

"May I ask why you're not ready for another relationship yet?" I ask as we pull up outside wherever you're taking me.

Offline blackknight1239

I sigh. "Yes dear, I cheated on you, I'll take out the garbage and I'll feel the dog in the morning. Anything else?" I grin at her. The comment stung, but not nearly as much as it once did. I give you a light punch in the shoulder. "Don't worry about it. Groupies aren't REAL people..." I'm hoping that doesn't come off as bad as I think it will.

We pull into the lot of a rather nice looking bistro. Picked it at random, and because the green paint job looked pretty cool. I pull the car into parking space when she asks the question. What do I tell her? I sit silently for a few moments. The truth? Well, I doubt she'll believe that, but...might as well try? "'s just...I don't think I'm over you."
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Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

I roll my eyes at your sarcastic comment. I'm glad that we're not getting into a full blown argument. It's nice to be able to talk to you about things without the fear of you leaving me, as you've already done that to me.

"Oh, they're not real people? Well I started off as one of your groupies. So is that why you cheated on me? It didn't matter because I wasn't real and didn't have any feelings?" I growl.

"'s just...I don't think I'm over you."

My mouth drops open and my eyes grow wide, tears instantly filling them, my body beginning to tremble.
"Don't tell fucking lies to me!" I yell.

"Look, I'm not in the mood to sit inside a public place and eat. Can we just go back to yours, get a take-away and watch a DVD or something? I need to relax, all this pressure is getting to me. It was hard enough getting over you. I don't love you anymore, I love Adam." I make that clear to you, knowing that I'm lying though.

"Where are you living now anyway? I don't even know where you went when you walked out of our apartment..."

Offline blackknight1239

I recoil at her explosion. I wasn't expecting that, at all. "Look..." I start. I lose the words in my mouth before I get them out. "I'm not lying Lace. Seriously. That's how I feel, and trust me, I can't change it." I place a hand on her shoulder and give her a smile. "Though, I'm glad you found someone else. You deserve to be happy." The smile, I admit, is a little sad. I wish I was this "Adam" for a little bit.

I take Lacey's advice, and pick up Chinese along the way. Then some Indian. She's a fan of both, so I figure why choose? It's enough to stuff 4 people. Hey, I'm an emotional eater! Anyway, I keep fairly quiet for most of the trip, replying to questions I know won't start up another yelling argument. Were I live? "Well, I have a place just outside town. It's nothing fancy, just a single level kind of deal. Open, enough room to throw stuff around." I toss her another grin. It's another 10min before we pull into my drive way. The house itself was a single level bungalow, and of decent size. The front is covered by trees, and in the back there's a massive yard, with a pool. Gotta have one of those. When we part, I quickly spring out of the car, and dash around to open her's. Gotta learn from mistakes.

"Home sweet home."

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

I smile once you get back into the car with both take-aways, a bit of an odd combination but we were always a couple that liked to try slightly strange and new things.

As we pull up into the driveway, I gasp loudly. The place is gorgeous, it's the kind of place I'd dream of living in.
Of course, our apartment, which I still occupy isn't exactly bad either. More of a penthouse with amazing views of the City, big screen TVs, and a recording studio.

"You asshole! Why couldn't we of moved in somewhere like this?!" I giggle as you open the door for me. "Thank you, Sir Jacob." I curtsey.

I notice a pool around the back.
"See ya!" I squeal with laughter.
Instead of heading for the front door, I run over to the side gate, climbing up and jumping over it. Which is pretty impressive considering it's 7ft.

I quickly pull off my skimpy clothes, diving into the pool wearing just my match black lace bra, thong, suspender belt and fishnet stockings. I figure you've seen my body plenty of times to know what it looks like.

Offline blackknight1239

I shake my head at Lacey's craziness. I'm sure I couldn't do that anymore. I stare at her as she strips, and smile. Don't mind that view. I quickly head to the kitchen and drop off the food. I notice that the place needs a little cleaning, so I dash around, cleaning up what mess I can. I sigh, noticing that it hasn't been cleaned in some time. "She's totally going to yell at me about that." Wandering back to the kitchen, I take the take-out, and arrange it on the table, along with two plates. I poke my head out the window and give Lacey a call. "Does our half-naked guest like some food?"

Offline Inked HarlequinTopic starter

I pop my head out of the pool, smiling brightly at you as you call over to me. My first natural and genuine smile since before we broke up.
"Do I?!" I giggle, pulling myself out onto the side of the pool and wrapping myself in a nearby towel.

I run into the kitchen, sitting down at the table and helping myself to a big plateful of chicken jalfrezi, rice, chicken chow mein and beef in black bean sauce. Hey, I said I was crazy!

"Mmm, this is yummy! Thanks for buying it. Although it's not like you can't afford it." I laugh. I gaze over into your eyes as we eat, mine seem to twinkle in the sunlight that shining through the large windows.

"I've missed you, you know that right?" I grin. "Hey! Once you've finished eating, will you play my song?"

When we were together, you wrote a song about me and it's probably the band's most famous song.

Offline blackknight1239

I toss some of the Chinese onto my plate, smiling at the fact you still haven't dressed yourself. Not going to lie, I still love your butt. I don't really care what exactly I toss on the plate, but it's all good. The table seems a lot smaller with the food piled everywhere, but that's fine. Your sparkling eyes are beautiful, as usually.

"I dunno, I'm not sure we had too many bass solos in there." I grin.