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Author Topic: Alice (and friends!) In Sexland (seeking all, but mostly female characters)  (Read 5476 times)

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Offline SolidSnake

k then.

I'll be jack-2 from tekken

this is going to be cool

Offline Ramael


Offline PatriarchTopic starter

*laughs* I'm currently reading over them people!

Offline pendarious

*leans back* this'll be fun if i get approved.......and i can always rework my character.

Offline SolidSnake

So what do you want in  a PM?

a sample of what my character would do in the story? sex and stuff?

or just a sample of writing in general...?

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Both. A sample of writing that shows you could write your character well. You'll likely want to include sexual elements, since you'll be doing that a LOT.

Offline pendarious


Offline SolidSnake

ok posted my sample as a PM.
hope you like it.

everyone is facepalming! lol

Offline PatriarchTopic starter


I'll give it a few more days before we begin to give everyone a chance.

In the meantime, brainstorm here for the game! I'm fully open to ideas and collaboration. Wemight even need to start several stories in the land - what with all the interest. After 3-4 people in a single thread, things can slow down, so we might make two or three from the get-go.

Brainstorm away. The girls cna even come from different time periods.

Offline Ramael

*brainstorming officially open*

OK. So Nikkie said something about Victorian England - think this is a great idea, but I dont think we should be limited to one time period, as more than one would only enhance wackiness, not to mention cross-cultural references.

Whats the format? Who wants to be playing what type of character? I'm thinking mine is a burned out supermodel Duke, used to the glitz, glamour and sex of the wonderland, but tired and brooding in his castle, hooked on painkillers, rambling and having serious mood swings. He decided he needs new zest in his life...and this is where he can take the Alice character as his new pet obsession.

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This is the charactor I'm going to play.

Name: Alexandra (Alex)

Age: 16

 Bio:Alexandria was born into a wealthy English family with a long history of tradition. They were proud of they're unsullied reputation on for being know for being very proper. Her father the lord of Ravenguard was always uninterested in Alex as a child because of her gender. Her mother having died darning her delivery left her with only nannies and maids as attendance to her. She grew up with too much freedom as her father later put it blaming her adventurous nature on her lack of discipline. At ten he started to take notice of her running wild through the house and in country. Noticed that she was riding her horse like a male and playing with the boys from the neighboring houses, and doing whatever pleased her when it pleased her.
Upset by her behavior he sent her to a ladies school to try to get her under control. She attended the first one until the age of 13 until they kicked her outfor being caught with one of the boys. They claimed she was gambling with the footman and a few of his friends. She joyfully admitted it frustrating his dad beyond word. he sent her to another school not even letting her return home first with the dire warning that if she didn't start behaving like the lady she was to become he would disown her.
Scared of being disowned Alex tried harder at this new school to be discreet she never tried to change her behavior but did try to keep it more of a secret. It was at this second school that she met Alice*. She was 16 when they met, they became fast friends enjoying many discreet adventures together

Looks: Slender with pale unblemished white skin that has never seen direct sun light. She stands about 5'6 and has long dark red hair and impossibly bright captivating green eyes. She's delicately build with small curves.

Offline PatriarchTopic starter


And for format - Freeform, all the way.

Offline Ramael

Sorry was a bit vague, yeah I meant "format" as in is the Alice (and friend/s) character already in Rhianon? Is there a Rhianon character that pulls her in? Are there any rivalries in Rhianon factions? Is there any quarreling over slaves?

So yeah "format" meant basically loads of arbitrary info that I wanted to know. Lol.

Also, what do you think about my character proposal (and on a side note, have you seen the Rules of Attraction or read Glamorama, both by Bret Easton Ellis?)

Offline Nazora

Name: Cammie Namaki
Age: 18
Height: 4'11
Weight:97 pounds
CWH Measurements: 29B, 20, 31

Biography: Cammie Namaki is the only child of a wealthy family. Her father is the owner and CEO of a vast fishing conglomerate that controls much of the Sea of Japan's fishing activity. Consequently, Cammie hates, no detests, fish. She grew up being catered to, her inattentive parents attempting to buy her love with servants and material possessions while sheltering her from any possible outside harm. Everything she demanded was hers on command. Throughout her youth she had been given every toy possible to possess, as she grew older her wardrobe rivaled a department store warehouse, and now that she is of driving age she is the proud owner of several luxury automobiles. Though she doesn't drive, the servants take care of that. Her schedule consists of getting up in the morning to be bathed and dressed with the assistance of several maids, then it is time for private tutoring, as school among a mixed crowd including lower classes is unthinkable. Free time includes doing whatever she wants, but has devolved to pre-arranged activities with her handpicked associates, most of whom she doesn't really care for anyway.

Personality: While Cammie puts on front of superiority, she actually is an extremely shy and awkward girl who doesn't know how to socialize or make friends. Extremely spoiled, she is prone to throw temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way, even throwing things and biting servants, but this is more due to being spoiled nonstop all her childhood than a bad nature on her part. She can be cutting, dry, downright mean with her words, as she was never taught to be polite or to have manners, though most of the servants tolerate and understand because at times she can turn around a show a surprisingly soft and generous side that has been uncultivated by her upbringing. One example that is famous among the servants is the time she was going to have a chef fired, but later heard him bemoaning and sobbing about being unable to feed his family, so instead, the next time she saw her father she gave a glowing report and recommended him for a generous salary raise despite the fact she hated his disgusting food.

How she came to Sexland: One morning she woke up, was bathed and helped into her clothes by her maids as usual. She had to be in the parlor for an algebra lesson, but on the way, she noticed a door that she never noticed before. No one was around to answer her demand as to why such a door suddenly existed where there had been none before. It finally got the best of her. When she opened it, there was nothing but a deep darkness, emptiness. She was about to slam the frightening thing shut when she slipped, falling into Wonderland.

« Last Edit: October 26, 2010, 09:45:49 PM by Nazora »

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Excellent character concept. And a strong layout too for future ones.

And Nazora, I firmly love you for what you can become. *winks*

Offline Nazora

Can't wait to start.  ;)

Offline Synecdoche17

Both. A sample of writing that shows you could write your character well. You'll likely want to include sexual elements, since you'll be doing that a LOT.
I'm working out a character concept in tandem with Wolfy, since we'd like ours to be acquainted. I'll forward you the bio for my character (working name: "Bianca Lagomorpha") when we've teased out the concerns.

Offline Kate

lol this perks my desire to play a hermaphrodite centauress - again !

this does look like a lot of fun - not sure if i would be too perverted visually and psychologically for this though :) lol

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Perfect. Just but together a character concept, Nazora's style is wonderful, and we can begin talking about it. Feel free to comment on anyone's concepts or ideas as well, since this game will be everyone's, but please - be pleasant about it. Sexland may be a disturbing place at times, but it is a happy place.  ;D

Offline Synecdoche17

Name: Bianca
Age: 24
Height: 5'8" (6'6" if you count her ears)
Weight: 145
CWH Measurements: 36D, 26, 34

Bianca Lagomorpha, a native of Rhianon, has a thousand sisters and ten thousand cousins across the land, according to her own stories, and it is not easy to prove her wrong - the Lagomorphas, after all, are infamously fecund, as is Bianca herself. In an effort to distinguish herself from her myriad relatives, the leggy, cotton-tailed blonde volunteered for Rhianon's infantry, an organization singularly useless in this time of peace, and spent so much of her time there disrobed in the barracks that she was finally booted for being a distraction.
Undeterred by her discharge, the White Rabbit continues to seek adventure and fame. While questing for attention, Bianca came upon a beautiful, curvaceous cat-girl bathing - she immediately declared herself in love, and pounced, in a startling reversal of nature's usual roles. The unfortunate kitten remains the object of Bianca's lust; given no other, more pressing objective, Bianca devotes herself to following the girl.
Unfortunately, though the Lagomorpha is a blustery, pompous figure with a quick temper and a predilection for dominating her sexual partners, she is also an utter coward - when faced with an equal or greater challenge, the bunny-girl has a tendency to surrender her freedom and her body immediately, and spend her month of enslavement in an attitude of groveling submission. More than once, the object of her devotion has escaped because a third party took an interest in the buxom blonde bunny.

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

A wonderful character concept Synecdoche! I can't wait to meet Bianca in the game.

Offline Wolfy

Name: Jesse "Chessie" Cheshire.
Age: 26
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140
Appearence: Chessie! (Picture is NSFW)
(Will finish in a little bit.)
« Last Edit: June 17, 2010, 05:32:26 PM by Wolfy »

Offline Ramael

How do we feel about character synergy? What if my Duke character had already known Bianca previously (albeit fleetingly)? I thought it may be humurous if my Duke had been the one to finally throw Bianca out of his "military".

Offline Synecdoche17

How do we feel about character synergy? What if my Duke character had already known Bianca previously (albeit fleetingly)? I thought it may be humurous if my Duke had been the one to finally throw Bianca out of his "military".
Sounds good. Expect much injured pride from my direction. :p

Offline DKDBSD

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Erm interesting is a Mad Hatter character type taken?