Heroic Deeds and Sultry Punishments (Seeking Intersexed or Female Partner)

Started by Lunaris, June 09, 2010, 10:40:57 PM

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A spin on a Modern idea I formerly had, this one is for those familiar with the Superhero MMO, City of Heroes. In this, a mercenary and vigilante is slowly becoming a nuisance for the countless villains within the Rogue Isles. Though she's never been crazy enough to do something stupid like say, assisting Longbow or directly crossing Arachnos, she has arrived on the scene to thwart several groups as of late and has made an enemy of several gangs, the Lost, the Council, the Cage Consortium, and most notably, the Family.

After she interrupted a heist in St. Martial and banged up a local Capo before seizing the pickings for herself, she funneled the money to some little orphanage in a third world country and sent the rest to charity. This Capo, still smarting from his bruising at the hands of a wanna-be Robin Hood, sends a coded article to you through a newspaper from your friendly neighborhood broker. Within it, you find that he's set the stage for the eager vigilante to interrupt another heist...this one by the Freakshow. They are -of course- expecting quite the party from her in the form of a high-octane scrap. Win or lose, the Freaks always love a good fight. The money they'll have at their fingertips once she's down and out is just a perk...

Or it would be if the Capo didn't arrange for you to break things up and kidnap that vigilante punk for a little extra fun. His plan? For you to give her the time of her life and bring out her inner slut on hidden camera. That video will then be marketed in every place it can be. Online, videostores, seedy places with big screens... All of them. A thrashing from the Freakshow, capture and humiliation by a villain, and all the money he lost in that heist coming back to him and more. It's the perfect plan, and you will be the one to make it happen. Not only would you get the money from the heist for yourself, but you'd also get to have your way with a pretty little vigilante, and a cut of the distributed scene along with the increased notoriety. Ever the seductress, such a movie would serve to attract more women to partake in your special brand of pleasure.

In this RP, I'll be playing the intersexed vigilante. Given the nature of this idea, things like strap-on sex, light bondage, spanking, scratches and other kinky things are a must. Initially, it will be somewhat non-con, but she might find herself becoming your sex-toy or turning the tables to give you the same kind of sweet torture. A seductive villainess with control over vines or other powers that could be creatively used to enhance things is very, very welcome.