Craving for action... (female wanted)

Started by Arkaniel, June 09, 2010, 04:43:12 PM

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I currently have a great craving for writing roleplays/stories within an action-filled setting. There will be a strong plot, character interaction, drama, mystery, intrigue, blood-pumping action sequences, a dash of romance and of course, some adult scenes when they fit the story. I like my stories to be long term and hinting at epic. A measure of literacy is a must, as well as decent length posts. (Not asking for novels here, but a bit more than just a line or two).

I have several outlines for plots in mind, though they are very basic, as I prefer to work out my stories with my partners.

Currently craving the most:  
A story based on superheroes,  'The Unit', 'Stargate', 'Smallville', or anything of a similar genre.

Listing of my liked settings:

Superheroes -Marvel, DC and Smallville in specific-
Special forces/Action filled realism -The Unit, Original, historical (WW2),...-
Science fiction -Star Wars, Stargate, original, ... -)
Fantasy -Sword of Truth, Lord of the rings, Original-
Assorted silliness when the mood strikes -DragonBallZ, Pokemon,...-

Pairings: No preferences, except for male/female with me playing male.

I would like to add that except for Superheroes, I generally don't play canon characters, though I am definitely not against it. The settings I listed are just that: settings, not a copy of the story and the existing characters.


...I know we were supposed to Rp...but never got one up and running, so how would you feel about a super hero one, I have an idea but haven't found anyone to do so yet.  It's all basically original though.


I have a character that I had based off of the show The Unit she was an assassin that worked counter intelligence as well. If you're interested you can PM me and we can discuss something.