Me and a SUPERMODEL? (need a female)

Started by bigdean777, June 09, 2010, 01:03:57 PM

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YOU:  Hot, young, new supermodel flavor of the week.  Already been on Sports Illustrated, Victorias Secret and numerous magazine covers.

ME:  Very average, middle class business man.

I figure we can meet one of two ways.

1) We can sit next to each other on a long flight.  I recognize you, but dont really bother with, realizing you are so far out of my league.  Maybe you spill something on me or I help you with your laptop.

2)  You are travelling with your little "teacup" dog.  He escapes and I run out into traffic and at great personal risk and grab him and rescue him and return him to you.  You are greatful and insist on buying me lunch somewhere fancy.

Either way, we chat and laugh and get along, maybe drinks are involved.   I am not at all like the douchey guys you deal with normally.  At some point, you decide you want to take things further with me and invite me up to your fancy apartment/motel to give me the night of my life.

PM me with your slant on this scenario and lets see about starting this up.

I see this as a one night stand, but we could see how it goes.