Revenge on STEP MOM! [SEEKING F]

Started by shaggy002, June 09, 2010, 04:10:11 AM

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Shawn, a college goer, has been living with his parents, and his mom is so affectionate, that he loved his mom a lot. On a tragic day, his mom met with an accident and died on spot, that shawn could not overcome the incident. Within few days, his DAD, a wealthy business man,  married a new lady of mid 30's Nicole, which was an absolute shocker to shawn. Shawn doesnt want anyone to fill the gap of his mom, so he disliked her. Nicole's motive was to convert all the properties to her, so she tortured shawn often. Unable to bear her torture, he decided to do as per her wish, in the coming week.

One day, he got a mail from his friend with porn pictures, and stunned to see, one of the porn model is his stepmom.He searched by her name, and found lots of videos and pics of her. He decided to take a sweet revenge on her, that she never forgets..........................

When Nicole came to know it, she has nothing left to do her part to get out of it. She could sense her dreams ending in a nightmare...

Any suggestions, please let me know....As all my Rps are tailor made....
Older Woman/Younger Man
Forcing Non-Con
Forcing Exhibition
Celebrity (Either real-life or as characters)


Hey there would LOVE to do this one! let me know