Xana's Completely Updated Plot Ideas

Started by WyldRanger, June 07, 2010, 12:09:46 AM

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Xana's Plots

First of all, it must be noted that while I enjoy making new friends and writing partners I will not blindly accept the first responses to my ideas. Writing is a collaborative effort and I need to know before I start that one will put forth as much effort as I will on my rp's.

Now with that out of the way, these are some of the rough ideas running through my head. I'm always open for collaboration and brain-storming.

Please PM me if you find yourself interested in any of these plots, as I am more likely to respond to PM's then I will this thread ^_^

-A young divorced woman (in her 30's) goes on a blind date on behest of her best friend and ends up finding something quite unexpected in her date. (I was thinking of having the date be a vampire or some other supernatural type creature, we can work out the details in PM before we get started).

-a beautiful student needs tutoring, she flirts with him and ends up telling him how much of a crush she has on him. At first he rejects her advances, but as she continues to flirt, he ends up giving in and falling for her.

-A guy goes to his girlfriends' place and discovers her sister staying over for the weekend and with his girlfriend gone to work, she flirts and ends up seducing him. Consequences ensue after the affair continues, ending up in her getting pregnant.

-A brother attends a wedding where his older sister is the maid of honor. At the reception afterwards, they both get a little tipsy and she comes onto him, dancing seductively and giving him a kiss. They go back to her apartment where she continues her seduction by removing her dress and revealing her erotic lingerie and they end up in bed together

-A man and woman get married, each with children and the step-brother finds himself attracted to his step-sister. Especially when she flirts with him in her cheerleader uniform. However, there is one thing he doesn't know about her...something that no one in the family is aware of. After a football game earlier in the school year, she was turned into a vampire by a local clan and she plans on turning him as well.

-A fairy is banished from her realm for helping a man who was wounded after a nearby battle that disrupted life in their secluded forest. Turned into a human woman as punishment, she has to find true love before she can return to her realm and regain her wings.

-A female Republic starfighter pilot crash lands on a planet occupied by Sith forces. Eventually she gets caught by the Sith who don't take kindly to her and plan on raping her. While tied up and about to get violated, she gets rescued by a Jedi Knight who tends to her wounds. Once healed she shows him her gratitude for being rescued from the brutal army and discovers that she has an affinity for the force (This would take place in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars timeline)

-Two neighboring kingdoms are at war. One of humans, the other fairies and elven folk. One day a human scout discovers a fairy woman bathing in a pool and captures her. On the way to bring her to his king, he discovers more about the fairies and as a result begins to fall in love. Complications (and an interesting story) ensue. ;)


Hey there, I'm interested in exploring the brother/sister at the wedding idea.  If you'd like to talk it out a bit, PM me.
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Thanks for your interest ABitOffTheWall, but that particular one has already been taken.


I'm interested in the first scenario. I''m new to the site but i feel i RP quite well.I can send a sample of my writing if you are interested.
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Hey there, I am interested in the first idea as well.  I've actually got a bit of an additional plot in mind, if the game hasn't been taken already. 


Unfortunately, the first idea is already taken. Thanks for you interest, though ladies. :)