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May 20, 2018, 09:30:21 AM

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Author Topic: An Idea hit me this Idea I think could be a roleplay! (Interested?)  (Read 1126 times)

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Offline WolfyTopic starter

It's extremely rough.

Think of a world, much like our own, only more..fantastic. Dragons, Trolls, lion, tigers, bears, things called "Oh my" because that's all that you can say before they kill you, and that's all you hear before your buddy is gone, etc, etc, all exist in this world.

And within this world, is a legend. A legend of fifty crystals, each with a unique power. There is a crystal of Air, water, fire, wind, rebirth, immunity, immortality, reshaping, etc, etc, and each Crystal bears a symbol to represent what they are capable of....The legend also states that for the world to end, only 12 crystals have to be brought together to the monument of Mount Kaen'Jal.

Now, that's only if you want the world to end...if you want to reshape the world, of course, there are more requirements...Certain crystals must be brought together to reshape the world how you see fit, or to bring back someone who was dead back to life.

Now what if I were to tell you, that our story would begin during an age where Strangers have grown up, unknowing of the destiny before them, strangers with even stranger birthmarks....but under these birthmarks, lie the dormant powers of the crystals...and someone, or something, is trying to gather these strangers....or, gather their crystals, as it were...with fifty crystals, they would have untold power, and be able to reshape the world, perhaps the entire universe, as they see fit. As the Crystal bearers are hunted down, some band together, once they are awakened to their latent powers, of course, for protection, and to stop this mad...thing. Because he's killing them....after all, No one said that the Crystals have to still be inside their owners, yeah?...

But what is his motivation? What does he seek to do? Why is he gathering them? Is he a power mad diabolical embodiment of evil, hellbent on controlling the world? Is he an angry man, desperate to revive and old lover? Or is he an old, dying coot trying to take the entire world down with him? No one is sure, but one thing is certain...he must not succeed!

O_o...So yeah...I went on kind of a bender there, but as you can see, the idea is still rough...

Offline Ryuka Tana

"Sounds interesting, I think that even if they are NPCs, you should determine a large portion of the crystal's symbols, leaving a few to be determined by players who aren't interested in the ones you list. I'm not sure if I am interested in getting into another game, but there's a suggestion either way. I'll watch this and see if it really draws me in."

Offline WolfyTopic starter

I plan to make some of the Granted powers rather out there...such as the Rebirth Crystal giving the ability to create Trees from Sticks, or Boulders from pebbles.

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Well, I'd certainly need more people than just one

Offline Kineas

I am interested, for sure! This sounds like a very enjoyable premise to play, and one that's fairly close to ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for a while now. =3

Do you have a character sheet or suchlike? I mean, I understand that as of this writing I'm poster two of two, but I like to get into as much as I can as quick as I can. x3

Offline Tackyhillbilly

I'm interested as well.

Offline Sephora

I'm interested.  This looks like it could be a really fun concept.

Offline WolfyTopic starter's nice to know people are interested...:D No Character sheet quite yet..but hopefully soon, yeah?

Hitomi laughed as the Old man feebly tried to blast her with fire. Smiling to herself, she thrust the shovel in her hands into the ground, The Crystal in the handle glowing, showing the Terra symbol on the shaft. Dirt rose in front of her, blocking the old man's flames easily. Hitomi moved from behind her dirt wall, the shaft glowing again to show the stone crystal. With a sweeping motion, Hitomi motioned towards the old geezer with a laugh, and a large stone hand erupted from in front of him, a large stone fist striking the geezer into a nearby brick wall, flattening him, no doubt fatally wounding him.

Hitomi was quick to reach the man, smiling down to him with that cocky smirk of hers. The old man, his eyes already clouding over with death, looked at her weakly. "I...I just wanted to see her smiling face again...." He said, blood coming from his mouth. Hitomi smirked, raising her shovel. Dirt and Earth gathered around, turning the blade of the shovel into one more suited for cutting. "We all want things, Old man...Looks like your request didn't cut it." Hitomi said, smirking as she brought her shovel down hard, slicing cleanly through his neck, ending the man's life with one blow..a mercy that wasn't her usual style...she had thought she had made the blade on her shovel dull so that she would have to whack a few times, but now it didn't matter. She caught the man's head with her foot before it could roll away, and smirked, her shovel already transforming again, thanks to the crystals inside it. It shifted into a large stone hammer. Hitomi could see the birth mark, the mark of the crystal, on the man's forehead, which meant that was where his crystal was. With a solid swing, she smashed the head, as if a comedian with a watermellon, and smiled when her hammer didn't quite meet the ground, showing that the indestructible crystal was indeed in the skull. Lifting her hammer, she reached down and picked the crystal from the gore, smiling as she opened her now transformed back Shovel's shaft, placing the fire crystal inside. "Heh....Three down...only 47 to go."

O_o....This scene hit me this morning....I dunno why. O_o

Offline Venom09

ok you can sooooooooooo count me in on this! as long as this one actually continues... i've had so many recently that just didn't start or only went a few posts...

Offline Mhina

Premise sounds interesting. If you can get it going I'd like to join.

Offline Untamed Skies

I'm interested as well. Anyone have dibs on the one gathering everything I may have a concept for him myself.

Offline Ex68471


I want in on this. Most definitely.

Offline Ironwolf85

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I might be interisted I'll keep an eye on it

Offline LittleNekodemon

me too

Offline AncientMaster

sure i'm interested, a;though i may be away for the first few weeks, otherwise count me in   ;D

Offline Eternity

Interested <3