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Author Topic: Pride & Prejudice (A Star Trek RP)  (Read 629 times)

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Pride & Prejudice (A Star Trek RP)
« on: June 03, 2010, 10:55:22 PM »
Pride & Prejudice
A Star Trek RPG
Concept by Linna.  Art by Balsavor & Enterprise E

Captain Jessica Lane sat on the bridge of the destroyer Crusader, sipping coffee as a tactical map of the sector showed on the bridge's clear viewscreen.  Beyond were the stars, which seemed to always shine with the beauty that only space could offer.  There were no nebulas, no pulsars, nothing that the eye could see easily.  Only those stars that seemed to hint at the distant beauty of worlds yet unseen.

Starfleet had always been a military organization.  Anyone who said otherwise was too liberal for their own good.  Many in the Council wanted Starfleet to prance around discovering and exploring, and some captains even believed it.  But many, including Admiral Kirk, pushed the military agendas to keep the Federation safe.  The Klingon Cold War had gone on much too long, and it was only the military spending that kept them in check.

The Klingons didn't use technology the way the Federation did.  Theirs was strictly brute force.  They built cheap ships, threw a crew together, and pointed them in a direction they wanted conquered.  If they failed, just throw together another ship, another crew, and go.  Most believed they were fighting for honor, for glory.  They were fighting for a corrupt leadership that wanted more and more while keeping the underdogs fighting one another or another enemy.

Her communications officer spoke up, "Captain, priority message from Command.  Text only."

Jessica nodded and stood, "I'll take it in my ready room."  She walked to her office and sat down behind her desk.  There was a model of the Crusader built by her eldest daughter, Brittney.  Brittney had made it just last year, and it was very detailed.  Even down to the tiny lettering depicting the ship's name and registry number.  Pretty good for a 13 year old.

Jessica didn't want to look too much at it... the girls lived with their father, Scott.  They'd divorced a while back, but remained in close touch, and the girls always visited when she was home.  Her work in Starfleet was just too important, protecting them back home, and while it pained her to only see her girls from time to time, it was better this way.  They had a good home and someone to care for them.

Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she placed her fingers into the scanner, and then got the computer to do a retinal scan, "Captain Jessica Heather Lane, Commanding Officer, Crusader."  The computer confirmed, and displayed the text.




Jessica swore at the end.  A heavy cruiser... with two destroyers escorting it.  And command only had three destroyers to tango with it?  Were they insane?  But she had her orders... and she knew she had to obey.  Standing, she took a quick, wistful glance at the model, before stepping through the doors.

"Helm, plot a course for Sector 14, maximum warp.  Comms, get ahold of Destiny and Guardian, make sure they got their orders and tell them we're ready and standing by.  Sound general quarters, battle stations."

The lights dimmed red and everyone sprang into action, the general quarters alarm sounding all around.  The formerly laid back crew was suddenly at full alert.

"Destiny and Guardian reporting in, Captain.  They're ready when you give the order," came the reply from comms, and her XO looked up, "All stations reporting ready Captain."

Taking a seat in her chair, she took a deep breath before saying, "Engage."

The stars began to stretch as light several seconds later was suddenly seen at the same moment the light from the front was, before it all vanished in a blue tunnel, lights flicking past.  They were at warp, moving across the universe several times the speed of light.  They remained that way for a full three seconds before the entire universe came crashing down.

The entire ship suddenly snapped back out of warp so fast that the entire ship groaned with effort.  Destiny and Guardian did the same.  The sensation aboard was sickening, and a few even threw up.  They had no idea what had happened, but one thing was clear... something wasn't right.  And most unfortunate, there were a few casualties.  Among them was Captain Lane, who had been flung from her chair to hit the forward helm console with enough force to snap her neck.

Game Setup

The game takes place aboard the USS Crusader, an Abbe-Class Torpedo Destroyer.  All three vessels have been transported to another, parallel universe.  What they'll find in this universe, I will not say just yet ;) what I can tell you is this.  You've just lost your captain, you've lost all communication with Starfleet, and you don't know who the hell is roaming around out there.  Something's up, so that's where we'll lead in :)

A brief history thus far.  This is shortly after the events in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan.  Starfleet has a new president who has done his damnedest to push a new military budget through the stubborn Council.  More spending will hopefully keep ships full of young cadets like the Enterprise from having to investigate strange distress calls.  While many call it blatant Imperialism, Starfleet gets the budget, and it's no longer just a matter of keeping up with the Klingons, it's about becoming the dominant power in the quadrant. 

The Crusader is one of the new designs that just got put into service, using the Miranda model as a base template for destroyer design.  While the Guardian and Destiny are both older destroyers, their primary task is border patrol and interception.  They go in and nip at intruders until cruisers such as Enterprise can get on the scene to stomp on them.  They're built to be fast and to run in, drop a few torpedoes, and get out.

Before anyone asks, yes this will be post-Abrams.  The design is TMP but I couldn't find any really good ships out there, so we're gonna run with this.  Imagine the bridge of the Kelvin with it's clear view-screen and dark colors.

To keep things fair, I'll wait until everyone's submitted their character sheets until I choose who gets what spot.  I won't make it first come first serve because not everyone can have a chance to get on during the day or night or whatever.  So you'll all post your character sheets as if you're fresh out of the Academy.  and please, KEEP IT REALISTIC!  I want to see mostly human characters who specialize in one major field.  I don't want someone coming aboard who can operate on a dying alien while giving a lecture on warp mechanics and shooting a Klingon without looking.  Anyone who tries that will be DENIED.  So please, keep your head on straight, think about what kind of person you're going to be, and don't forget: have fun!

Character Sheet
Image (Starfleet dress optional)
Name: (Last, Full Middle)
DOB: (Year).(number day of year)   [Current year is 2257, so subtract from that.  Number day of year means if January 1, put .001]
Place of Birth:
Other Relations:
Specialization: (Engineering, Security, Operations, Medical, Science)
Academy Major:
Academy Minor:
Academy GPA:
Instructor Notes:
Civilian Criminal Record:
Military Criminal Record:
Other Information:
Distinguishing Features:
Psychological Profile:

Yes I know this is alot of information but I want to know what makes each person tick.  Also, this is information bound to be noted in a person's military file.  It will also give is stuff to play off of later, so don't think I'm just throwing it up for shits and giggles.

Thanks for reading!

Offline Lyell

Re: Pride & Prejudice (A Star Trek RP)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2010, 02:06:46 AM »
Not sure if this was along the lines of what you were looking for.

Name: Branchesca, Leglius
DOB: 2219.157
Place of Birth: Earth, South Central Texas
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Married/Single: Widower
Children: Alicia Branchesca - Deceased
Other Relations: Freya Branchesca - Deceased
Temperament: By the books, hard ass, strict, protective
Specialization: Security
Academy Major: Law
Academy Minor: Psychology
Academy GPA: 3.5
Commendations: Marksmanship, Grankite Order of Tactics, Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
Reprimands: Charged for disobeying a direct order, dereliction of duty and endangerment of post.
Instructor Notes: Very quiet and punctual. Seems easily phased when things get out of order.
Civilian Criminal Record: Public intoxication, assult
Military Criminal Record: Recorded executing an unarmed Klingon in a surrender posture.
Other Information: Do not bring up his wife or daughter in conversation.
Distinguishing Features: Large. 6'3", muscular build, X scar across left eye to rear lower jaw and left temple to chin,
Psychological Profile: Had nearly given up on his depression when he lost his wife and daughter but after his alcaholism spell, Leglius' devotion and obedience to Starfleet has never been stronger.

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Re: Pride & Prejudice (A Star Trek RP)
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2010, 07:42:22 AM »
Wewt *happy dance* Yes, that's exactly what I like to see.  Someone who looks and feels real when you read the information.  The only issue I see is him executing a Klingon who surrendered... most Klingons would rather die first, and executing one who had would be an instant court marshal.  So we're going to let that tiny bit slide, and you look good to go.  I'm thinking an NCO position, probably, with an emphasis on security.  I don't see someone like that making it as an officer, personally, but I think having an NCO would be a wonderful addition.  Most of the shows tend to focus entirely on officers and only one or two NCOs, and in such an unusual situation, it'll be up to them to gauge the reaction of enlisted crewmen.  So bravo on the write up.