Looking for male partner to explore the lactation theme

Started by Calista Jade, June 03, 2010, 11:29:10 AM

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Calista Jade

First things first... scaring away potential partners! ;) I'm looking for a well fleshed out story, rather than a one shot, or a story where sex has all the focus. Sex is part of the story, not the other way around. Give me an epic with good characters and adventures, and I'm a happy girl. Make sure you read my ons and offs (the offs especially), and I reserve myself the right to refuse people, based on quality of spelling/grammar, of posts, and whether they are reliable or not. I'm also looking for mature writing partners. If that means older, then so be it. I will be going through profiles and past posts. Communication will be key, preferably through messenger (Yahoo, MSN or Gchat). Yes, I'm that bad. Bite me. ;)

FYI, the story require the dominant type of male. Dominant doesnt automatically mean a dom/sub relationship. The relationship can be equal, all I want is a man who has a strong, solid backbone and who can take charge when the opportunity arises.

Now that it's done with and you've been brave enough to read this far... I dont have a clear idea of what I want, besides exploring that aspect. Is the girl pregnant? Did she lose a baby recently? Is it caused by drugs because she's been kidnapped by a big pervert? Magic? Who knows! All I know is that I want some milking going on. Possibilities are endless (and yes, that means fantasy settings, incest, you name it, it's all good). Soooo... PM me!
As of Feb 28th : Work is kicking my ass! I will post this weekend!!!

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