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March 28, 2023, 02:10:59 pm

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Author Topic: Old Poetic Stylings of A Demon  (Read 2112 times)

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Old Poetic Stylings of A Demon
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:53:14 pm »
These are some of the oldest poems I have been able to find, and I feel the urge to share them, as I haven't before. I find it's easy to share something as open and revealing as poetry awhile after you write them ;D

I'll probably just post more on here again should I come across anymore, which I'm sure to do.

(From 4 years ago)

{Wrote for the first man I loved, it has an opposing poem that I'll post right afterward, neither has a name}

Held in your arms, you hold me tight,
I see the truth, I see your light.

I gaze upon your being and a faint hope I feel,
That my words and emotions are to your appeal.

As I lie next to you, your warm skin surrounding mine,
I lay and wonder if you know of your effect, on my heart, soul and mind.

For when you’re with me, time is an unknown,
And when you leave, its cruel flow is shown.

It is when we kiss, that I feel the rush,
The feeling, the power, the fear of being crushed.

When you speak (a rare gift I do cherish),
I see your heart, and feel my walls vanish.

When I peer into your eyes, I glimpse your great soul,
Hidden away, I wish to unearth it from its concealed hole.

It is your heart, guarded from the world by its shields,
That I desire ot keep, to love, no matter what life deals

Through the love and the joy, through the chaos and pain,
By your side I wish to forever remain.

And so to you, I give my heart, I present my soul,
To keep or to break, mine is your’s to annul.

So now as I wait to hear your voice, to hear your words,
I wonder to myself, is it your love that will be heard?

{Here's it's antithesis}

I shuffle through the pages of pictures,
Their images frozen in time and in my heart.

For they once brought my heart joy,
Now they force out only my pain.

You were once my drug, my high from this place,
Now you are my poison, infecting my heart and soul.

Memories of you and I were once a beautiful dream,
Now they haunt my waking life like a never ending nightmare.

The thought of you, could once summon a smile,
Now they drag out only my sorrow.

To remember your voice and its words, was once a cherished gift,
Now it burns like an eternal curse.

Your eyes, once a warm embrace from this dark world,
Now is an icy prison that holds my soul.

You once game me hope for the future,
Now I am consumed only by despair.

You once made my life a utopia envied by the heavens themselves,
Now it is a damnation, feared by the lowest pits of Hell.

I once and still can meaningfully say I Love You but,
Now it is destroyed in that empty void in my heart, where you once were.

I once had the light of your love and then the sorrow of my tears,
Now I have nothing, but this emptiness that devours my black soul.


(Here's a couple from about a year ago, I uhhh...wasn't exactly in a shining mood V.V I had a critique from a friend who said they should be the same poem, and that they sounded the same, but to this day they're different and remain seperate)

Forever Neverland

Through cleared vision, I see it all
All that you are, all that you will be

Forever too weak, to face your mistakes
Scared of it all, helpless to yourself

Running from pain, yours and that you cause
Pathetic, loathsome

Three decades, with nothing to show
The lost child, forever a boy

Cold Fury

These shackles, these ties
Hold me to you, in fury and hate,
Once addicted, now vindicated.

The fire in my gut and chest,
Scathing and burning,
Screaming for your blood.

To see your tears, taste your sorrow,
Drink of your despair,
Make you swallow my hate.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,
Your heart for my heart,
Bled out and empty upon the floor.

Why won't you just die,
The thousand agonies and deaths,
That I suffered for you?

Impaled upon the sword,
Twitching and screaming,
Wretching your agony song to my ears.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Blood as sweet wine,
Where oh where is my vengeance day?

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Re: Old Poetic Stylings of A Demon
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 10:58:29 pm »
These were really good, Brai Brai!   I'm definitely impressed!  There's a lot of emotion and feeling into all of these pieces.  You're an excellent writer, trust me!  (Besides, we've already established that you are, haven't we?) ;)

~Pixi Kisses~