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Author Topic: This Rose has Idea's  (Read 889 times)

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This Rose has Idea's
« on: May 25, 2010, 04:11:58 pm »
Well I have a few Idea's floating around that id like to share, and hope someone out there is willing to play with me.

Beyond natural
(MXF) based off supernatural- want:  someone to play Dean perfered or sam-

In a book that once belonged to their father Sam and Dean found a missing page from the journal. something stating about a young girl he had helped few years back, and that she just so happens to be the youngest hunter female. with questions they go to Bobbie, and when confronted they found out that he too knows of this girl. many call her the Lone wolf. She works alone, travels alone. but one day Bobbie receives a call from her, a panicked message that wasn't like her. knowing she is in trouble he calls Dean. Demons caught her, wanting a certain weapon that she has, and sadly she will not hand over. That weapon is her.. though they are not aware of that. After trasing her number finding her location there is a fight but that isn't the only demon out there searching for her.

Killer Instinct

Young assassin is sent to assassinate a young princess, who has apparently abandon her kingdom. Abandoning is such a hard word, when she isn't in love with a prince of another land.  Its the matter of the heart for her.  Not just some simple arrangement's.  When he finds her he becomes conflicted. Struck by the girls beauty, yet he must kill this innocent woman. but when he passes his deadline, its his own life now at stake, not just her, though he brings her back. Is love truly strong enough, to over come all or will they become like romeo and juliet and become history.

(MXF) maybe some female  on female action

When a transfer student comes to the  Woodlen high, everyone even the the girls stop to stare. One man strives for her attention, he isn't the most popular of people, but looks gothic, something the girl is into, she plays hard to get, and when he least expects, and when he is near out of patience to try any further she speaks to him, and tells him what she likes and such..

Something So Magical
(MXF) (i play elf, hoping for some talking beast like creature...Gryphon, dragon, something like that

Saiya a young elven girl had always been a curious one, always dabbling in magic, and always going exploring or getting herself in trouble. one day  she was out gathering herbs, when she came across (your Beast) injured in the forest quite away from her village.  She spends weeks aiding the fallen giant, and began to care deeply for him. knowing it was against all rules of her people.

More to come*****

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Offline ridewaves

Re: This Rose has Idea's
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2010, 05:17:19 pm »
I'm new here but very interested in the "Something So Magical" plot. PM please!

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Re: This Rose has Idea's
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2010, 09:38:06 pm »
any other takers

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Re: This Rose has Idea's
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2010, 01:05:50 pm »
bump up

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Re: This Rose has Idea's
« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2010, 01:58:58 pm »

~*~Jewel of the Seven Sea's~*~

I play the daughter of one of the most Feared pirate, yet she herself Is known as the Beauty of the seven seas, the Jewel even of the sea. young tough willed and wild, she will bow to no one.not Even (your character). Also a well feared pirate, decides he wants to claim the jewel. Attacking her ship, killing all on board and taking her as his own. She is wild like the storms of the sea, and he is faced with the greatest challenge he's faced. He wants to break her, tame her Making her bare his seed.
~*~ Dawn of Darkness~*~

It was told in the prophecies That a human baby will be born with a mark on her neck, that with her blood and transformation could bring  light into there Darkness, and save the Vampire kind. One must Drain her near death, before one offered her their blood. But the catch is only Master Vampires could do this, and they are very few. Another thing is, and the only way someone whom is lesser, but must be near the level of a master Vampire is if they fall in love, and she with him. The vampire will gain the ability to enter the sun light, and bare a young with in the girl.Belles Believed in the tales, she bore the mark, and she wasn't about to allow them to conquer the light of day as well as the night. But can the one Outcast Vampire who went against his own kind to protect the girl, with her heart. could he bend her into submission of her fighting ways..
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