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June 19, 2018, 03:28:29 PM

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Author Topic: Mystik's Current Cravings *5.24*  (Read 382 times)

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Mystik's Current Cravings *5.24*
« on: May 24, 2010, 08:16:50 AM »
Hello.  I have finally fleshed out some ideas and am ready to start posting them here for you to look at.  If you are interested, please feel free to leave me a PM or drop me a line/questions here.  I check quite frequently so do not worry that you will be overlooked.  If you look at my on's and off's and have any ideas, feel free to present them to me.

I Have Waited for You     +++Available/Taken/Reserved+++

A woman who has been living the perfect life, is starting to feel strange.  Though she doesn’t tell her family, they see it.  They know what is happening and that soon, very soon, they may lose their baby girl.  She also doesn’t  know that the family she grew up with, isn’t her actual family.  Or that her destiny has already been chosen for her.   She actually comes from a long line of pure-blood Carpathian’s, they protect humans from the unseen.  Unfortunately before she turned two, something happened within her clan causing mass chaos which forced her mother to run.  The handful of female children in the clan were brought out to the rest of the world and placed with already chosen human families.  Each family was given a child or children to raise and protect and given a warning that one day, one of their own will come to get them.  Twenty year old,  Angelica Del’Note is one of those Carpathians.  A human which can shift into a panther.  She doesn’t know that she is anything but human, lately her hearing, sight and reflexes have been severely enhanced, her body aches and groans in ways that she didn‘t possibly understand.  There is something that is clawing at her from the inside, a need, a hunger.  Seemingly anemic when her body craves live prey.   If she only understood what her body was telling her.     


Your character has been in the clan being raised by the others.  He is a few years older than Angelica, whose real name is Sienna .  You belong to a family who is considered royalty in the clan.  Honored, respected and adored by many.  Sienna was promised to you at birth, and despite the fact that the only information you have on her is what your families scouts have told you, you want her there with you, where she belongs, besides, she is your mate…..right.  The catch is you have to go to her, get her to trust you, show her the truth about herself and help her through her very first shift.  ((I can explain what I am hoping could happen for this part.))  You have loved her since you first set eyes on her when you both were young, circumstances tore you apart but now…she can be yours again.
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