A Quirky Set of Ideas

Started by Lunaris, May 23, 2010, 11:21:50 PM

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Yup. Just as the title says, I have a pair of quirky ideas for RPs. Inspired by the watching of a romantic comedy (they may be recycled half the time but I still get heartmelty. Sue me) and by some experiences in RL, I have a few unconventional plot ideas.

1) More Than a Little Late - Modern Female/Intersexed - Taken

More often than not, kids are pretty vicious towards each other in high school and junior high. Many times, they poke fun at others in order to make themselves look good. But sometimes, karma works in hilarious ways and the teaser gets a crush on the object of their torment. In this case, what if said object was humiliated and outed as an intersexed girl in such a way that they needed to transfer to a different school just to live their life without constant ridicule?

What if the teaser surprisingly felt themselves missing her and grew into regretting every horrible thing they did as weeks turned into months and months turned into years? And all they had to go by was their last memory being of that ridiculed girl crying off by herself before stepping into the classroom to wordlessly empty her desk the next day?

Enter the Facebook age! The teaser is a much different person now and one of her closest online friends is unknowingly the same girl she teased so horribly in her youth. One day, the unknowing woman links the teaser to her facebook page and the truth is revealed! The teaser now conjures up lies about not having Facebook while at the same time using the internet to get to know her and butter her up for the big reveal.

In this RP, we deal with a love/hate relationship, not unlike the romantic comedy, "You've Got Mail". The former victim is sarcastic and vicious when she encounters the teaser in real life, but adoringly sweet to her online...when she's not talking about how much the teaser ruined her childhood.

2) Mixed Up Heart - Historic Female/Female -In Planning Stages-

Let's rewind ourselves back to the 50s for this one. To the days of neon diners and drive-ins. Of curly hairstyles and newborn rock and roll... To problems with race. On one hand, we have the wealthy white housewife who always held a secret attraction for her mixed maid. Her husband was absolutely amazing. Handsome. Loving. Loyal. And quite well-off. With someone like that, in her life, it was quite easy for her to suppress any feelings of lust or love she may have had for the woman cooking her meals and ironing her clothes.

But when her husband is suddenly killed in a tragic accident, she finds herself having to wrestle with the pain of that loss and with working for the first time in her life in order to prolong the good life left to her in her lost husband's will. And day after day, her maid is there for her...not only to clean but as an emotional support and the best friend one could ever ask for. And yet, it still wasn't enough. Every day brought with it longing and excuses to get close to her. To touch her. Behind close doors, race mattered less and less and unheard of things got done as the maid slowly opened up about herself.

On the maid's birthday, the wife greets her at the door with a surprising hug, a cake baking in the oven, lit candles and uncorked wine on the table...and a secret determination to see just how far she can get with the softspoken and quiet maid.

On the other hand, we've got the maid. A young mixed woman who can't seem to get a fair shake from any side. Envied and disliked in her own community because of her light brown skin and "good hair"... Treated as a lesser whenever life puts her near a white person... She's softspoken and has masked herself behind countless emotional barriers. Barriers that are slowly getting peeled away by the wife she works for. Even as she finds herself filling the void left by her employer's lost husband, she's filled with worry and fear about the progression of their friendship. If someone were to walk in and see her holding and comforting her employer...to walk in and see them laughing, smiling, and joking with each other...to walk in and see her employer hugging her and sitting with the table with her... She would be fired in a heartbeat, wouldn't she? And what if one day, her employer remembered the dictates of society?

What if...one day, her employer notices the blushing...the quickened breaths? The secret, longing stares and desires to steal a kiss?

3) Good Deeds and Sultry Punishments - Modern Female/Intersexed

For the past couple of years, wealthy socialites and celebrities have been the secret targets of a young woman who is both a hacker and cat burglar. This young thief hacks into the accounts of those with riches ill-spent and sends generous donations to charities representing the impoverished. She then slips into their homes or other places to catch them unguarded and tell them the truth of things. So far, she's eluded retribution by selling them on how their 'donations' are fantastic PR and taking them out to tour the places they've unknowingly aided to appeal to their compassion.

Your character will have been her latest mark...a wealthy, young, and deliciously curvaceous brunette socialite with a penchant for buying any and everything that catches her eye, be it cars, expensive dinners, designer clothing, homes, goofy oversized sunglasses, yachts, and heaven knows what else. And while the thief certainly moved your character with a trip to the site of the impoverished orphanage she unknowingly offered to rebuild, your character is still determined to make her pay for having the nerve to do such a bold thing.

After the life-changing trip to a third world country, she's in the rich one's room once more, unaware of what's going on in her thoughts. From the day she surprised her, clad in that thematic pleather catsuit with news of what she'd done, the socialite lusted for her and desired to take back from her in the form of passionate sex. Even as the theif moved the celebrity to doing something more than squandering her fortune on indulgence, she plotted to have her way with her.

Your character shuts the door and does away with the pretense of wanting to talk about how much the trip moved her. It did, but that isn't what this is about. It's time to make a counter-offer. The thief will either accept her punishment and love it or find herself in a jail cell with company that isn't half as sexy.

In this RP, I'll again be playing the intersexed character, the theif. Given the nature of this idea, things like strap-on sex, light bondage, spanking, scratches and other kinky things are a must. Initially, it will be blackmail and somewhat non-con.


*Added "Good Deeds and Sultry Punishments" idea!