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Author Topic: Festival In the Park (Original Fantasy Setting)  (Read 543 times)

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Festival In the Park (Original Fantasy Setting)
« on: May 22, 2010, 01:09:46 AM »
OK, I'm looking to do an RP in hopes of approximating my old means of operation, wherein I used to just have a setting, throw my character into it, and let the RP happen with other people there. Of course, my character, at this point, has enough of identity within his home town of Celfaire (at least, that's what he identifies as his home town) that his existing in a setting need not be so random. So, my idea--this town, Celfaire, contains a large public park, wherein they regularly hold a festival to promote local businesses, allow them to search out new employees, and generally have fun. Businesses set up tents, from tiny things pitched to protect a handful of wares to large, domed tents that are magically climate-controlled. Some simply set up  stands of course, for they do try to hold these festivals in agreeable weather. These are fun even for people without money, because they become massive social events. Musicians and other performers are positioned around the park to maintain its festive atmosphere.

I'm looking first for some people to play business owners. Beyond this, most humanoid character types are welcome---no anthros, sorry, they don't exist in this world setting. I'll go on to explain about the society, government, technology level, etc..


Celfaire is located on the southwest coast of a continent known as Muserae (larger world yet unnamed). For many centuries, Muserae was surrounded by a magical barrier which prevented both exit from and entrance into the continent (I can go into detail about the nature of this barrier and how it kept the people inside it ignorant, and made it impossible for those outside to breach it, but c'mon, how long does this topic need to be?). Inexplicably, it came down a number of months ago, and the people of the continent welcoming to those who'd like to come in from outside lands, though few, if any, of the people will talk at length about why the barrier was up, and why it had come down--many for the simple fact of not knowing themselves, though government officials will almost always clam up promptly and try their best to shoo off those who ask too many questions. In any event, Celfaire is located on the western edge of a peninsula, which has the Lowcountry (an ugly place of anarchy) to the south and  Espyn City (the center of government activity) to the east. It has a rich cultural presence, an indulgent outlook without being strange to hard work. Its cuisine is varied, but dominated by the ocean life fished off the coast, as well as those things which live in the Sanau River, a huge body which winds through the peninsula and cuts Celfaire in two.


Celfaire is part of a larger area known as Espyn County. It is governed by a democratically-elected council, but this is a limited democracy, since members serve for life unless they voluntarily step down or needed to be taken from office due to some corruption or another (this is rare). They listen to those they govern closely however, and town meetings, followed by Council meetings, are regular things. Historically, the Council has had more women sitting on it than men, though the scales have tipped to something more equal in recent years. The significance of this will be stressed more in the social portion than here.

This is also the most sensible place to note that Celfaire is a town at peace, and has been for a long, long while. Similarly, there are no wars to speak of happening anywhere else on the continent.


There are no automobiles here, and electricity has not been harnessed as a power source. Magic is sometimes used for certain conveniences (such as warming and lighting a carriage via an enchanted orb, or carrying belongings about in a portable hole), but not to such a point that they closely resemble real-world technology. Indoor plumbing exists. While guns exist, they have very poor range and stopping power, because it's not a priority to develop them in a world where magic exists and is a much more effective weapon. Transportation is largely by beast and, within Celfaire, mostly accomplished via share-taxi--meaning that the carriages travel through fixed routes and pick passengers up and drop them off along the way. That said, it's worth clarifying that it's much preferred that people ride via carriage, and people on horseback, while not unusual, are considered slightly strange all the same.


Celfaire - and larger Espyn society - is extremely progressive-minded with regard to many, many things. For instance, homosexual relationships are considered just as valid and important as heterosexual relationships, and thus same-sex marriage is legal. As the rule has been historically by women, if there is any lingering gender bias, it favors women, not men--that is, women are more likely to get higher-paying jobs, are more likely to be trusted and taken seriously, etc.. That's not to say the setting is openly sexist toward men; finding evidence of bias would be sort of a pet interest of certain men who find ways in which they're oppressed, which may be valid but do not represent widespread, blatant, institutional misandry. As a general rule, the genders are equal--there's just certain evidence of historically favoring women's interests here and there.

Magic is considered a gift and is taught academically, as well as being a natural part of some people, involving ritual, etc..

On a similar note, going to school is mandatory and job training is considered a part of public schooling--only those who want to delve really deeply into, say, magic, need go to a college that asks money of its students.

The population of Celfaire is about 90% human, the rest composed of elves, dwarves, shapeshifters and what have you. The existence of vampires is known, but they don't reliably declare themselves as residents. Dealings with vampires come up often in the courts system, for there's a certain desire leaning toward equal treatment, but killing is natural for them, so is it really murder if someone kills a vampire, etc. etc.

The dress tends toward modest yet stylish fashions, but the climate does not demonize clothing that doesn't abide by a certain code of modesty.

The attitude in Celfaire is, overall, rather sex-positive--pornography and toys catering to all sorts of fetishes are readily distributed, with a large emphasis placed on safety and partner consent.


Slavery is illegal. It takes place in the Lowcountry to the south, and as such may bleed into Celfaire, but it is very much illegal. Celfaire is home to a good few safe houses for escaped slaves, which help them to relearn independence if necessary and offer them protection from recapture.

Prostitution is legal, and well-regulated, in the interest of protecting those who work in the profession, rather than limiting the acts they're allowed to perform and the context in which sex may be treated as commodity.


OK, I tried to address the things that may distinguish Celfaire from other settings. With that said, I am looking for people to play owners and employees of more sensual businesses--brothels, gentlemen's (ladies' too??) clubs, massage parlors, etc.--but this isn't all (my character will have a stand selling paintings and handmade items, and offering sketches). Restaurants are big, too, and Celfaire has a very big community of arts, so you could have people who work in theatre, say, dollmakers, musicians (tending toward instrumental, lyrical singers tend to fail), tailors and so on.

Reply if you have any ideas! Just saying "I'd like to play in this setting but don't want to play a business owner" is cool, too. Thanks.
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Offline Question Mark

Re: Festival In the Park (Original Fantasy Setting)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2010, 01:28:10 AM »
Oooh, intriguing.  I could be a salesman, possibly an oppurtunistic traveler passing through Celfaire who takes advantage of the fair.  Maybe magic related or enchanted items?

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: Festival In the Park (Original Fantasy Setting)
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2010, 01:50:03 AM »
Yup, that'll be cool! I'll make an IC thread when I get a good few people on board.

Oh, note that, if you want, you can have NPC employees who tend to your character's tent or whatever, so you don't need to feel stuck there.

Offline opheliagonemad

Re: Festival In the Park (Original Fantasy Setting)
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2010, 12:03:23 AM »
I might be interested...but it will be a couple days before I have time to decide what kind of character I'm interested in-can I think about it for a bit?

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: Festival In the Park (Original Fantasy Setting)
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2010, 12:05:27 AM »
Sure! I've been sitting on it this long as is. . .