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Author Topic: Some new ideas (Seeking F)  (Read 428 times)

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Some new ideas (Seeking F)
« on: May 21, 2010, 11:41:43 AM »
Taking Control

Sarah had always been the one who wore the pants in her relationship with her husband. She was a social butterfly, beautiful (and knew it), and still in her prime. While she was full of a confidence, her husband was not. He was unassuming, riding his families wealth and his fathers word into a Financial Firm. It afforded them a luxurious lifestyle, full of fancy dresses and jewelry. In the bedroom, she was even more in control. If she wanted sex, he gave her sex. If she said no, that was it. Her husband was despicable, weak minded and easily bent to her will.

But she lusted for more - more money, more attention, more dresses - and she knew well the goings on at the company. She knew a new position had opened up, one that would be a vast improvement for her husband, but he hadn't even applied for the job nor was he under consideration for it. But she wasn't about to let another opportunity to slip through her fingers.

She convinces her husband (with a little shake of her booty) to throw a small dinner party, inviting the boss over. She picks out her sluttiest but still elegant dress she has, showing more skin then revealing, barely able to walk - let alone have room underneath for bra and panties. Originally, she just planned to flirt with his boss, but the waves of power and confidence oozing off the man were intoxicating and made her legs wobble. Every woman in the room was flirting with him - it wouldn't be enough, she decided. Screw her husband, she was going to seduce his boss. If sleeping with the man was just enough to get her husband to be considered for the position, it was certainly worth it!

Looking for a confidant, controlling wife. This game is a long-term one, where the wife walks all over the husband, and a peculiar relationship strikes up as she continues her affair with the boss. Many themese possible, much more plot to discuss via PM.

The Highest Bidder (credit for this idea owed to Moirae - who has granted me permission to use it)
Setting: Modern
Desperate times called for desperate measures -- at least, that's what she kept telling herself in the moments before she hit the 'submit' button, her finger having been hovering, ready to click, for the past five minutes.  She could barely look at the screen, her eyes too transfixed on the acceptance letter from Harvard.  That single sheet of paper held the pot of gold she'd worked so hard for as long as she could remember; the fight to secure acceptance, to stand out just a little bit more, had started years before high school and had not been without sacrifices.  Harvard, and subsequently Harvard Law, was what she'd always wanted, having fallen in love with the institution as a child.  Her grandfather had been one of the groundskeepers; it'd been easier than imagined to sneak around the campus when she went to visit, sneak into the back of the lecture halls and absorb everything.  In the end, however, it hadn't come down to having an outstanding academic record and college resume, it hadn't come down to being passionate about law and Harvard.

In the end, it'd come down to money.  Even after working part-time during the school years and full time during the summers, saving every penny, gift or holiday money, and adding up the financial aid and scholarships she'd received, there hadn't been enough.  Four years -- seven when she'd transition to Harvard Law -- weren't the easiest to afford.  The divorce, and years that'd led up to it, had destroyed both of her parents' credit ratings, making a loan impossible without a qualifying co-signer.  So, what to do?  This wasn't a problem that could wait for a solution, leaving her in a panic come half way through her education.  She needed a solution now.

The idea had actually come from her best friend.  She needed something to sell, a commodity that no other could offer -- or at least, couldn't offer the way she did.  Term papers and essays?  Easily done, but time consuming and wouldn't produce nearly enough money.  The one heirloom she had, a gold and diamond locket handed down her grandmother's side, wasn't something she was willing to part with, either -- plus, the chances of it being missed by her mother were too high.  Then, one late night, the idea that seemed so ludicrous at first arrived when they stumbled across an adult themed auction site.  Her virginity.  She was attractive, healthy, and smart, surely if she played her cards right, that could possibly net a hefty amount; her friend agreed and immediately they began to plan.

Any bidders would be screened, requiring a photo and profile -- both girls agreed that she had a right to be picky.  The first set of her photos would have her fully clothed, just a hint of skin displayed, and her head cropped out; the bidders who passed the first screening, with bid and profile, would receive pictures of her face, this time in a pair of khaki shorts and thin polo shirt.  Only the winning bidder would be the one to see her naked, a little bonus on top of the 'prize.'  If the idea bombed, and she had a suspicion it would despite her friend's optimism, she could simply cancel the auction and no one would be the wiser.

Looking for the Virgin. Certainly contains the prospect of blossoming into something greater.

Desperate Times (original idea, by Eeyore)
Setting: Medieval/Fantasy, Historical, Wild West [preferred]

Out in the wild, lawless plains, towns had struck up on farmable land and anywhere that gold had been found. Goldville was one such town, recently with the railroad building right through its center. The town had grown exponentially and was now an overnight stop on the way to the west-coast for many a person. There were already a half dozen saloons and brothels for the instantly wealthy to spend their wealth.

She had moved there a few years ago, when the town had still been small. She had been courted by two men who were recent arrivals, two men of different standings. One was a hard working farmhand, about to buy his own ranch on the edge of town. He was like her, and they connected on so many levels. The other man was wealthy and a few years older, one of the first to stake a claim of the gold here. Her choice had been between love and a hard life, or a handsome man with wealth. She had chosen love, moving to the ranch with her new husband.

Two years married and she still bore no children, though not for lack of trying. This year had been particularly hard on the ranch, half the cattle lost to sickness. Money was going to be an issue, even selling all that they could. She'd have to take a job. But the only job for a girl these days in town was in the brothels - could she really bring herself to that?

She had no choice really, hiding her secret from her husband. Luckily, she found employment simply serving drinks and doing the laundry, able to swallow her pride to weather the occisional grope or pinch or proposal, always able to avoid the worst of the lot. The brothel she worked at catered mostly to the traveling folk, so no one she knew would stop by.

A week into the job, she is called into the back by the Madame of the establishment. One of the girls was sick and wouldn't be able to work for the night - she would have to fill in! It was good money though - apparently the sick girl only had one customer on this night, a very wealthy man who paid her and the establishment well. It was only one man, for the night - she could do it, right? It was a months worth of wages too.

Swallowing her pride, she reluctantly agrees, going to the room to await the mystery man. The man, however, would prove to be no mystery man, but her spurned love-rival. There was no way to talk herself out of this one, she knew, reluctantly giving into her carnal desires as she breaks her wedding vows with the very man she had refused to marry.

Sex with her husband had been all about making babies and little else, but with him...well, he introduced her to a world of sex she had never known existed. As much as she wanted to deny it, every orgasm she had that night was real and not fake (like she had been told to do to please the man). Returning home in the morning with her shame, she sets about her day in a mindless buzz. Her husband returns home for the night and lays with her, though for the first time she fakes her enjoyment, only able to think of the man she had once scorned.

Looking for some one to play the Ranch Wife. Will discuss more of the plot via PM with interested parties. Must be very open-minded.

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Re: Some new ideas (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2010, 12:30:49 PM »
Updated with a new idea.

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Re: Some new ideas (Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2010, 02:19:21 PM »
count me in if you have no other takers yet! :) I love the wild west idea