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Author Topic: Looking to start or join a thread using...  (Read 695 times)

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Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Looking to start or join a thread using...
« on: May 16, 2010, 12:11:33 PM »
Alright, I have a character concept that I haven't gotten much play with, but I like the idea of it. My character was the singer of a band called SCUM about a decade ago (probably would need to change the musical environment a tad for it to make sense, or set this RP in the 1990s, since the band's modeled after The Birthday Party. . .doesn't matter overmuch, anyway). After their first show in the US, he was in some kind of accident (what kind depends on what part of the country we use) that put him into a coma. During that coma, he experienced another life; he believes that he was transported to another world, a fantasy world, and lived out an entire life there, one that is snatched away from him when he awakes from the coma. Miraculously, he does this in full possession of his mental faculties, though he takes a few months to recover physically. While recuperating, he becomes aware that his band has gained something of a cult following--pretentious college kids and critics adore them, that sort of thing. It's a stark contrast to how they were treated when they were actually together, where they were dismissed as noise. Also, his friends--former band members who've since moved on to other projects--can't stand to be around him and the woman he was dating before the coma has since married. It isn't out of cruelty that his friends stay away, but because they'd already done their mourning for him. Researching the matter, they found that most people comatose for a long period of time suffer brain damage to the point of not having much of 'themselves' left--and so though they hadn't the heart to pull the plug on him, they considered him dead. They simply don't know how to cope with his presence.

Now, those are the things about this concept that will stay the way they are. I have a few ideas of where this could go. My first idea for an RP partner with this was for someone to play a woman who watched over him while he was in his coma. Maybe it was one of those things a high school girl starts doing to look good on a college application, you know, but she grew to enjoy it. She'd come a couple times a week to read to him, play music for him, things like that. Eventually, maybe, she started to confide in him about various problems--though of course he couldn't hear her and wouldn't remember that when he woke up. In short she fell in love with him, though she might not realize it until he wakes up and becomes a viable romantic interest; before that she would have continued visiting beyond when she needed to, maybe she was already in college or even had already secured a good job, but she religiously returned to spend time with him. During his recuperation she figures that he has enough to worry about, though, and doesn't want to distress him by letting her feelings be known while he's focused on learning how to function again. She waits until he's moved into a home/apartment and finds out how to contact him there, either by phone or by knocking on his door (maybe even email, heh, but I'm bad at writing in his voice).

I also have some interest in playing Nick on a Sookie Stackhouse style Earth. Not Bon Temps, but the same environment with vampires revealing themselves, etc.. In this setting, he would be about a quarter fairy, maybe less, but more than Sookie. It would be this fairy blood that allowed him to survive the coma as well as he did. There are a few things to be done with that. Maybe it can be tied in with the previous concept to make it a little more twisted; the girl checked on him and such during high school, and was sweet and innocent, but was turned into a vampire within the last year or two. She retains her affection for him, but she's becoming increasingly less innocent. . .one of those vampires for whom True Blood just isn't enough, and her Maker is similarly old-fashioned and so teaches her the older ways of feeding. Anyway, she finds that her desire for him is even stronger after she's become vampire, more carnal (since this is non-sexual RP, I mean in the blood-sucking sense, ha-ha); this is due to his fairy blood, which vampires find intoxicating. She wouldn't indulge herself immediately though, having a lingering genuine affection for him, and so she'd want to get to know him first, maybe trying to coax him into a relationship where she's allowed to feed later. Although I have a detailed idea to this end, if I'm using this setting, it need not be that concept--I can just as easily play him, for instance, being convinced to have his first performance since waking up at a vampire bar/club. Or, if someone already has a thread going with a vampire bar as a setting, he can just go in and do whatever.

I'm interested in variations on this theme, and open to different levels/executions of fantasy, though it must be a situation where it wasn't apparent in Nick's time; if these supernatural people have revealed themselves, it happened during his coma, not before. I also don't NEED someone to start a new thread with me. If anyone's running a sort of social thread, no set storyline but it takes place in a given setting, I'd join that if I'd be welcome.  I'd also be willing to start a new thread of that sort. What I'm saying is, the RP doesn't need to revolve around my character--as long as I get to play him, I'm happy.

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: Looking to start or join a thread using...
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2010, 12:13:25 PM »
Oh, I can't find an edit button but I forgot to talk about my preferences. My RP tends to be a little long-winded (if you didn't get that idea from my posting...) and focused on psychology and things like that. I prefer partners who write in the same way.

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: Looking to start or join a thread using...
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2010, 04:40:53 PM »
I'm going to bump this thread by saying I'm also interested in playing the above character as he arrives in the aforementioned fantasy setting, particularly if he runs into various character types that would not exist on Earth (magic users, elves, vampires, etc.). He'd be around 23. I can either use my own setting that I had/have been using, if prospective partners don't have any of their own in mind, or use one that they knew. . .hell, even keep it vague. I just want to RP!

Offline Mikachi

Re: Looking to start or join a thread using...
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2010, 09:07:43 PM »
-in the process of reading- I might be interested. Just let me finish all this ^ ^