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Author Topic: Secrets of Women of Pleasure.(looking for another female worker!)  (Read 4898 times)

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Re: Secrets of Women of Pleasure.(looking for another female worker!)
« Reply #50 on: May 24, 2010, 04:44:10 pm »
Right now I do believe its sunny out :)

Offline Daimon de Broken Hearted

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Re: Secrets of Women of Pleasure.(looking for another female worker!)
« Reply #51 on: May 26, 2010, 01:20:41 am »

Name:Areia De'Flourheart
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Long, Shapely, Pert Breasts, Soft heart shapped ass. Violet eyes 5'3
Any special talents: She can cook, Clean, Fetch items, Makes healing items for house, She is Lysettes unblood daughter, and Seth she treats like a father. Herbs and poltices her hobby. She trains under the Ronins to help around the house, NPC with personality, she is shy, but she is hard headed and backs down from no one.
How did you end up at the pleasurehouse? She was a girl found on the wilderness when Seth and Lysette went for a ride.  Delivering chocolate to a noble. Her parents were murdered and she was on the verge of being raped at ten. Seth shot the men and the couple took the girl to town and then after no living family member, Ronins took her in. She had grown up with them. And she has become a fine young lady. She works here as Maid, or chocolate worker only. She is here to help the Master and Mistress.
Personality and History: She is shy, Hardheaded, Kind hearted, loyal. She loves sex, but exploring with herself.
Ons: Vouyerism. Self exploration, watching
Offs: Assholes, Creepy men, Abusers, And anything she think i wrong. She will avoid asshole customers.

Offline Vergil1989

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Re: Secrets of Women of Pleasure.(looking for another female worker!)
« Reply #52 on: May 26, 2010, 09:02:26 pm »
Name: Angelica Red.  (Distant and much nicer cousin.)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Any special talents:  Knows how to cook, clean, and the like, but has had some 'experience' otherwise during her one year on the road, having to sell herself off to make ends meet and keep food in her stomach.
How did you end up at the pleasure house?  Ran away from the mansion and eventually made her way to the House, having been cut off by her aunt and uncle when they found out she had found out their little secret.
Personality and History: Angelica Red is a much nicer person than her aunt and uncle, her own parents having been killed in a horrible boating accident during a trip in the rivers and byways of Africa.  Chris and Isabella Red took her in, but Angelica didn't like the way they ran house, especially when she found David locked in the attic right before she ran off the same night.
Ons: (See link in sig.)
Offs: (See link in sig.)
Other info:  Has minor emotional issues as far as what she found out about her aunt and uncle and the son they didn't want, and so if either or pop ups, don't expect a happy ending.  Has a small reputation for being quite good in bed, leaving clients gasping more than not in sexual bliss.  How she accomplishes this is a little potion she mixes up for the clients that can afford it.