The Legend of the Blue Knight (Comedy Romance) - Think Shrek.

Started by Jester, May 12, 2010, 07:34:00 AM

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The Blue Knight is decades old. He is mentioned by every bard in every tavern. He is sung by minstrels in all of the Royal Houses and Maids dream about him at night wishing that he would one day save them.

The Blue Knight is famous for being nearly seven feet tall, with bright shining armous and an enermous war horse that only he could tame. He is loved by the masses, men are jealous of him and women fantasize about him yet none have ever seen his face.

The Blue Knight is the hero off the continent and has saved all against the threat of dragons, hill giants and demons. He has rescued the Tower of Mages from many a threat and come to the rescue of the Royal Family time and time again without revealing his true identity....

I am looking for a beautiful female to finally find out the identity of our heroic Knight. Will she be able to cope with what she finds?

I am wanting this to be lighthearded, silly and lots of fun. Get in touch.


You might have guessed that the greatest Knight the world has ever  known is actually an Orc/Ogre/Troll depending on your preference?

I  am thinking your character is a Princess/Sorceress/Elven  Warrioress/Female Barbarian who has decided that she would like to be  the Blue Knights lover/wife/rescued by him/side-kick against the evil  dragons/giants/undead/evil wizards/armies of neighbouring nations.  However I am thinking she will be rather shocked when she finds his  true appearance!

I am thinking that content wise there will be a lot of over-sized cocks/gallons and gallons of pre-cum and cum.