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May 23, 2018, 03:52:02 PM

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Author Topic: Puissant Prurience [ F, Mul, Whatever ]  (Read 560 times)

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Offline LucifaelTopic starter

Puissant Prurience [ F, Mul, Whatever ]
« on: May 11, 2010, 07:00:05 PM »
I run about four or so games not counting group endeavors and off-site concoctions and I currently have a few openings for like minded individuals wishing to creatively engage in a bit of mutual storybending for the purient betterment of mankind, or just of those.

For best results send a PM with ideas, requests, desires or limericks.

What my RPs will typically include ***************************

Story – I can’t help it. I promise people that it will be some quick meaningless one-off wherein we just have a little literary sex and then move on but I just can’t do it. Somewhere in the first few words a story happens and I am compelled to write it, the quickie turns out to have a storied past, enemies show up and adventure occurs. I don’t mean to get all paragraph happy but I am addicted to story. So if I ever tell you that it will be just a one time thing, that there is no story involved, it’s just a scene, just a few paragraphs. I. Am. Lying. So hello, my name is Lucifael and I am a storyholic.

Sex – Lots of it. I’m not certain why this might prove surprising but I thought I would toss it out there. Yes it will happen. The story may have to work up momentum but its going to happen.

Orgasm Control – this is pretty universal to my RPs and since I usually play tops it isn’t usually a problem. Subs are naturally given to following commands so the whole stop and go  paradigm is both an oldie and a goodie. We may have to negotiate a little for a peer based relationship story.

Masturbation/Watching Masturbation – I’m not really certain if this has ever been a problem but I will usually have these elements involved somewhere if not everywhere. My character, your character, some other characters, expect it to be rampant. I’m not saying that every scene will start and stop this way but at some point expect to be handy. And of course creativity is a plus.

Dominance – This is not a boilerplate gimme. I’m just saying that I usually play doms. I don’t really mean to. I don’t set out to only look for stories with sub females or stories that demand a dominant male but whenever I get into a story, if there is a dom, DING! I’m elected. And I don’t mind at all. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way. We

GameMastery - I usually run the story. I know that the game is cooperative and that each writer is expected to contribute their fair share to the experience of yaddah yaddah and so on… In practice I usually take on something of a game master role and introduce NPCs and run extra characters and set up scenes and develop settings and elaborate on events and just about everything except for writing the other character. I am not trying to step on anyone’s OOC power. I totally love feedback from my writing partner; it helps me make the game fun for them too.

Her - “Hey, I would love for my character to end up bound with spider webs and covered in tapioca with a vibrator in her mouth.”
Me - “Hmmm okay I can work with that."
Her - “Don’t forget the vibrator.”
Me - “Right, got it”

Dirty Talk – There will be a fair amount of this. Less so in stories that are really supposed to be a bit more obfuscated like something Victorian and in the style of a Bronte sister, but in normality expect some dirty words, vulgar terms, dangerously descriptive monikers defying the puritanical chains of their lexicological oppressors! Fight the powah! Fuck yeah!

Feedback – I will let yo know what is going on, if I like something you wrote, if I think things are going well or if I think something has come off the rails and I expect the same. Don't be afraid tgo let me know what you wan or how things are going especially if you have a direction in which you want the story to head. Give it to me baby! You know...and stuff...

A note on Subs    ****************************
I am much more fond of willing subs rather than feisty or subs that fight. I'm not really looking to break anyone. I mean can't we all get along?

Other   ***************************
Other things I would like to have but it might be hard to get them all in or arrange them well in a story, listed in order of importance to both myself and the world economy

Watersports – Wet can be fun, honest
Pregnancy/Birthing – find out about the egg-laying special
Incest – It’s all relative

How about you?  ***************************
Got your own twists, kinks, deviance, alternative experiences? Throw them out there.  This isn't a compilation of the things I like and hate, check out my O/Os and preferences for that. But I can say that I don't have a lot of squicky bits so if you really like something and it doesn't bore me then I am totally game

Pairings    ******************************
If you like one of these feel free to PM me with your idea. If I have any specific ideas you will probably see them here. Generic roles such as “female” are open to interpretation.

Crime Boss/Debtor

Computer Entity/Computer Entity
Other Fantasy Creature/Female
Male/Other Fantasy Creature

Dark Eldar/psyker slave
Dark Eldar/Eldar captive
Dark Eldar/ Chaos captive

Chaos Being/Female

Stories ************************

coming soon. . .