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Author Topic: Winter Masquerade!  (Read 4452 times)

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Offline Lycan QueenTopic starter

Winter Masquerade!
« on: May 11, 2010, 05:13:30 PM »
OOC thread: here
IC thread: here

Multiple characters allowed, always open to new players!!!

An eternal dance between the dimensions, where races from all over the multiverse gather to socialize. Outside, a gentle snowfall covers the garden maze with a sheet of white. Inside, the grand hall is low lit with candles and lamps; various bands gather on a stage to play their music. The hall lead off to corridors and private rooms, where the guests are free to use at their leisure. A balcony wraps around the second floor of the main hall, giving those who wish to see the dance from above. The old home's architecture is a mix of styles all over the worlds, forced together in an odd yet beautiful hybrid.

No one know who built the mansion. No one has claimed ownership of it, and anyone who has tried to control it has never lived to tell the tale. The place allows anyone from the various portals that link to it to come through and dance, play, and love, though it is truly a force outside of anyone's control....

This is a freeform transdimensional roleplay set in a place between dimensions, connected to all of them. Feel free to play a character of any race. The rules are such:

1) No overpowered characters: All races are welcomed, but since we don't have a system, we're trusting each other to keep the game fun for all players. Godmodding will not be tolerated, and characters of god-like proportions will not be allowed unless I have your absolute word that you will not abuse said character. That being said, the house itself has its own supernatural qualities, and I as the GM will use it to eject players from the game who push the boundaries too far. I swear to use that only as a last resort, and only with the consent of all the other players.

Addendum: For those who feel they can handle it post wise, a second character is permitted. If said character is involved in your first one's story line, considering handing it to someone else, as talking to yourself all the time is very little fun.

2) Pictures: Real life and anime pictures accepted, but not required. You can have multiple pictures if you want to use a different picture for the outfit and the mask. Please use links instead of putting the image on the board itself. This is a masquerade, so masks are a must.

3) Respect player's boundaries: If someone does not like rape, do not force them into a rape plot. If a female character is straight, do not suggest they have an f/f plot. People have their Ons and Offs for a reason, so respect their wishes. If they want to experiment, fine, but no forcing players to do things they don't want.

4) OOC drama not wanted: If you have to go away and can't post, then say so. If you have a problem with another player, then say so right off the bat. We can compromise if we know what the problem is. IC drama is welcomed, OOC drama is not. The characters portrayed do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the players portraying them.

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Offline Kineas

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2010, 05:54:18 PM »
Name: Kineas Lormis
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Baatezu)
Sexuality: Straight. ish.
Description: Standing around 5' 10", Kineas has black hair that's about chin length all around and cool blue eyes. He's well toned, with a fair complexion. [ Edit complete: In the Masquerade he dresses the part of an archmage, with ornate cobalt blue robes, and a mask fashioned after the symbol of the God of Magic, Boccob. There isn't an obvious spot to see through, but somehow he gets around alright. He carries a large oak staff as part of his attire, the end of which is fashioned after a ball of fire.]
Personality: Although his demeanor is gentlemanly, Kineas speaks casually with anyone and everyone, regardless of rank or position. He's polite though, and his warmth often gets the better of others. That said, he's also keenly aware of his surroundings, and while he may not hear the details of your conversation across the room, he'll know which of you is carrying a weapon and how comfortable they are wearing it. He generally comes across as relaxed, but there's also a subtle hint that he enjoys pushing people's buttons, and he has a tendancy to speak the truth, especially to those who'd prefer not to hear it.

History: Not much is known about Kineas, although his portal's "address" if you will originates from a differant layer of the Abyss (where evil and insanity meet to breed) every time. He occasionally speaks about the castle he's working on building, and it's known that he's looking for items or suchlike that could serve as fuels for magical energies.

Ons: Kineas respects personal strength and power. This is foremost in his mind when describing someone, and when considering someone's merits. Beyond that though, he enjoys the company of intellectuals, and he prefers to see that someone takes care of themselves. (too vague? if it can stem from personal strength, he'll probably approve. aggressiveness, physical ability, you name it.)
Offs: Just as he respects personal strength, he is not at all interested in someone who can't 'save themselves' so to speak, barring extreme circumstances (and i do mean extreme). He's also turned off by dirtiness, and most of the 'outside the box' fetishes really.

(edit: first post! :D )
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Offline dready

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2010, 05:57:12 PM »
Name: dready
Gender: started as male (switches between the two)
Race: Shapechanger
Sexuality: Switch/Bisexual (favors females a majority of the time)
- Mask
- It's form changes at it's whim, though usually stays to one that is reptilian in appearance and will often switch between either gender to suit the needs of whoever they are with. (will post a direct link to the current appearance at the start of each post, much in the same fashion as this description)
Personality: Favors what is unique and sometimes taboo, rather confident, lenient, strong-willed when not apathetic, usually apathetic unless interest is perked, rather curious about something new, enjoys informing and demonstrating facts for others, knowledgeable in random subjects, doesn't enjoy something it doesn't find good taste in it and will state it in a kind yet blunt manner as best they can, tries to be as graceful as they can manage even when talking to someone new. Can get intoxicated off of juice, has a distaste for most forms of alcohol.
History: dready is a race of reptilians who could change aspects of themselves temporarily, but for some unknown reason his changes could be permanent. With that difference from the rest of his family, he decided that he would try to find the extent of his changes, and discovered that as long as he knew what he was trying to change into was manageable he could do such. Since early teenage years he has been changing both his appearance as well as his gender enough to be known to most as a multitude of things, though he has never forced himself (herself) to power as that would require him (her) to stay in one form for far too long.
Ons: Here and There
Offs: Here and There

Offline Calie

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2010, 07:25:38 PM »
Name: Calisto

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Sexuality: Bisexual (She does not have a specific preference.)

Description: She is very tall and lean with long legs. Her hair is the color of honey falls down past the small of her back. It curls on the ends beautifully. Her eyes almost match the color of her hair, a very light brown almost yellow. Proud breasts with pert pink nipples sit high upon her chest and her body is free of any hair but that on her head. Sides and stomach curve beautifully into slender hips and her rear is almost a perfect heart. Masquerade description: The black gown she wears has a halter style top, with two long ties that tie behind her neck. It is very low cut in the back and begins to flow outward at the small of her back. The front is cut low as well, showing the inner curves of her breasts. The skirt of the gown falls to the floor with a small train. A high slit is cut up the left side, and when she walks, the red satin of the inside of the fabric shows. She wears no jewerly and her shoes are black pumps accentuating her calves and small feet perfectly. The mask is also black and red; tied to her face with a black silken tie. Black and red feathers adorn on the mask on the right side, adding a sense of mystery and beauty.
Personality: She is a free spirit and loves to dance. Very in tune with nature. She is intelligent and witty, but do not let that detract from the animalistic side. She has a fire that burns with in her to seek, seduce and be seduced. She loves the idea of romance and everything that goes along with it.

History:To go into her history would take far too long. She is from a peaceful world where everyone is the same. Skin color, hair color and sexual preferences. She is on the hunt for something different...something more.

Ons: She admires beauty, strength and someone who knows what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. She is fine with a single pairing or multiple partners. Ask and she will answer anything else...
Offs: Weakness. She is a force to be reckoned with and expects those around her to be the same. If you are weak, or very submissive she will likely not want to waste your time.

Offline Lycan QueenTopic starter

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2010, 08:58:29 PM »
Wow. Those are awesome characters right there, and all are accepted! I'm going through my character list right now, picking out the best one given the characters here. Anywoof, what board do you guys think we should put this under?

Offline Ryuka Tana

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #5 on: May 11, 2010, 10:44:51 PM »
Name: Vesryn
Gender: Male, most of the time
Race:   Satyr/Dryad
Sexuality: Gynosexual (In other words, Vesryn, while not opposed to men, prefers women, regardless of form)
Age:   Unknown

Description:   Vesryn is unique in his world, being part Satyr and part Dryad. While most Satyrs have dryad mothers and most dryads have satyr fathers (as each is gender exclusive, dryad is simply another word for nymph where he comes from), occasionally a mix breed will be born. The rare 'defect' is considered a blessing and a curse, granting the best of both sides, but rarely being a good omen (though the bad luck may be self-fulfilling). Vesryn is capable of taking form of either gender.
  Vesryn's most common form is considered very handsome, though in all forms he looks rather androgynous. He has smaller horns than most Satyrs, and green hair   (inherited from his dryad mother), as well as some other small dryad   traits. His body is more elven than anything, due to his mixed blood, he does not have hooves, fur, or any plant-like features on his body. He has collected a few souvenirs from his time among the other   races (not counting his equipment), notably a few piercings and tattoos.
   Vesryn's 'female' form has long, leaf-like hair, and smaller horns, and darker, almost greenish, skin. She retains most of the piercings and tattoos, though some are more faded due to the darkness of her skin.
    He often wears a hooded   cloak, with a ruffled neckline (which he can use as a face mask). Other than that, he wears no armor or   shirt, just a pair of pants and boots. He has a belt on his arm, which he can attach a dagger sheath to, as well as a sheath on his belt for Whirlwind his blade.
  Whirlwind is a unique weapon, given to him by a traveling performer, the blade was not made for combat, but Vesryn has since sharpened and honed the weapon. The blade was, however, enchanted, capable of shrinking to the size of a dagger for quick flips and throws, or breaking apart like a chain for graceful and fluid movement.
  (As for the image below,   this is a good depiction of him, though his horns should be a bit   shorter, he might look a bit jaundiced (yellow) with a greenish tint,   because of his dryad heritage.)
  (Image credit: Tsumekuro, DeviantArt)

Background and Personality: If you asked Vesryn about his background, he'd say   it doesn't matter, he left 'home' at a young age. He is grateful to his parents for his existence, but he was not well treated because of being considered a curse for the family. Vesryn's life has been carefree and free-wheeling.
  He doesn't know how old he is (he was never   sure how old he was when he left home), and doesn't think those sort of things are important. He has spent his entire life fighting, amusing himself, and making love (as his kind is wont to do).
  He is a skilled hunter, and happily fights to protect people. His actions are always carefully considered, with survival,   benefit, and desire in mind. He is not evil, believing that ideally, he   should not have to kill, however, he believes that it is because of the   nature of people that people are so often unnecessarily harmed, and   would kill an innocent man (without remorse or hesitation), if he had   good reason to believe it would save and protect many more.
  He has   trained himself in many skills, such as swordplay, archery, dance, and song (he has a beautiful voice because of his satyr side). He has the grace and agility of a satyr, which makes him an excellent fighter. He is also aware of his own natural born talent to commune with   nature (speaking with/charming animals and manipulating plants). He has learned to manipulate the elements, as dryads are naturally gifted with magic, though he can only manipulate small pools, or conjure a handful of flame.
  The   flipside, however, is that he lacks any formal teaching, and so is   illiterate (among other things).
  Vesryn has moved through many cultures, and this may explain his interest in the Masquerade, loving to move through different lives and learn and leave his mark.

Ons: Vesryn is a lover and a romantic, however, he has no interest in monogamous relationship. Vesryn is particularly fond of the idea of multiple partners, and otherwise, just enjoys being with a woman, using his skill and powers to please them in whatever way he can. Vesryn also believes that variety is very much the spice of life, and given the choice, would likely lie with a new woman over two he had already been with recently.
Offs: Vesryn is peaceful, he is disinterested by the idea of humiliation or harm, and while he is fond of nature and animals, he has little interest in creatures that are far from human form. Vesryn believes that sex is good enough using hands, lips, and sexual organs, and has no interest in deviating.

Offline Kineas

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2010, 12:43:53 AM »
Wow. Those are awesome characters right there, and all are accepted! I'm going through my character list right now, picking out the best one given the characters here. Anywoof, what board do you guys think we should put this under?

Ummm.... Light: exotic small groups? i only say exotic since we don't know who might still show up~ if it turns out there are not tentacle monsters joining, we can do human instead. x3

Glad you liked my post, just edited in the costume details.

Offline VonCrown

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2010, 01:42:43 AM »
Ummm.... Light: exotic small groups? i only say exotic since we don't know who might still show up~ if it turns out there are not tentacle monsters joining, we can do human instead. x3

Ah Kineas, you know my interest in this too well. I'm waiting just a bit yet to see how the crowd shapes up before I throw my hat in properly, as well as working out my own details. Though with the 'mask' I've got in mind, exotic would probably be the better bet. I mean, usually is with me around anyways, but... never mind.

Offline dready

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2010, 01:32:33 PM »
i'll agree with kineas, as everything else doesn't fit correctly with what you have planned. o3ob

Offline Krayz

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2010, 01:58:33 PM »
[Hope I'm not too late]

Name: Velve Helviiryn of the once-House Helviiryn

Gender: Male

Race: Drow (Noble-born)

Sexuality: Straight


Velve's Mask


Velve is a man of caution and intelligence, intent in purpose and action. Unlike many drow, he carries himself with a quiet dignity rather than the thinly-veiled arrogance of his kin. He is a thorough perfectionist and a consummate warrior, a creature that blurs the line between man and beast in his instincts and drives. The Ultrin Veldrin possesses a rare ability to enjoy the present while constantly considering the future. He is a survivor, and does not allow himself to develop attachments; like whatever joys he finds, his connections with others are only ephemeral unless they serve a higher, practical purpose.

He is a man of contradictions; a man of both primal abandon and superhuman control, a creature of unparalleled violence and relaxed calm. Perhaps the most blatant paradox of Velve's existence is being a male drow of incredible power, something that few like him could ever claim. Velve, even as a youth, craved more power than his gender could have ever allowed within the structures of traditional drow society. In a fit of irony, the death of his family was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to Velve, allowing him to walk his own path and claim the dominance that he desired in life.

Velve enjoys challenges and risk; for the Ultrin Veldrin, killing is nothing more than playing the game, as well as a means to power. Like all drow, he is ambitious and seeks power over those around him. For Velve, power is found in two forms; manipulation and violence, with the lines sometimes blurring. There is no respect for tradition in Velve, as his own position shows by spiting the nature of drow society. For him, what can be or can't be are all that matter.


 The House Helviiryn was once one of the most powerful in the Drow city of Maerimydra. However, if one were to go to the city and ask who the House Helviiryn were, no one except a Matron Mother would even consider acknowledging that the House ever existed. One night, many, many years ago, Helviiryn was obliterated by an alliance of no less than three lower Houses; in the society of the drow, Helviiryn no longer existed, or ever had.

Among the drow, only a noble may declare a challenge against those who had attacked their House in such a battle, and only one noble survived the attack on House Helviiryn; the young son that had been studying in Maerimydra's Melee-Magthere, Velve Helviiryn. Attacked by several assassins, the young drow barely managed to escape with his life. However, that life had been changed forever with the death of his family. A noble without a House has few options on how to live, the most common being to join another House. However, Velve did nothing of the sort.

At first, there were only stories on the streets of the commoners about a new killer-for-hire. As the years went on, and the bodies piled up, stories of the mysterious killer's skills increased. Soon, Velve was being hired by Noble Houses to assassinate high-ranking members of enemy Houses. One drow turned into several, and several turned into a network. In only one hundred years, Velve Helviiryn had built around himself a guild of ruthless assassins, the finest in Maerimydra; the Ultrinnan Veldrin. Greatest of all was the leader, the Ultrin Veldrin, who was said to be as intangible as the shadow and as impossible to catch.

The power of the Ultrinnan Veldrin grew to rival even the greatest Houses of the city, as no House was truly considered safe if the Conquering Shadow set its eyes upon them. And Velve, the Ultrin Veldrin, held this power, despite the ambition of his own assassins; Velve's deadliest enemies were his own lieutenants, not outsiders. The Noble Houses, while wary of the guild, could use it for their own ends, but ambition is the mother's milk of the drow, and every warrior of the Ultrinnan Veldrin covets the position of the Supreme Shadow....

Ons: Domination, bondage, fierceness, risk

Offs: Submission, fear, some of the dirtiest forms of physical passion
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Offline elfguy

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #10 on: May 12, 2010, 02:16:35 PM »
Name: Faar

Gender: Female

Race: Feline

Sexuality: Open, prefers f/f but has some experience with f/m

Description: See image:
She has a very tight leather outfit, and carries a knife at her belt as her only weapon, which she only uses if she has to, often just fighting with her claw. Being a feline, she has extremely fast speed and agility, and can use the shadows to stealth and surprise her foes.

She is an open, happy person, very social, and loves to meet new people. She is fairly good, and will usually fight for what she thinks is right. She loves the thrill of combat, and a 'good hunt' turns her on like nothing else can. She is very playful, and will loves to cuddle and hug as a kitty would.

She lives at the edge of a forest in a house with Sinvala, her partner. While the two do many things together, Faar is much more adventurous and will often do things on her own, such as finding a house with a masquerade going on.

She is very kinky, and loves to play even where sex is involved. She will often try to dominate others, but will roll over and play sub if her partner shows enough interest in doing so. The prospect of being turned from predator to prey by her own prey excites her. She likes getting dirty.

She likes some pain but doesn't like being bound helpless, too much pain, or strange devices.

Offline Calie

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #11 on: May 12, 2010, 02:53:46 PM »
Wow... looking at these characters I am getting more excited by the moment. It looks like we shall have a great group!! *grins* By the way I completely agree about the category. I think that one fits best...

Offline Ryuka Tana

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #12 on: May 12, 2010, 02:59:16 PM »
"That category works for me."

Offline Krayz

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #13 on: May 12, 2010, 04:43:24 PM »
Sounds like a good plan to me

Offline Lycan QueenTopic starter

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #14 on: May 13, 2010, 11:31:24 AM »
No, you're not too late at all! All characters submitted thus far have been accepted! We also now have an OOC thread up right here! It is full of ideas I have for this wonderful story, so feel free to head on over there and post! This thread will remain open for any new people to join, as I myself will be placing my character here very soon!

Offline Lycan QueenTopic starter

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2010, 08:19:53 AM »
Name: Rikki
Gender: Female
Race: Orc/Gray Elf
Sexuality: Bisexual

Description: Six feet tall, Rikki's skin is a deep forest green, and her frame thin and lanky, although she has a layer of thick muscle that is unknown amongst elves. Her face is both jagged and graceful, and her eyes are a sharp almond shape, purple in color. Her hair is a slick oily jet black, falling down to the middle of her back. Ears are tall and pointed like her elven mother, but she also has two inch tusks jutting out of her lower jaw like her orcish father. Most say she either looks like a really muscular elf, or a really tall and thin orc.

For the masquerade, she wears a dark brown corset with a crimson lace pattern that ties up the front, bringing her breasts together to show off her cleavage. Her skirt to go with it is long, reaching to the floor, and made of various layers of dark greens, reds, and browns, all bleeding into each other in swirls of color. For shoes, she wears black slip ons with no heels, simple and comfortable. Hair is brought back into a braided bun, with two strands of hair allowed to frame her face on either side, each one with a very slight curl to it. Small silver hoop earrings with a tiny red gem floating in the middle hang around her ears, and a silver strand necklace rests around her neck, a single metallic feather is connected to the center of the chain.

Finally, the mask has a thin string to secure it to her head, black so it blends with her hair. Red and green feathers layer each other and spread outward on either side, all of them starting out lighter toward the end of the feather, and ending up much darker right at the tips. A light amount of glitter of the appropriate color is added to each feather sparingly, giving it a subtle reflective quality to it.

Personality: Aloof at first, Rikki likes to watch people, gauging their reactions to her singing. Once she finds someone she likes, she approaches them in a warm, friendly fashion. There are many regrets she has about her life, though she tries to hide them when dealing with others. She is a sensual, lively person who prefers to live in the moment. Slow to anger, but once her temper is tested to a point she can no longer stand it, can unleash an unholy rage that will consume her for hours, even after the thing that provoked her is no longer living. Her emotions are pure in any form, though that leaves her with a certain innocence that never truly leaves her no matter what.

History: Born of a forbidden union, Rikki spent most of her life on the run, living outside of any society, as none would accept her. Her parents had gone their separate ways to protect each other, and she had been given away as a child to keep her out of harm's way. On her travels as an adult, she found out she had two brothers, a half-elf and a half-orc, and that they were traveling together. Eager to be with her family once more, she found them and told them the truth of their common heritage. Everything was going to be all right...until an assassin drow found her and killed her.

Wandering the afterlife as a ghost, she watched her brothers for a while, overseeing their adventures while desperately wishing for a way to rejoin them. Years passed, and she moved on, turning her sights on exploring the new space between worlds that she had found. It was there that she found the mansion of the eternal masquerade, curiously entering the doors within. Despite being dead, others could see her, touch her, and make love with her. Now she comes back there time and again to sing, to perhaps find a purpose in death.

Ons: Being touched, explored, gentle caressing, rough, intense love making, domming and subbing, passion

Offs: Excessive force, predictability, dry, emotionless, degradation and humiliation

Offline Kineas

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #16 on: May 14, 2010, 01:08:58 PM »
... Everything was going to be all right...until an assassin drow found her and killed her.

I did not see that coming, and it was awesome. *thumbs up*

Offline Krayz

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #17 on: May 14, 2010, 05:30:25 PM »
*sees possible subplot*

Offline Calie

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #18 on: May 14, 2010, 05:41:45 PM »
Name: Ursula De’Marco
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: Bisexual but leans more toward the feel of a man than a woman.
Description: Her taking happened when she was young and beautiful, and the giving of tainted blood made her all the more so. To look at her body you would not be intimidated. She stands at roughly 5’6” and has lean but soft body appearance. Her hair is very long reaching past the curve of her rear and is colored oddly. Most is as black as midnight, but a streak of white softens her bangs and the middle of her hair all the way down. She is heavily tattooed as was the way of her village back far too long ago.
Masquerade Description: The dark crimson skirt she wears sits very low on the curve of her hips. It covers her feet and kicks out when she walks. A white jeweled belt holds tight to her flesh just above the top of the skirt. The shirt she wears is white silk and very small. It covers her rather large breasts, but only two sets of strings hold it in place; one tying around the center of her back and one around the back of her neck. Much like that of a bikini top. Now shoes can be seen upon her feet for the skirt. She is adorned in silver jewels looking as if they were molded into her flesh. Her eyes once a dark blue are now dark to the point of being black. The mask is very simple, crimson to match the skirt tied about her head with a silver strip. The only accessory she brings is a small woman dressed in a plain black strapless gown. The woman’s hair is tied up and wounds can be seen on her neck and the tops of her breasts. Some very fresh and others healing.
Personality: Ursula is not the flamboyant type like some of her kindred. She is polite and happy but remains rather quiet until spoke to. Perhaps out of respect. She has a taste for all things dangerous and a mind for adventure which is why she seeks new and risky things.
History: She was sired by a very powerful man who had fallen in lust with her. Once he had turned her, his attention moved elsewhere and he left her to fend for herself. She was killed when she was twenty six and now will remain so until fate deals her the death card. She is very old as she was sired in the late 1100’s. Much like her other brothers and sisters she has power. Power to claim the mind, power to move faster than any ‘human’ can see and of course the power of strength and seduction.
Ons: Danger, roughness, multiple partners, single pairings, biting, drinking. Power plays, people who are ‘more than just a pretty face.’
Offs :  Anal, beast sex, weakness/submission.

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #19 on: May 16, 2010, 08:58:30 AM »
Id be interested in taking part in this one.Do you have room for a Forest Elf, a former princess who couldnt stand to be kept safe, and learned to fight early on to become an elf warrior princess.

Offline Kineas

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2010, 02:28:56 PM »
Id be interested in taking part in this one.Do you have room for a Forest Elf, a former princess who couldnt stand to be kept safe, and learned to fight early on to become an elf warrior princess.

Since we havn't properly started yet, I'd say yes. ;) Go ahead and post your character in detail!

Offline Krayz

Re: Winter Masquerade!
« Reply #21 on: May 16, 2010, 03:23:05 PM »
Name: Varl’gest
Gender: Male
Race: Glabrezu (Tanar’ri, Demon)
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Varl’gest’s True Form

Varl’gest’s most common Human Form

Varl'gest's Mask

Varl’gest is cunning, ruthless and charming; only through these means could he have risen to his current status as a lord over one of the layers of the Abyss under the Demon Prince Grazz’t. He is far cleverer than the average glabrezu; in fact, he is likely far more cunning than most demons save the rulers of the Abyss themselves. And unlike many such demons, he is perfectly capable of putting aside his pride in order to achieve his goals, willing to assume a lesser position in a negotiation in order to reap the greatest advantage. He is also incredibly charismatic, the sheer force of his personality capable of cowing the mighty balors.

Varl’gest is a subtle creature; while all glabrezu excel in tempting mortals with power and wealth, Varl’gest is one that not only offers such gifts, but also leads those who might never consider such actions into the darkest pits of the mind; the road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all, and no demon knows how to better manipulate such circumstance as Varl’gest. He also indulges himself by using methods more acceptable to a succubus at times, providing women in need of release with a fierce lover that slowly leads their souls astray.

Varl’gest’s motives are incomprehensible for most mortals, as the pleasure that he draws out of corruption is one of his primary motivations; there are few things he loves more than to see a hero fall from grace. However, the one thing that he craves more is power, which he could use to see to his other interests and to consolidate his own safety in the perpetually-dangerous Abyss. He is, like all demons, driven by sheer, meaningless hatred, along with a hunger for violence and endless lust.

No one truly knows who Varl’gest was in life; the best guesses are a great demagogue or a powerful sorcerer, which would explain either of his greatest traits. In death, however, he was damned to the Abyss, where he slowly climbed through the demonic ranks, starting as a lowly dretch like any other. As he slowly grew in strength and became greater, it became apparent that he had a natural talent for magic. This power only fed his rise to greatness, and soon he became one among legions of the commanders of Grazz’t’s forces. In a battle with the armies of Orcus, Varl’gest led the armies of the Dark Prince to victory, and was awarded dominion of that particular layer for his services. Since then, Varl’gest has worked both to defend his personal bastion from demonic enemies and to swell his ranks by seducing mortals into his service…

Power, causing pain, violence, manipulation, bondage

Helplessness, tenderness, love
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Race: Glabrezu (Tanar’ri, Demon)

Oh snap! Shall we try to keep the blood war on pause for this RP? ;3

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IC thread is up and ready for business! Keep in mind that while we do have an IC thread now, new players are always welcome to join, and those who feel they've had enough are free to leave. HAVE AT THEE!!!

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Name: Zeon Twilight
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant/Human
Sexuality: Straight


(You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use my Avvie as a character pic)

Zeon tends to have a love of nice clothes, such as the one pictured, of course, when you have six arms, you have to have everything custom tailored anyway, you might as well look nice in the process. To the Ball Zeon has chosen to wear the tux pictured as well as the mask below.


Personality: Generally polite and friendly, but tends to get wrapped up in his work. Never one to slow down, Zeon can be a little overbearing in conversation sometimes. It's not because he means to, he just gets excited around things that are new to him. He is very protective of those he cares about and will do anything in his power to protect them.

Zeon's relationship with his sister is one of deep caring, words spoken against her will get him offended. People have sometimes implied he cares a little TOO much about her, however there is nothing there on that front, he's just a very caring older brother. Her recklessness tends to bother him sometimes, but none the less, he loves her in spite of how much trouble she tends to cause

History: Zeon's personal achievements are a fairly solid list, taking several courses in the paranormal, Zeon had always had an interest in things that weren't like him, things that didn't make sense. On his home world, he was the first person to discover the existence of alternate universes, and was at the forefront of research of mutiverse travel. In between times however, he is a bit of what some would call a mad scientist, always running experiments some of which tend to turn out poorly (In some ways anyway.) But he's never been killed by any yet, at least not for more than a few minutes, so he continues research and experiments undeterred.

Ons: For many years Zeon has been inactive sexually, ever since the accident that left his features radically changed, he hasn't exactly been making any top ten hotties lists. However, he finds intelligence and friendly people attractive. Pretty eyes and of course, he is fond of the female form, even though he may not state it right out. Zeon tends to not think about sex much however, he's substituted it for a devotion to his career that some would say borders on obsession, a fact his sister Zoe worries about him for. However, if he were involved he would be more interested in a "Relationship" Than a fling if someone could distract him from his work long enough.

Offs: Zeon's main off is ignorance, but there are many things that he finds irritating about people. He accepts people as they are, but he finds himself thinking the worst of people in spite of knowing he shouldn't It's a flaw he admits and strives against, but it doesn't stop it from happening sometimes. Ignorance, too much forcefulness and generally being a jerk will put Zeon off very quickly.

Name: Zoe Twilight
Gender: Female
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Lesbian


Zoe, never being one for frills, or anything that restricts her movement, has chosen to dress in tails to the Masquerade. In spite of Zeon's concerns that when in the company of who knows what from other universes, she is stubborn and refuses to even consider a dress.

With the addition of the mask, Zeon teased her for looking more like a wanna be masked hero than a guest at a ball, but she takes it all in stride.

Personality: Zoe is in many ways like her brother, she loving, caring and quite friendly. She's excitable and can also be a bit overbearing in conversation. But there are just as many things about her that are quite different. For one thing, her interest in science only started when a certain incident changed her and her brother permanently. For another, she tends to be more open to people and more lenient with perceived flaws in them. Zeon berates her for being so open sometimes, but at the same time she tends to berate him for being so closed.

Zoe also tends to be a bit reckless this has proven both dangerous and useful int he past, she's unafraid to speak her mind and has shown herself to be a fairly dominant personality. She takes things much less seriously than her brother and tends to not worry much about her actions unless they cause harm to someone.

Zoe's relationship with her brother is slightly different, she isn't as protective of him outwardly, but the fact is that they would do anything to help one another. Still, she worries about him and his obsession with science seeming to replace most desire for human interaction, something she hopes to break of him one day.

History: Zoe's accomplishments are a much more mixed bag than her brother, When her brother came up with a theory about alternate universes existing, Zoe was busy coming up with the ultimate pickup line (A feat which has been tested repeatedly and proudly has had a 80% success rate for Zoe) When Zeon starting work on the experiment that would eventually change the two of them forever, Zoe was at a very special party where clothes were quite optional.

But they were both there for the fateful night when Zeon used the machine, he'd hoped that it would allow them to pull something from another world. What he got was a curious blast of energy that changed his appearance radically. He was transformed into a man with Six arms and pure white hair. His physical body seemed to grow in power from this as well, leaving him much stronger and quicker than before. At the cost of his appearance of course.

Zoe on the other hand, in the same room, seemed to exhibit no signs of physical change, her body was the same as it always had been, However it was found that her changes were more mental, Aside from occasionally getting "hunchs" that up to this point have proven completely correct, she was able to control for lack of a better word, energy and give it a physical presence. More or less, she called it her magic hands, she could move things, touch people and open soda's with her mind needless to say this has led to many more experiments on her own time, of course the kind that her brother probably wouldn't approve of.

Ons: Sexually, Zoe Likes girls. Zoe reeeeealy likes girls, It's been that way for as long as Zeon or she can remember. But aside from physically, she enjoys intelligence as much as her brother, so long as the person in question isn't condescending about it. But for her sense of humor, friendly attitude and a bit of playfulness will go a long way as well. Unlike her brother, Zoe is very much a believer in sharing the love and has been known to do so quite often on their home world.

Offs: Zoe tends to dislike people who condescend to her, She isn't interested in men sexually, it simply does nothing for her. She however will respect everyone's wishes when it comes to sexuality. Other than this, Zoe gets along with most people as long as they don't try and force her into anything or condescend to her. Zoe is to Social interaction what Zeon is to Science, or at least that's what a mutual friend of theirs once said.


Through much work and preparation, Zeon and Zoe have scoped out the universe in which the Mansion exists and have decided that since it seems to be a hub of all sorts of being from all different universes, that it would be the perfect place to test their invention for Universal travel, not to mention while their there to learn some new and valuable information about people and creatures from other worlds.

Of course, Zeon and Zoe have very different opinions of what might be considered, "Valuable information."
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