Need a couple of dominant roleplayers for a couple of games

Started by Jarod1, May 10, 2010, 08:35:32 PM

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I am a very versatile roleplayer and enjoy playing both male and female characters.  In the roleplays below I will be playing the female role.  The first one listed.  To the Victor Goes the Spoils my character is a young princess of a recently conquerored land.  Your role is that of one of the conqueroring leaders.  Maybe a general, maybe something higher up the chain of command.  I will leave all the details for the other role up to you.  Make him your own.

In the second RP listed called Detective's Peril I will be playing Julie Brant a detective investigating a series of rapes.  Unwittingly she ends up becoming his next victim.  In that Rp I am looking for someone to play the rapist.  Someone clever and charming to make the life of the tough detective a nightmare.  I am looking for both of these games to be relatively long term.  If you are interested in playing either of these character hit me up with a PM.

To the Victor Goes the Spoil's
The kingdom of Highever a once peaceful land that stretched from the sea in the west to the white cape mountain in the east has been conquered by their long time enemies from the south.  After many battles and men had been lost the royal family of Highever meet with leaders of the conquering armies to negotiate their surrender.  King Roland had very little negotiating power however what with the battered state of his army.  The enemy leader imprisoned King Roland.  His daughter the Princess Valora was taken as a prize by the Conquering Leader.

Name: Valora Celestine
Title: Princess
Age: 18
Personality:  Valora is a strong willed and intelligent woman.  She is a compassionate woman who loves her father.  She is very protective of her people and would willingly sacrifice herself to keep them safe.  Openly she is submissive to the conquering leader who has told her that as long as she does what he tells her to her father will keep his life.   She is a bit of a pampered princess. She is use to having the best of everything and being treated like... well a princess. 

History:  Valora was born to Roland and Amelia Celestine.  She was the apple of her parents eye and they made sure she was provided with the best of everything.  When she was six years old Amelia fell deathly ill.  She fought for about six months but in the end her mother died.  Valora who didn’t understand what had happened was devastated by the loss as was her father. 

In the years that followed Amelia’s death Roland and his daughter became closer.  As Valora grew he began teaching her the skills she would need to one day rule Highever as queen.   Diplomacy, economics, as well as a basic understanding of war and the importance of firm but compassionate rule.  The people will respect you more if you treat them well than if you rule with an iron fist he told her.

When Valora was 16 war broke out with the nation to the south.  King Roland led his armies out confront the invaders meeting them at several battles.  Back home the young princess had been given control of ruling the kingdom in her fathers place.  Though she had been trained well growing up, the thought that so many people we’re looking to her for guidance was a daunting one.  Her advisors all had advice for her and all of it was different.  In the end she followed her instincts doing her best to inspire confidence in people. 

The war came to an end two years later and her father was placed in prison.  Valora does not know for sure if her father is even still alive or not. 

What I need from my partner:  I am looking for someone to play the leader of the invaders to be play a very dominant male character.  Valora is a strong willed woman so I am looking for someone who can use her her weakness to get what he wants from her. Other than that I leave the details of the conquering leader to you.

Detectives Peril

The rapist has struck again, twelve rapes and the police are still no closer to learning the true identity of the predator behind these attacks.  There seems to be no pattern to the women he attacks.  No common links such as appearance or occupation not even age or location or the time he chooses to strike his victims seem to connect the victims.

Julie Brant has been on the case for months now, searching for clues.  Julie is one of the top detectives on the force.  Little does Julie realized an invisible target has been painted on her by the rapist.  He has seen her on the television and see’s something he craves.  She is to be his next victim.

Name: Julie Brant
Rank: Detective
Age: 25
Personality:  Julie is a strong minded and strong willed woman.  She is a bit of loner though.  Likes to work alone most of the time.  She isn’t married and has no family to speak of.  Anyone who knows her would say that she is stubborn as mule and not one to submit easily.  Will fight in what ever way she can until she is broken.

History:  Julie Brant grew up in a big city atmosphere.  Her parents we’re shop keeps and they barely made enough to pass monthly expenses.  Because of the crime on the street of her neighborhood Julie grew up tough.  When she was growing up her parent scrounged up enough money for her to learn martial art.  When she was 18 she attained the rank of black belt.

Wanting to make a difference Julie joined the police force and has attained the rank of detective.  She has also started teaching a self defense class for women in hopes that it will keep them safe. For the last 3 months Julie has been hunting down the rapist who has been attacking all over the city. 

What I am looking for is a very dominant roleplayer.  Someone who will taunt and torment Julie.  Someone who doesn’t mind using all sort of method to break her will and show her that she belongs to him.  See my on’s and offs and PM me if you are interested in the role of the Rapist.  (consider most of my maybe to be yes)    I will leave all important details such as name, appearance, personality, and history for you to decide.