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Author Topic: [MxM] Dark Modern Fantasy (Vampires, Slayers, and demons, ohmy!)  (Read 502 times)

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Offline TroubleTopic starter

Hi! I'm Trouble. Err, that is, it's my name and not what I symbolize. I'm 22 years old, male, and I live in California. I also spend far more time on the internet than I should but, then again, don't we all?

I put a lot of effort into replies. I know that people say things like, 'Oh, it's just an rp! It's supposed to be fun!' For me, this IS fun. It's fun to put out nicely-detailed and long replies. I don't mean like... detailing the way that the sunlight filters off of [Character's] hair or something, and describing each hair in loving detail. That would be boring. I just mean describing what is going on, what my character is thinking, and that sort of thing.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is this: unless you can type a response that is at least three paragraphs long, please don't PM me. I like long responses.

I also love long-term rps. I really do. <3

I admit, I'm still sort of new at the whole adult rping thing, so... uh... go easy, I guess. If I do anything that you don't like, please tell me and I'll do the same. Communication is awesome. 8D I like smut as much as the next guy----well, maybe a little more/less, depending on who the next guy actually is----but the plot will ALWAYS come first. Er. No pun intended.

Speaking of likes/dislikes, mine can be found here. If you have an issue with anything there, feel free to PM me and we can talk about it.

I'll only rp through the forums or through private messages. No IM rps for me, thanks. The low character limit annoys me.

Coming up next: PLOTS.

Offline TroubleTopic starter

Re: [MxM] Dark Modern Fantasy (Vampires, Slayers, and demons, ohmy!)
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2010, 04:10:27 PM »
Oh right, one more thing: in case the subtle [MxM] wasn't enough, I'm only looking for man-on-man stuff. So... yeah. I don't really care if you, the player, are female or undefined or whatever. I just want you to be able to play a decent male.

Right, onto plots and pairings!

Vampire x Mortal
Vampire x Slayer
Demon x Mortal
Demon x Slayer

I prefer playing mortals/Slayers. What can I say? Forbidden romances intrigue me.

I love realism. I know, I know. It seems sort of... uhh... not realistic for vampires to exist at all, but I like coming up with half-assed pseudo-scientific explanations for things, alright?

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
This plot requires a Vampire.
Alright, this plot needs some serious help as there are a lot of rough-edges that need to be sanded out, buffed, and then shined up like new. But, if well-played, I think it could be a lot of fun. It requires a Vampire and a bit of background information on how I see Vampires… Ok, so Vampires are immortal to aging, disease, and all those usual mortal issues. They can be killed, obviously, but it isn’t easy. At a certain age, a Vampire can create a blood-bond from a mortal or even more than one. The trick is finding that mortal… you see, for some reason, it only works with certain mortals. Your Vampire in particular has been having trouble finding a possible blood bond. When he finally does find one, guess who it is? A Slayer or someone who later becomes a Slayer. No surprise, the mortal bolts and the chase is on.
Fast forward a couple years to when the Vampire sees the Slayer’s picture in the paper and goes out to find him. There may be kidnapping involved. There will probably be seduction involved (although by who on whom is in the air for now; I’d like for it to be mutual).
To keep this from being bogged down and becoming another, ‘Eee! I have been kidnapped! Oh, ravish me now, you great sexy beast!’ role play, I’m looking for little twists. This is why this plot needs serious help.

So, When Can I see You?
More or less this follows the same plot as above, but with a slight twist. My character is a Seer. A very good one. This does not mean he knows everything, obviously, because that would be exceedingly boring. But, he's good enough that he can guess what will happen. I'd really LOVE to try this plot out. I don't have any general rules about Seers yet. I'm pretty much making them up as I go along.
The reasons for kidnapping can be varied: maybe your character has an enemy and wants to know what they are up to. Maybe it's just a desire to have an 'exotic' around. I'm open for plots.

Mob Rules
For this plot, any otherworldly creature can do. :3
The Slayers have always been a thorn in the sides of Vampires and werewolves everywhere. Or stake in the chest, as the case may be. It used to be fairly easy to track down the annoying bastards, but these days, the Slayers are far more organized than they used to be. But, after the dint of digging and searching for information, they eventually come up with information on one Slayer. My character.

Someone hires your character to kidnap my character.

(Damn, I bet you lost interest right there; I don't blame you. Kidnapping rps quickly degenerate into a shlog of sex and boredom, but hang in there; I'm going somewhere with this).

BUT! What the Vampires and werewolves and my character don't know is that the Slayers had planned for this. As I said, they're really clever little bastards. Apparently, they decided my character was a risk to the organization and took steps to try and get rid of him and get rid of major Vampires at the same time. In other words, they're hoping that his kidnapper will eventually lead them to some big names. Once that happens, the Slayers plan on swooping in and killing everyone. Nice and neat. 

Course, that doesn't work and, boy oh boy, is my Slayer pissed. Call it Stockholm Syndrome if you like, but me? I'll call it, "Forget women; Hell hath no fury like a man utterly pissed off, now give me a gun already, damnit."

The Service on This Train Sucks Ass
I think any otherworldly creature could do for this plot, but a Vampire would be best.
It takes place in Russia, for those who are interested. The basic plot is this: my Slayer is off tracking down a specific Vampire---your Vampire--- in Russia. Since he doesn’t like the cold, he’s taking the train. Surprise, surprise, your Vampire is also on the train, although neither of them realizes the presence of the other. Something goes wrong on the train, leading to a massive crash and general confusion for everyone. Guess who survives? Miles away from civilization, the two have to form a temporary alliance to stay alive.

The Enemy of my Enemy
Any otherworldly creature would do for this plot; it does, however, require your character to be pretty high-standing in the otherworldly community.
The Slayers have a small problem… see, a lot of their agents are currently elsewhere at the moment. This is bad because my Slayer was injured not too long ago; he cannot depend on other Slayers for protection because they’re all too busy with their own things. One high-standing Slayer has decided to call in a few favors from the Vampiric community, namely your Vampire. In exchange for keeping my Slayer safe, your character---and his coven---gain protection from the Slayers. Drama in this plot mostly comes just from sexual frustration and the like.

[reworking plot!]
For most of the history of the world, Slayers have always worked in the shadows, keeping mortals safe from things they couldn't possibly comprehend. A good part of that job was keeping mortals ignorant as well; the governments knew about the existence of otherworldly creatures as well as the existence of Slayers, but what were they going to do about it? Tell the whole world and create mass panic?
Yeah. That's exactly what happened. News of otherworldly creatures broke out worldwide, creating mass hysteria. Within weeks of the discovery, it became mandatory for otherworldly beings---werewolves, Vampires, demons, etc---to register. Without being registered, it would be impossible for them to get help (blood from blood banks and similar). In theory, the registration was supposed to make things easier for Slayers. If a Vampire was responsible for a crime, it was argued, then they could just look up the registry and see whoever was close by! It had to be them, right?
Wrong. What people failed to understand was that criminals didn't obey the law.
And Caleb is quite unhappy about this. He had the world working just the way he liked it, thank you very much. The Slayer had been making some actual progress with creating treaties, but the registration ruined any hope of that happening. Now his contacts no longer trust him, thinking that he is only going to turn them in. So, one night, when he comes across a group of Slayers---or normal mortals, whatever---kicking the shit out of a Vampire, he interrupts.
After all, the Vampire could be more useful alive than dead...

This plot also works with demons, by the way.

Ok, recap: basically, my character saves your character and takes him home to make him all better. More or less. Caleb is not soft and fluffy, mind you. He does this mainly because he wants to make his own life easier, and he doesn't mind breaking rules to do so. He's also a Seer. A pretty damn lousy one, but a Seer nonetheless.

Vampiric Lore: Just because so many people have different views on Vampires and stuff like that, I decided to write down my own views. These are only guidelines. I will not insist that you follow these to the letter or anything. :3

- Immortal to aging, obviously.
- No known diseases.
- Vulnerable to mercury. (I got this from the silver thing; I decided it didn't make biological sense to have a reaction to silver. Mercury, being a toxic heavy metal, simply makes more sense to me).
- Greater strength, speed, and agility than your average human (unless wounded or hungry). Better sense of smell and hearing.
- Can recover from wounds more quickly than a human (so long as they are well-fed; mercury and exposure to sunlight slows the healing process).
- Can go out in sunlight, but this is usually very painful as sunlight can blind a Vampire. Will not kill the Vampire, however.
- Blinded by bright lights, as stated above. Very painful.
- Their fangs carry a sort of paralytic venom. Once again, my tendency to biologically explain stuff kicks in. Fangs, as a general rule, are very delicate, even Vampire fangs. Clearly, a struggling prey could easily snap a fang, thus ruining a Vampire's chances of feeding. The paralytic venom in the fangs stops the prey from moving. It acts on certain endorphin receptors in the human's brain, creating pleasure. Humans can get addicted to this.
- Vampires are infertile.
- Vampirism is a type of mutagenic virus. It changes a human's DNA, if the human survives. Not all humans survive the process. As with all viruses, some people die and others live. It's all a matter of luck, really.
- Continuing off of the above, Vampires are not undead corpses, as once believed. Instead, they are merely a different breed of human. They have heartbeats that are extremely slow and don't need to breathe as much or even at all in some cases.
- Turn humans via draining the blood and then feeding a bit of their own blood to the victim.
- The exact amount of blood needed to be consumed by a Vampire varies. Some need more than others.

-Are human. Duh.
-Can vary from 'underground supernatural police' to 'secret police of a despotic city-state' to 'we have no idea what the fuck we're supposed to be doing right now. Really'. It's pretty open, depending on plot.
-Are not any stronger, faster, better, etc than 'normal' humans. They love to think they are, though. Well, as a general rule, they ARE in better shape than most people. That mostly comes from the whole, you know, hunting down otherworldly creatures.
-The organization was originally created by the Vatican a long time ago. This has pretty much been forgotten, except by history buffs or people who were there.
-Get shiny, shiny guns. <3
-In general, they try to keep supernaturals 'in line'.

-Can only be mortal. Yeah, I know. Just something to sort of balance out vampires, demons, and humans.
-If a Seer is Turned, they lose their abilities.
-A vampire biting a Seer temporarily gains some of that ability, though, so that works.

I am willing to try out other time periods. I'm most familiar with modern, but I am willing to try medieval or Victorian as well. Also steampunk, since that's pretty awesome.

Plots are not always required! If you just want to wing it, we can wing it. Or we can combine plots. I've been working on a newish plot lately, but it isn't up yet. And all of those guidelines? Easily changeable, if you want them to change. They're just there to give you a general idea of what I like/think.
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Re: [MxM] Dark Modern Fantasy (Vampires, Slayers, and demons, ohmy!)
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2010, 05:05:42 PM »
Ok... I think that's everything. If anyone is interested, please PM me or leave a message here.

(PS: I'm also interested in medieval fantasy, Harry Potter [SiriusxRemus particularly], Star Trek: Reboot [KirkxMcCoy]


Note to self: Make a thread for that stuff later and link them to each other)
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Re: [MxM] Dark Modern Fantasy (Vampires, Slayers, and demons, ohmy!)
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2011, 10:43:02 PM »
Ok there. Added new character to the list in my little Off/On thread (the last one), who I would really like to try out. Also changed some plots around a tad.