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Started by Aragem, May 09, 2010, 10:17:44 PM

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Been away for a while and I thought I send out some thoughts and ideas for new stories.

My criteria hasn't changed.  My partners have to be literate and be able to give a detailed post, please look at my ons and offs for more information of what I want in a partner.

Another thing, I do like to play the sub or bottom role.  I can SOMETIMES when the mood strikes me and the stars are aligned that I am willing to do a switch role, but don't expect it of me on command. 

Now, you must be very familiar with each of the games that I bring up in this thread. 

Here are several ideas that I have lurking around inside my head.  All of these ideas are based on my fave video games. 

Mass Effect

I love Mass Effect 1 and 2.  I would enjoy to have a sex scene or an ongoing story between a human woman and an alien from Mass Effect.  Preferably Turians or Drell.  This is very open to several scenarios.  Except for Shepard.  Shepard's story is already being told in Mass Effect

A colonist woman and a visiting alien

A human slave and her alien master

Or even between two consenting adults on the Citadel.

Fallout 3 Slave

There's a new slave at Paradise Falls, its time someone or someones to break her in for some special training.  And yes, there will be collars in this game.  :D

or. . . .

A Super Mutant and a captured human girl.  Likely a human that was taken from the Little Big Town and is being used as a plaything by a huge brute in the Wasteland.  Collar play can certainly come into play in this game.

Saints Row 2

Played Saints Row 2 today.  I created a female character and she turns me on.  For this game, it's going to be F/F scenario.  I will play the younger sister of a gang banger from a different gang on a smaller level from the Saints Row and my partner will play the female leader of the Saints Row. 

They could meet in a hostage situation or gangster business.

As more ideas come to me, I will post more.  Thank you.